RCF – Introducing the latest innovations in low-frequency transducers

RCF Precision Transducers technology enhances the performance of the new LN Series woofers, delivering unprecedented power and acceleration for the most demanding subwoofer designs.

The HyperVented high-power 19-inch, 4.0-inch voice coil LN19S400, the same-sized LN19S450 with a 4.5-inch voice coil, and the 16-inch woofer, 4.0-inch voice coil LN16S400 represent the best-performing woofers in the Precision Transducers catalog. The motor structure features a 4-layer inside-outside CCAW voice coil with fiberglass former material, enabling ultra-long excursion moving mass (up to 67mm/2.6-inch safe peak-to-peak excursion). Specifically designed to meet the needs of speaker designers who require accurate bass reproduction with high excursion piston capabilities, they are ideal for vented enclosures where small cabinet size and low-frequency extension at extreme power are crucial.


  • Up to 3400 Watt continuous program power handling
  • Hypervented magnetic structure for minimum power compression
  • High-flux density neodymium magnet
  • Ultra-long excursion moving mass

Info: www.rcf.it

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