Jolin Tsai shines on stage with Sennheiser Digital 6000

Pop diva Jolin Tsai has become acclaimed for her uniquely enchanting voice and magnetic stage presence. Between 2019 and 2023, her enthralling “Ugly Beauty World Tour” captivated audiences worldwide. The tour, named after her 14th studio album, Ugly Beauty, earned her nominations in seven categories and won her two major awards at the 2019 Golden Melody Awards. Tsai relied on a Sennheiser Digital 6000 microphone system to give her fans a spectacular audio experience throughout the show, which was packed with familiar tunes, dazzling outfits and electrifying dance moves.

Tsai has been a loyal user of the 5000 series for close to 15 years. However, in the realm of audio engineering, it is not only the artist but also the team behind her who rely on the reliability and versatility of superior equipment during live shows. Wilson Hong and Kane Lau are Tsai’s trusted sound engineers. Hong explained the switch from the 5000 series to Digital 6000: “We were searching for a new microphone system and went for the D6000 due to its cleaner frequency handling, larger number of channels and a very user-friendly interface.”

Besides the Digital 6000 series, the team was particularly impressed with the MM 445 microphone capsule, which was deployed for the latter part of the tour. “I personally prefer the MM 445 capsule over the others in the market as it delivers a very focused sound,” says Lau. “The super-cardioid microphone capsule picks up the entire frequency range needed for her vocals, giving the singer’s voice greater presence and intensity. This also makes it a lot easier for me to fine-tune the EQ without any interference or feedback. I personally think that the MM 445 capsule is perfectly suited to pop stars who require very strong vocal presence on stage.”

On switching to the Digital 6000, Hong was particularly impressed with the excellent audio quality and the quick charging speed of the batteries. “The charging speed really took me by surprise. I thought I’d made a mistake and hadn’t plugged it in properly, but it really does charge so quickly. This is so important and a great advantage for live shows,” he remarked. “Digital 6000 is very easy to operate, and the audio quality, reliability and user experience make the Sennheiser Digital 6000 my favourite wireless system to work with.”

Tsai’s live performance includes demanding singing and dancing routines. “The strength of Digital 6000 lies in the stability of the signal even when the singer is moving about rapidly. We don’t have to worry about dropouts, which gives us and the artist complete confidence and assurance,” Lau elaborates.

The reliability and superior sound quality of the Digital 6000 series makes it a popular choice among artists and sound engineers embarking on large-scale tours and events. Tsai and her team’s loyalty to Sennheiser is a testament to their confidence in the brand’s ability to deliver crystal-clear, precise vocal sound, regardless the size of the stage. “The Digital 6000 wireless system is now my top choice, and I will definitely request for it for future concerts and events,” Lau concludes.



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