Oranje Bus equipped with full Dynacord power and processing solution for Men’s European Soccer Championships

The iconic Oranje Bus has built a reputation over recent years as the central party location for all fans following the Netherlands in international football tournaments. To ensure it maintains this reputation, the bus underwent an extensive refresh for the 2024 Men’s European Championships in Germany that also included an update of its sound system with Dynacord electronics.

The double-decker bus has become a mainstay for fans of the Dutch Men’s and Women’s teams. It has travelled the world to every major soccer tournament the Netherlands have played in since 2004. The popular parades it hosts see streets turned into a sea of orange with tunes and rallying cries blasted out from its compact-yet-powerful sound system.

The man behind the mobile sound sensation is Alex van Rijsewijk from Wytec Trade in Tilburg. He teamed up with Reinier Bruijns and Raymond Kersjes from Electro-Voice and Dynacord Benelux partner FACE PRO to update the professional sound system. The bus last had an audio upgrade for the 2021 Men’s European Championships which saw a large amount of Electro-Voice and Dynacord equipment installed. The 2024 refresh has been more of an incremental upgrade with Dynacord electronics replacing third-party amplifiers and DSP to ensure the sound system performs at its peak.

The double-decker is equipped with four Electro-Voice MFX-15MC loudspeakers pole-mounted on a pair of Dynacord FX20-PRO subwoofers to provide powerful sound reinforcement for fans walking behind the bus. Meanwhile, sound inside the vehicle is courtesy of six ultra-compact Electro-Voice EVU-1082/95 cabinets with low-end support from the manufacturer’s legacy ZX1-Sub.

Power for the solution had been via a combination of Dynacord’s IPX10:4 with a pair of third-party amplifiers and an external DSP. These third-party electronics have been replaced and upgraded with a pair of Dynacord L3600FD DSP amplifiers, which provide power and DSP alongside the IPX10:4.

One of the major advantages that the Oranje Bus has seen from this has been the ability to use Dynacord’s SONICUE Sound System Software for setup and control. While the software has been used since the initial install in 2021, the mixed nature of the solution meant that the full benefits could not be felt. With Dynacord now providing the complete backbone of the solution, the real power of SONICUE has been experienced, with operators now having direct access to every parameter of the sound system.

With the system upgraded, the Dutch fans have once again taken over the streets of Germany with the sea of orange supported by a pristine soundtrack.


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