RF Venue® introduces the next-gen DISTRO5 HDR RF and DC power distribution system for wireless microphones

RF Venue® has introduced the DISTRO5 HDR, its next-generation and highest-performance antenna and power distribution system for any brand or model wireless microphone system.

Building on the success of the renowned RF Venue DISTRO4, the DISTRO5 HDR uses low noise figure amplifiers and a superior gain structure to deliver high dynamic range (HDR) across the wireless microphone spectrum. “Our HDR series of products,” says RF Venue Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Regan, “set a new standard of performance with higher channel counts in less rack space for the best value in wireless audio.”

Designed and built to advanced standards in RF Venue’s USA facility, the DISTRO5 HDR delivers buffered antenna signals to up to five channels of wireless mic receivers from a compact half-rack footprint and allows up to nine channels in a 1RU space from a pair of cascaded DISTRO5 HDRs. Multiple DISTRO5 HDR units can be cascaded together for higher channel counts.

In addition to clean, low-noise RF signal distribution across the 470-698 MHz band, the DISTRO5 HDR is a highly capable power distribution system for wireless microphone receivers or other 12V DC rack equipment. The available Octopus power cable uses the DISTRO5’s robust internal power supply to provide up to 5 amps of DC current to power devices, eliminate wall warts and save rack space. The DISTRO5 HDR also features a 12V DC power input for battery-powered operation for mobile sound cart applications.

Shipping now at a MAP of $899, the DISTRO5 HDR is also available in turnkey 5 Channel Wireless Mic Packs with one of RF Venue’s acclaimed antennas like the Diversity Fin, Diversity Omni or the new Diversity Architectural Antenna – along with all premium cabling needed for a smooth install.

The DISTRO5 HDR fits perfectly in both form and function with RF Venue’s new COMBINE6 HDR half-rack wireless IEM transmitter combiner.

Info: rfvenue.com

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