Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2024: the most important event for AV entertainment

The 22nd edition of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2024 (PLSG) concluded on 26 May in areas A and B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex, with an enlarged exhibition area of 200,000 sqm (57.7% increase over the 2023 edition), and 52.2% growth.

With almost three times the number of foreign buyers compared to the previous edition, the exhibition welcomed a total of 107,692 trade visitors. More than 100 events, forums and seminars were held during the exhibition, providing industry professionals with an in-depth insight into future development trends and innovative ideas.

The continuous growth of the entertainment industry and the increased use of audio and lighting products have expanded the scope of the professional audiovisual industry. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence have also emerged as key drivers of industrial progress.
To anticipate these market trends, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou explored the new frontiers of the digital lighting and visual sectors. One example is the debut of the Guangzhou International Digital Vision and Intelligent Display Solutions exhibition, also known as ‘Visual X’.

Thanks to its expertise and brand focus, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou has gained industry recognition as a key platform for leading exhibitors to participate and showcase their latest innovations. Indeed, many leading brands participated in the 22nd edition, including: 1KHz, A&D, ACE, ACME, Aga, Ao Mei Di, Artsound, Arttoo, Audio Center, Audio-technica, Aiweidy, Bailifeng, BBS, Big Dipper, BIK, Bluemoon , Boray, Bosch, Bose, CASIT, Charming, Chengwen, Chuangda, Color Imagination, Concord, d&b Audiotechnik, D&Q, D. POHER, Dare, DAS Audio, Dage, Delong, DJ Power, DLW, DMT, DSPPA, Eagle Truss, EV Light, EZ Pro, FDB, First Audio, Fine Art, GBR, Gesida, Great Wall, Golden Ginkgo, Goldensea, Gonsin, Guidance, Haimei, Haitian, Harman International, HH, High End Plus, HiVi, HMAudio, Hongcai, Hongpai, Hongzhuo, Honye, Huayong, Huifeng, Huipu, IBO, ILOE, ITC, Jazzpro, JBL, Jiaqiang, Jiechuang, Jolly, JoyFun, JTS, Jusheng AV Tech, Kafu, Kobble, Lingjie, Lingrui, Lianyun, Lightful, Longjoin Group, Maingo, MIDAS, Mode, Mode Audio, Music Tribe, New Start, Nightsun, Pinyuan, Pearl River Kayserburg, Phoenix, Pioneer DJ, POJ, Polar Lights, QiangLi JuCai, Rainstar, Ray Long, Real, Relacart, RELOR, Resonance, Ruifeng Intelligence, S-TRACK, Smart Audio/video, Se Audiotechnik, Sennheiser, Sensephon , Shiwang, Showven, Shure, Soundbox, Soundking, ST Audio, Star-net, Superlux, T. D Taichee, Tagnngqy, Taiden, Takstar, Thunderstone, Tuna Shadow, Turbo, Turbosound, Wanya, Weizhi, Woolpad, Xiaolong, Xiaolong, Xinwei, Xinyingke, Yamaha, Yellowriver Lighting, Yi Neng Sheng, Yinchuang, Yingfei, Yingxinheng, Youeasy, Youlon, Yunqiang, Yunwu, Zhihui Cloud, ZhongHui, ZOBO and Zsound.

Judy Cheung, Deputy Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, was impressed by the results of the fair, as she explains in an exclusive interview with

Ms Judy Cheung, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd This year, a visa was not required to enter China for some countries. Did this provide any advantages for you as well?

Ms Judy Cheung: China’s loosening of its visa requirement recently allowed travellers from a wide range of countries to visit China on a short-term basis. We witnessed a surge of businesses eager for increased face-to-face opportunities. It has, no doubt, provided countless advantages for both our exhibitors and visitors, and contributed to its success.
We saw a large number of international exhibitors and visitors in this 2024 edition. We are proud to have welcomed 2,136 exhibitors and 107,692 visitors, that came from 90 countries and regions. Also, this year’s buyer delegations came from local and overseas companies in Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
It’s especially noteworthy that the number of overseas buyers nearly tripled compared to the previous edition. This global attraction indicates a new level of industry success achieved by Prolight + Sound Guangzhou. Do you believe that the Pro AVL market has fully recovered after the difficult years of the pandemic?

Ms Judy Cheung: While it is difficult to definitively say whether the market has fully recovered from the challenges posed by the pandemic, there are positive signs of revival and resilience within the industry. The Pro AVL market, like many others, faced significant disruptions during the pandemic due to restrictions on gatherings and travel limitations. However, with the resumption of activities, we have witnessed a strong recovery in the industry, especially in China. In recent years, demand for cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in areas such as digital cultural tourism, immersive visual experiences, multimedia interaction, and intelligent displays has increased.

In December 2023, the Chinese government announced plans to bolster support for the development of immersive projects and spaces in museums, theme parks, and sports arenas, with a focus on urban renewal initiatives.  Prolight + Sound Guangzhou has also closely aligned with the government’s initiatives to support the industry’s development. For example, the show has shifted to focus on various application solutions.

This year’s show is the largest in the history of Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, with the exhibition space spanning across 21 halls, which is an impressive 57.7% increase compared to the previous edition. The expansion of the show indicates that industry players are very positive about the future development. Which sectors do you think have garnered the most interest?

Ms Judy Cheung: In this year’s show, we see tremendous interest in the sectors that are undergoing digital transformation and industry upgrades. The demand for cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in areas such as digital cultural tourism, immersive visual experiences, multimedia interaction, and intelligent displays has significantly increased. These sectors have captured the excitement of trade buyers, vertical sector installers, and enthusiasts who are eager to explore the latest advancements in these fields.

Another noteworthy component is the comprehensive range of products provided by exhibitors in each sector. Exhibitors are meticulous in their efforts to cater to the diverse needs and interests of buyers across varied application scenarios, offering professional industry solutions, addressing requirements for commercial applications, and even targeting the creative visions of home entertainment end-users. Can you give us a preview of any new developments for 2025?

Ms Judy Cheung: Looking ahead, we expect the industry chain to extend vertically, with an increasing focus on digitalisation and intelligent products. As these kinds of cutting-edge products become more mainstream, they will become increasingly customised for various entertainment and vertical market applications.

We also expect a continuous uptick in the development of software and hardware innovations for video products. The 2025 fair will explore those that have high applicability, highlighting the adaptability of the latest video products and technologies to target specific needs in different settings and use cases.

Prolight + Sound Guangzhou represents the entire supply chain for business exchange, marketing, networking, and education on a global scale. We’re well connected with organisations around the world. It has always valued and sought collaboration, joining numerous industry associations and institutions in the community, as well as provide support on technical, professional and marketing issues. As the leading trade fair for the entertainment, pro AV and event technology industry, we place a special focus on promoting young talent by empowering the younger generation and helping them develop the skills necessary for success.



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