Versatile XPRSion: Introducing 4 new speakers in the popular Pioneer DJ XPRS2 Series

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of 4 new speakers in the XPRS2 Series from its Pioneer DJ brand. The 8-inch XPRS82 and 15-inch XPRS152 full-range units join the popular speaker range, along with 2 new upgraded active subwoofers: the 15-inch XPRS1152ST and 18-inch XPRS1182ST.

Known for their versatility, portability, and elevated sound performance, the XPRS2 Series speakers are a natural favorite for mobile DJs and are perfect for live sound settings, houses of worship, rentals, and fixed installations.

“These 4 new speakers in the Pioneer DJ XPRS2 Series give our customers even more choice,” said Remco van Megen, Head of Sales EMEA, AlphaTheta. “We’re proud of the fantastic quality and performance they offer. Just like the previous models, each of the new units produces the rich, dynamic sound that artists and venues crave and their audiences enjoy.”

The full XPRS2 Series now comprises 6 speakers. The new 8-inch XPRS82 and 15-inch XPRS152 join the 10-inch XPRS102 and 12-inch XPRS122 full-range units, and the 2 new active subwoofers – the 15-inch XPRS1152ST and 18-inch XPRS1182ST – replace the previous subwoofers to complete the lineup.

XPRS2 Series: Core features

1. Powerful Class D amplification
The XPRS2 Series employs Class D amplification with high-output wattage for a powerful and premiere audio experience for performers and listeners alike. The XPRS82 and XPRS152 full-range speakers feature Class D 2000 W amplification. The XPRS1152ST and XPRS1182ST subwoofers offer Class D 4000 W amplification.


2. High-quality, robust build
Each XPRS2 Series speaker features a sleek and protective all-black plywood cabinet for performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. All models come with a durable handle (with double handles on the subwoofers) to support system portability and handling during setup and takedown, along with rubber feet for separation and shock absorption between surfaces. The XPRS1152ST and XPRS1182ST also feature a threaded pole-mount.

XPRS2 full-range speakers: XPRS82 and XPRS152

1. DSP modes
The XPRS82 and XPRS152 feature 4 DSP modes, including Live, Music, Speech, and Monitor.

2. 16 customizable user DSP modes
As well as the 4 presets, each XPRS2 full-range speaker includes 16 custom user DSP modes – which can be saved with custom names – to ensure the EQ settings are maximized for every scenario.

3. XPRS82 full-range speaker design
The XPRS82 features an 8” woofer and 2” voice coil with a 1” exit compression driver and 1.75” voice coil for excellent audio performance. With a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 127 dB and frequency response of 60 Hz – 20 kHz, the XPRS82 is built to ensure all audio, including music and spoken word, is reproduced as accurately as possible.

4. XPRS152 full-range speaker design
The larger of the new full-range speakers, the XPRS152, features a 15” woofer and 3” voice coil with a 1” exit compression driver and 1.75” voice coil for superb sound coverage across mid to large venues. With a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 kHz and a maximum SPL of 133 dB, the XPRS152 is ideal for live DJ sets, concerts, and applications in difficult audio environments, such as venues with poor acoustics.

XPRS2 active subwoofers: XPRS1152ST and XPRS1182ST

1. DSP modes
The XPRS1152ST and XPRS1182ST offer 3 different DSP preset modes, including Boost, Extend LF, and Normal to suit different listening environments.


2. Accurate audio performance
The XPRS1152ST employs a 15” ferrite woofer with a 3” voice coil with long excursion, while the larger XPRS1182ST relies on an 18” ferrite woofer with a 3” voice coil with long excursion to produce low frequencies with excellent accuracy.

3. Frequency response
With the XPRS1152ST providing a frequency response of 45 Hz – 120 Hz and a maximum SPL of 129 dB, while the XPRS1182ST offers a 40 Hz – 120 Hz frequency response and 130 dB maximum SPL, the subwoofers pack in the performance of a permanent install unit with the compact portability required by today’s mobile artists, performers, and venues.

4. Threaded pole-mount
Each subwoofer features a standard metal pole-mount M20 screw socket for stability in the setup.


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