RCF introduces RDNet 5

RDNet is an advanced platform for the integrated monitoring and management of sound reinforcement systems – from small live and installed systems to large arena systems. With a robust network architecture, RDNet combines system control, line array design and detailed audio measurements in one powerful software solution. Engineers and technicians can intuitively manage any device on the network, from single components to multiple groups, with seamless integration of owned and remotely operated systems. The platform provides comprehensive DSP control of compatible devices with flexible configuration tools for efficient system tuning. Users gain real-time access and monitoring of key parameters such as volume levels, system status and environmental settings via a centralised interface.

  • Array and Zones Grouping for self- and externally-powered systems
  • Real-time Discovery and Complete Monitoring
  • Complete Real-Time FFT Analyzer with EQ integration and Auto-Alignment
  • Adjust Hi-Pass, EQ, Gain, and Delay on individual components
  • New IP-based RDNet-OE architecture
  • Array and Zones Grouping for self- and externally-powered systems
  • Cloud Storage and Import full configuration details from Shape D3D
  • Shape Designer Array Calculator

The latest release features a streamlined workflow for seamlessly grouping self- and externally-powered systems. Device discovery is optimized with quicker drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to manage hybrid systems. For example, a configuration using both GTX and TTL loudspeakers. The improved user interface includes an advanced EQ visualization with amplitude/phase response plot and real-time FFT analysis. The redesigned cloud infrastructure allows projects and measurements to be saved remotely and recalled from any location.

Info: www.rcf.it/en/products/product-detail/rdnet

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