RCF introducing the latest innovations in compression drivers

RCF presents the Precision Transducers Series which comprises high-end transducers designed and manufactured in Italy by RCF. Six new compression drivers are unveiled.

The NDT895 and NDT995 compression drivers come in 3-inch and 4-inch titanium dome sizes and are primarily suitable for professional line arrays and point source applications. Their class-leading design features a Kapton former and a 4-slot phase plug, delivering minimal distortion across their operating bandwidth.

  • Large-sized 3.0″ (4.0″) Titanium dome, polyimide surround
  • “1”>240W (280W) continuous program power at 8Ω
  • Recommended frequency range: 500Hz – 20kHz
  • Kapton former, inside/outside CCAW voice coil
  • High-flux density neodymium magnet

The new 1.75-inch PKX dome compression drivers are designed for professional applications that demand high-quality sound and long-term reliability. The neodymium magnets NDX595, NDX495 and CDX495 with ceramic magnets are ideal for small two-way cabinet designs and three-way loudspeaker systems. PKX (modified polyether ether ketone) is a rigid yet lightweight material, optimized with reinforcing ribs, offering remarkable precision and reliability compared with other polymeric materials.

  • 1.75-inch PKX dome, polyimide surround
  • 140W continuous program power handling @ 8Ω
  • Frequency range: 1kHz – 20kHz
  • 4-slot optimized geometry phase plug
  • High-flux density neodymium magnet

The CDK455 is a compression driver for professional applications with a 1.75″ Kapton® dome, ideal for point source two-way cabinet designs. The new voice-coil design with Polyimide-Kapton dome features a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs make it robust and durable. The transducer utilizes ceramic magnets and a 2-slot phase plug to deliver exceptional power handling, sensitivity, and low distortion across its operating bandwidth.

  • 1.75-inch Kapton/polyimide dome
  • 140W continuous program power handling @ 8Ω
  • Frequency range: 1200Hz – 20kHz
  • 2-slot optimized geometry phase plug
  • Ceramic magnet

Info: www.rcf.it/en/rcf-precision-transducers

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