A new era for a Parisian icon: Lido 2 shines bright with Elation Lighting

The renowned Lido on the Champs-Élysées, a Parisian nightlife staple since the Roaring Twenties and once famous for its exotic cabaret and burlesque shows, has been completely renovated and reopened as Lido 2, a premier musical theater. Now presenting major works of theater in an immersive cabaret setting, Lido 2 attracts both French and international audiences with a lighting kit almost exclusively from Elation.
Global Technique Concept, led by project manager Eddy Couloigner, oversaw the renovation and was enlisted as the lighting management service provider for the venue. In February 2023, the historic cabaret shows ended, and renovation work commenced shortly thereafter. Over seven months, the new lighting kit was meticulously installed to meet the venue’s unique requirements, including a relatively low proscenium ceiling height of 5.5 meters. The challenge was to find compact lights that produce a large aperture, significant power, and minimal noise, while being placed as high as possible to avoid obstructing the décor.

In line with venue owner Accor’s decision to ban tungsten and halogen lighting across all its establishments, the Lido 2 features exclusively LED lighting. After evaluating several manufacturers, Eddy demonstrated the capabilities of Elation’s lighting fixtures, particularly their RGBMA light engines and versatility, leading to their approval by the venue’s designer.

The Lido’s new Elation rig consists of 30 FUZE MAX PROFILE, 30 FUZE PROFILE, 16 FUZE WASH FR and 12 CHORUS LINE 16 fixtures. The Fuze Max Profile, with a beam angle range from 8° to 40°, are primarily used for front and side lighting, offering precision and essential framing shutters to avoid lighting the audience. The more compact Fuze Profile fixtures, with a 6° to 35° beam angle, are discreetly distributed above the stage and, with full blackout framing shutters, maintain beam control off the audience. Fuze Wash FR fixtures, selected for their Fresnel qualities and built-in framing, provide soft, even lighting. All three Fuze models feature a high CRI of 92 for superior light quality. The Chorus Line 16 linear wash LED fixtures, suitable for small spaces, are cleverly hidden above the orchestra and out of public view. The lighting’s versatility allows for use on other events as well, private gatherings for example, supporting Lido 2 as a multifunctional venue. All Elation lighting was supplied through Elation’s French partner, Best Audio & Lighting.

The theater’s legacy as a historic venue required specific standards regarding lighting, with significant criteria in terms of lighting quality. For the recent production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” Eddy collaborated with a lighting designer from the opera to ensure that lighting quality met the high CRI standards. The aim was to provide fixtures capable of going beyond effects to deliver high-quality lighting while maintaining discretion and integrating seamlessly into the set design. The goal was achieved.

Lido 2 has successfully reinvented itself and is poised to become a benchmark in musical entertainment. With the perfect blend of historical charm and modern technology, Lido 2 is set to build a new legacy in the heart of Paris.

Lido 2 Team:
Technical Director: Florian Fassenet
Deputy Technical Director: François Muguet-Notter
Technical Management Assistant: Déborah Lopez
General Manager: Simon Stehlé
Show Lighting Designer: Giuseppe Di Orio
Lighting Technicians: Alexis Tsagris, Léo Lequesne and Juliette Luangpraseuth
Lighting project management: Eddy Couloigner – Global Technique Concept

Elation Gear:
30 x Fuze MAX Profile
30 x Fuze Profile
16 x Fuze Wash FR
12 x Chorus Line 16

Photos: ©Julien Benhamou

Info:  www.elationlighting.com

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