DirectOut keeps Karol G historic home-coming arena shows connected with PRODIGY.MP

Columbian Mega star Karol G said goodbye to 2023 with two spectacular home-coming nights at the Atanasio Giradot Stadium. Part of her epic Mañana Será Bonito (Tomorrow will be Beautiful) tour, which continues until July 2024, the sell-out shows marked the end of the first phase of the tour. PRODIGY.MP was right at the centre of the audio infrastructure with its flexible, fully modular hardware fulfilling a number of roles across the whole system.

DirectOut continues to revolutionise the live audio and professional touring industries by being part of the infrastructure of the world’s most important performances. Thanks to global expansion and positioning in Latin America, the PRODIGY series has been repeatedly implemented as the advanced management, processing and conversion solution for high profile audio systems across the region.

Karol G is known for her colourful and complex performances with super high production values. Providing a stable integration platform is just one of the things that PRODGIY.MP is trusted to do by sound engineers across the world and this show was no exception. The multi-format, hybrid audio signal flow was handled by PRODIGY, thanks to the analogue, MADI, AES and Dante audio modules integrated into the main chassis. The flexibility and modularity of the DirectOut solution was essential in providing the production with all the interoperability options required.

Multiple mixing consoles were connected via PRODIGY.MP and the Sample Rate Conversion technology made it possible to achieve integration while maintaining clocking stability. Redundancy for the consoles was also provided by PRODIGY.MP. Input Managers configured the back-up of the main signals from each console and EARS was used as an automatic switching mechanism with digital protocols.

The loudspeaker system was also supported by PRODIGY.MP. Implementation focused on centralising the operation of the d&b front of house system, as well as the backstage and grandstand systems. Audio inputs were processed in a variety of formats and patched as required thanks to the matrix system onboard the hardware.

On-site support in programming and configuration was provided by DirectOut’s Latin America Team, with additional support from distribution Partner Yamaki and Aeris Group.


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