NEUTRIK introduces improved series of ‘stage-ready’ compact line I/O to Dante® interfaces

Shown at this year’s Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, the new end-of-network devices provide ideal breakout solutions for analogue and Dante® signal paths in-the-field; designed and specified for all manner of live sound and media production applications.

With a miniature form factor and rubber encased metal housing, the new NA-2 DLINE series devices are extremely robust, able to withstand the more extreme demands of a wide range of live performance and media production and acquisition environments. Rugged construction and rigorous adherence to standards extends to RoHS / REACH compliance, including high levels of flame retardancy and enhanced ESD protection, enable the use of these interface modules in harsh climatic and electronic environmental conditions. Lockable chassis connectors are featured for both the line audio and network I/O connections.

The series comprises three models. The NA-2O-DLINE and NA-2I-DLINE are respectively Dante® to 2-channel line output, and 2-channel line input to Dante® interfaces. The NA-2I20-DLINE is a simultaneous Dante® to 2-channel line output and 2-channel line input to Dante® device, enabling this tiny box to feed analogue audio signals into a Dante® network while at the same time receiving a mix from another Dante® source.

Dante® streams are sported at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz sample rates, at 16, 24 and 32 bit resolution, over 100 BASE-TX (PoE support) Ethernet. Network connection is via an etherCON® chassis with a SYS / SYNC status LED indicator ring. The line I/Os – on balanced XLR – offer enhanced audio performance parameters. NA-2 DLINE devices are also AES67 compliant, supporting their use with other AoIP networks like RAVENNA, Q-Lan and Livewire. All three models operate in conjunction with a Power over Ethernet switch or a PoE injector (802.3 af/at; class 1).

For fixed installation applications, the protective rubber casing with the use of various optional mounting brackets, to enable 19U rackmounting, fixing to the underside of tables and consoles, or within floor boxes, or truss mountings.


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