Who is LSJ

Light Sound Journal is the first real multilingual world network for information about professional entertainment. The only real tool that allows professionals to get timely information on events and technical news of the sector all over the world.

Light Sound Journal network essentially consists of ten sites linked to one another and created by separate editorial offices for each language spoken in the countries where the network is present.

At present, Light Sound Journal network is present in the following countries:

USA/United Kingdom: LightSoundJournal.com
Italy: ZioGiorgio.it – IntegrationMag.it – ZioMusic.it
Germany: LightSoundJournal.de
Spain: LightSoundJournal.es
France: LightSoundJournal.fr
Russia: LightSoundJournal.ru

Light Sound Journal – The first web community of professional entertainment with particular attention to the world of sound and light engineers.

Light Sound Journal network is, therefore, the largest and most important community of professional technicians in the world that boasts a huge number of pages seen daily by sector operators who follow us and are subscribed to our free services.

Our sponsor s are the most important pro audio and light companies that need to communicate at the global level to present their new products on a fast, modern and specifically targeted promotional mean.

And you?… Are you already part of the largest world community of technicians and companies of professional entertainment?

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