RCF presents new high-power bass reflex subwoofers S 19 and S 29

Tailored for fixed installations ranging from clubs to large arenas, and derived from the touring subwoofers of the Italian manufacturer, the new S 19 and S 29 promise an audio experience that transcends the ordinary. Featuring new high-power transducers, exceptional power handling, and a compact footprint, the S 19 and S 29 are the most versatile and powerful subwoofers of the S series.

At the heart of the cabinet lies the cone transducer, a formidable high-power single 19″ subwoofer. The 19-inch cone size is the ideal balance between traditional high-speed 18” and the slower 21” and inherits the best characteristics of the two sizes. The ultra-long excursion moving mass (65mm/2.5″ safe peak-to-peak) ensures high power with fast acceleration.

Both models boast a bass-reflex design that delivers an efficient acoustic response, reaching lows of 30 Hz for the S 19 and 25 Hz for the S 29, with extreme power handling capabilities—up to 1500 W for the S 19 and an astounding 3000 W for the S 29. The front vent port facilitates straight-forward cabinet installation in recessed areas.

Constructed from high-quality plywood and coated in a durable black polyurea, S Series subwoofers are built to endure. A powder-coated metal grille protects the transducers, while the recessed input panel with Speakon NL4 connectors, M20 pole mount adaptors, and ergonomic handle grips ensure optimal functionality.

RCF subwoofers produce high SPL levels at very low frequencies within compact dimensions, impressing with their size/weight to SPL output ratio. Your audience will enjoy an engaging, immersive musical experience. Both models can be ground-stacked and are cardioid-arrayable for improved rear rejection.

With their unparalleled power, durability, and innovative design, the S Series subwoofers are not just an investment in your audio system—they’re an investment in unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re looking to captivate a club audience or fill a large arena with profound bass, the S 19 and S 29 are equipped to exceed expectations.

Info: www.rcf.it

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