SGM P-3 Wash POI

The P-3 Wash POI is part of the revolutionary family of SGM Light 3 Series fixtures. The 3 Series introduces numerous features and performance improvements which makes it unique amongst fixtures in this size class. Incorporating an extremely powerful dynamically driven LED engine, this compact powerhouse can be used to wash large areas or pick out main architectural details without the need for very large fixtures.


  • 18 x 15W LEDs with DynaMix™ dynamic color drive
  • DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Wireless CRMX or AirGlow control options
  • High-quality dimming performance with color filter emulation and VersaPath™
  • CTC linear control from 2,000K to 10,000K
  • RGBW with 5700K, 4000K, and 3000K native white
  • IK09 and 3G rated
  • IP66-rated with built-in dehumidifier and superior thermal management

ThermalDriveTM provides Advanced Temperature Control monitored via sensors and software, keeping optimal LED junction temperatures, and ensuring maximum reliability for long-term use. This thermal management techonology includes cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal tecniques and active forced-air cooling (depending on the product), specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency while extending fixture’s lifetime.

SGM’s TruColorTM luminaires use an enhanced color engine that improves accuracy and consistency both for color mixing and low-end dimming, while using the same procedures to match the SGM color palette.

SGM’s integrated patented Dehumidification process eliminates humidity and breaks down corrosive molecules deriving from polluted air to avoid destructive corrosion. Inbuilt dehumidifiers constantly remove trapped hydrogen from inside of the lighting fixture in a solid estate electrolytic process with no moving parts. The DryTechTM procedure is also based on a Ingress Protection rating of 65 or 66 (depending on the fixture), intended as a full protection against dust and other particles, while ensuring protection against direct water jets.

DynaMix™ is a scalable drive design which brings an unprecedented level of output to all new SGM Light products. LED engines with DynaMix™ can utilize the full power capacity of a power source when using combinations of drive channels. What does this mean? Essentially a huge boost in output. Not only in single channels of color, but also in mixed colors.


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