RIEDEL Networks builds managed MPLS network for sports streaming platform Dyn Media

RIEDEL Networks is connectivity partner of Dyn Media, the streaming platform for live broadcasts and highlight reports for sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and field hockey. The special feature: Production takes place completely remotely and relies on fiber optic connectivity. This saves time and energy and also reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional media productions.

“Setting up a new streaming platform requires a powerful network – and a strong, reliable partner. Riedel Networks has experience in our industry, where every second counts. When it comes to sports broadcasts, delays or outages are unacceptable,” said Andreas Heyden, CEO of Dyn Media GmbH. “The company provides us with the connectivity service we need to efficiently produce a perfect signal. “The project, which was launched in December 2022, required rapid implementation by all parties involved. The remote production model relies exclusively on fiber optic connectivity and will make Dyn Media the largest fiber optic customer for sports broadcasts in Germany for the next six years.

Riedel’s 24×7 Network Operations Center proactively monitors the entire DYN network. Even in the venues, the company uses redundant paths to route the signal to the SMPTE transfer boxes, which the teams simply plug into for outside production. The entire network is a 24×7 fully managed service and supports 100% of DYN Media’s remote production approach. This makes it possible to transport the entire system for outdoor transmission to the installation site in a single van. Only a few people are needed on site at the venues for set-up and operation.

A 1 GB cable was laid at each venue, which is connected to a 10 GB ring so that six camera signals per game and up to 14 games can be transmitted simultaneously. From the 10 GB ring, the data is transmitted via RIEDEL Networks to the remote production site, where the programs are edited and produced for the streaming customers. Within the first few months, 400 games have already been produced via the MPLS network.

“By using our private IP network via MPLS, we are able to assign the appropriate priorities and bandwidths to the different traffic streams using a sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) concept,” says Michael Martens, CEO of RIEDEL Networks. “Nothing had to be reinvented for this venture, but the result is something new – we’ve built a signature MPLS network to push the boundaries in sports and bring fans even closer to their favorite sport.”

Of course, a remote production model always poses challenges. For example, the composition of the leagues changes every year and new venues often have to be integrated within a few months. But thanks to their experience to date, Dyn Media and RIEDEL Networks are ideally positioned to do this quickly and efficiently and to continue to grow.

The full case study can be found at https://riedel-networks.net/news/casestudy-dyn.

info: www.riedel.net

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