Ayrton launches Nando 502 Wash

Nando 502 Wash is an incredibly compact IP65 luminaire, specially designed for mixed use stage lighting, both indoors and outdoors, and even in salty environments.

In the wash light category there are some luminaires that will make the audience feel pure emotion, and the new Nando 502 Wash delivers a wash effect with finesse.

Perfectly suited to stage lighting, this new LED source offers the advantage of better integration into the colour space and facilitates colour reproduction. Nando 502 Wash is fitted with 12 high-performance 40W LED sources with RGB-L additive colour synthesis and a proprietary optical system made up of a unique 210mm cluster in PMMA. This works in combination with 12 glass light-guides with an output surface made of an optical micro-structure.

Nando 502 Wash is a precision machine that allows perfect colour reproducibility with a colour rendering index greater than 86. It can achieve a luminous flux of 10,000 lumens and offer a perfectly homogeneous mix of pastel or saturated colours. A complete library of pre-programmed colours allows subtle, dense and contrasted swaths of colour. Ayrton has installed separate LED source control channels on all Wash versions and included a virtually infinite library of effects.

Versatile by nature, it can instantly switch from beam to wash with an excellent zoom ratio of 15:1 and a zoom range of 3.5° to 53°. Its black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources help to significantly boost the level of contrast. The anti-reflective treated glass window guarantees an optimal visual result and increased performance.

As lightweight as it is efficient, Nando 502 Wash’s new minimalist design ensures full accessibility to all functions. By decreasing the thickness of the aluminium parts, optimising the cooling system, simplifying lens guidance, and integrating low-density optical components, Ayrton has been able to reduce overall weight by 20%. A new submersible ventilation system in a non-waterproof compartment allows for optimal cooling.

Nando 502 Wash is an ultra-compact luminaire – measuring 342 x 467 x 268 mm (l x h x d) and weighing 15.6kg – that enhances scenes with elegance and refinement. It is meant for designers looking for depth of colour who want to create unforgettable wash effects.

Here you can find the official presentation video of Nando 502 Wash: https://vimeo.com/946254776

Info: www.ayrton.eu

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