Prolight+Sound 2024: Day Three

Despite the noticeable drop in the number of exhibitors, but not in the number of initiatives dedicated to the ProAudio world, there were many novelties. We close our report with some highlights from RIEDEL, RCF, CHAUVET, SMOKE FACTORY, MYMETHOD, SPOTRACK, KVANT, ETC and CAMEO. Happy Reading!


On its stand, RIEDEL set up some practical demonstrations of the Artist-based stage management system, a typical setup for live video production, and presented the new punQtum app.

Based on standard IP network technology, punQtum offers a plug & play digital intercom system with a multitude of communication channels on a single cable. It is easy to install and simple to use, with the guaranteed reliability of Riedel.

punQtum Wireless is the easiest way to extend your intercom system using your mobile device. Designed to work as a beltpack with the Q210 PW speaker station, punQtum Wireless ensures seamless communication between teams. The application is free to download and can be connected to a punQtum network using a Wi-Fi access point and the Q210 PW speaker station. Each Q210 PW station serves up to 4 punQtum Wireless app connections.



RCF’s presence in Frankfurt coincides with the launch of the new version 5 of the RDNet control software. Among the new features are improvements in workflow and system grouping, optimised hot-plug device detection with quick drag&drop, improved user interface and enhanced amplitude/phase EQ visualisation, the new [Overall] function to simulate EQ response on phase/magnitude measurements, and the integration of RDNet Measure into the system’s EQ windows.
RDNet also introduces a new cloud infrastructure to save/recall projects and measurements remotely, enables automatic [LF Alignment] and [Fill/Delay Align] integrated with RDNet Measure, and offers a significantly improved user interface and speed.

RCF’s 75th anniversary celebrations continue with the unveiling of the NXL 14-A, the latest in the NXL active column loudspeaker series, and the expansion of the NX series with the NX 932-A and NX 945-A.

NXL 14-A, available in both black and white, features two 6-inch woofers, a 1.75-inch PKX high-frequency driver and a powerful 2100W amplifier. The NX 932-A and NX 945-A build on the success of the NX 9 Series, from which they share the cabinet design, DSP and amplifier technology, and are enhanced by precision transducers using neodymium magnets and titanium compression drivers.

The iconic ART 7 series presents the MK5 upgrade with a range of models from 8 to 15 inches, incorporating the advanced FiRPHASE and XBOOST algorithms for unparalleled sound quality. RCF also introduces the new SUB AX series subwoofers with DSP and Bluetooth control, as well as updated MK3 versions of the SUB 8003-AS and SUB 905-AS, featuring improved sound quality and a robust polyurea enclosure.



Following the success of ISE, where Chauvet presented a number of recent innovations, the US company is reintroducing Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash, the original Colorado PXL Curve 12, and the STRIKE Array 2C and 4C panels.

Frankfurt debut for the new STRIKE Array 1, an IP65-rated blinder powered by warm white LEDs housed in an independently steerable pod. The proprietary tool-free interconnection system allows the STRIKE Array 1 to be easily interconnected with multiple units for scalable configurations.

For further versatility, the STRIKE Array 1 pod can be removed from its frame and mounted using the included standard yoke. The STRIKE Array 1 offers excellent dimming performance and Red Shift, which heats the colour temperature of the light as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten source effect. Variable PWM and high CRI make it an ideal projector for broadcast applications.

The STRIKE Array 1 kit comprises the STRIKE Array 1 Pod mounted in a square frame, 1 m connection cables, suspension brackets for individual mounting on trusses, and drivers capable of handling and powering up to 8 units,



Two important new products from Smoke Factory: Fog blaster and IP Falcon.

The Fog Blaster is an innovative effects hazer that creates impressive CO2 effects without the use of CO2. This eliminates the cost of cylinders and the installation of CO2 detectors. The device can be used flexibly in horizontal or vertical orientation and is controlled via DMX and Ethernet via ArtNet or sACN protocol. With its four channels, the Fog Blaster allows precise adjustment of fog effect duration, fountain height and device standby. Its ease of use, robust design and cost-effective solution make the Fog Blaster an ideal device for events such as concerts, theatre shows, clubs and corporate celebrations.

The IP Falcon is an IP64 smoke machine that offers reliable performance and extreme flexibility in any environment. With a power output of 3100 watts and an IP64 protection rating, the IP Falcon is perfect for fire or rescue events and exercises. Its waterproof construction ensures reliable fog production, even in adverse conditions. The IP Falcon can be intuitively controlled via the touch display or use the various control options such as DMX 512, sACN, Art-Net, Analog and RDM.



The Polish company known for the successful CLONE fixture, presents at ProLight+Sound a new version that in fact replaces the halogen light source with a really well thought-out LED system.

The IP65 fixture features a central gem with a 70W white/amber/uv LED that acts in reflection on the parabola. Along the inner edge, on the other hand, there is an RGB LED strip that acts in refraction. The result is a further step in terms of dynamics without changing the original nature and charm of the fixture.



The Irish company Spotrack, which specialises in remote followspot systems, is presenting its controller in Frankfurt, consisting of a console with a handlebar for different adjustments and a camera.

Interesting is the approach regarding the definition of the area of use, which is not based on the calculation of the area available via sensors, but in a certain sense ‘learns from the movement of the fixture’. It is in fact sufficient, as with touchscreens, to perform a calibration on the camera shot by touching the four extremes of the stage using the console, to define the movement limits of the fixtures associated with it.



Kvant chose Prolight+Sound to announce the first fully IP65 fixture series with the new 18, 24 and 40W ClubMax.

To further enhance the high-power range of the legendary Clubmax FB4 laser projectors, the housing has been redesigned, making it more durable and naturally waterproof.
Equipped with the latest technology and advanced features from KVANT Lasers, the ClubMax series expresses power and versatility with motorised dichroic filters for quick and easy beam alignment.

Also new for the Epic series, in 100, 170 270W versions. These are extremely powerful colour RGB scanning laser projectors equipped with 20 kpps Juno scanners that offer reliable performance with a high speed for all effects such as beams, waves, tunnels and curtains, suitable for outdoor shows in stadiums and arenas.

The Epic features a simple and robust design, thanks to its IP65-certified housing, which is completely waterproof and dustproof, and equipped with motorised dichroic filters for quick and easy internal colour alignment.

Moving up in power, Kvant has created a veritable powerhouse of power and technology with Architect, featuring IP65 protection and a closed-loop water cooling unit. The Architect laser projector emits a 400-watt static large-format colour laser beam. Thanks to the proportions of its beam, Architect offers better visibility from great distances and an optional DMX platform is available for pan up to 350 degrees and tilt 60 degrees of the entire Architect fixture, allowing the beam to be moved and scanned across the sky.

Finally, Kvant introduced on some models the motorised Masking Blade via DMX, a system that allows masking to be managed without having to reach the fixture manually.



Many new products at ETC’s stand, starting with the new ColorSource PAR jr, the latest addition to ETC’s economical line of luminaires and an ideal complement to the Spot jr and PAR jr models, with a similar range of functions, including a four-colour array of red, green, blue and lime.

The fanless, convection-cooled design makes this an ultra-quiet fixture, weighing almost half the weight and price of a full-size ColorSource PAR.

The wash light is available in two array options: the Original array, which offers soft pastel colours and the highest quality white light, and the Deep Blue array, dedicated to those requiring more saturated and dramatic colours. With almost 2300 lumens of brightness, the ColorSource PAR jr provides a professional solution at a low cost and size.

We took the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the features of the Halcyon series of moving heads, consisting of the Gold, Titanium and Platinum models. With reduced cost, reduced weight and increased output, the Halcyon fixtures are designed to fit every project’s specifications thanks to the full enclosure framing system and optional Ultra-Bright and High Fidelity sources.

The gobos have been completely redesigned to improve mid-air effects and spin and breakup effects. Big improvements in frost as well, thanks to ETC’s Trifusion system, which allows for smooth switching between sharp projection and intense frost with a single control channel, maintaining an even and linear frost distribution with maximum light output.



We begin with the AZOR SP2, a compact and lightweight fixture ideal for medium-sized stages that integrates a motorised framing system on 4 levels that can be rotated +/- 60°. The 300 W LED light source delivers 13,000 lumens with a wide zoom range of 3°-50°, while the CMY colour mixing system is complemented by an additional colour wheel with 8 dichroic filters.

AZOR W2 is the complementary fixture to the SP2. A compact wash fixture equipped with 7 RGBL 40 W LEDs, a total output of 3,600 lm and a zoom range of 4° – 50°. Remarkable is the Eclipse Burst effect created with 4-segment SMD LEDs and capable of creating strobe and pixel effects. Combined with the single-pixel control, the AZOR W2 offers high-level functionality in a compact product.

Moving up a level, we find the new OTOS W12 an IP65 wash with 32 50W LEDs, three-level zoom and LED FX effect ring. The 50W RGBL LEDs can be individually controlled using single pixel control. The LED FX effect ring also features a variety of pixels that can also be individually controlled.

Also new for LED bars is the Pixbar SMP IP G2, which integrates 500 SMD sources, 2/3 RGBW and 1/3 white. Like all other PIXBAR G2 models, it is IP65 certified and offers well-designed accessories to exploit its full potential. Whether suspended or standing, the optional connector system allows for a variety of creative designs and positioning options. Up to three units can be vertically connected using the optional kit to create a continuous and synchronised lighting effect. Furthermore, thanks to the M20 adapter, the new PIXBAR series can be mounted on a base plate with an M20 thread.

The ZENIT series is enriched with the new W300 SMD (RGBW), an extremely bright and homogeneous wash light in the RGBW spectrum with a high output of up to 19,000 lm. Equipped with 270 4-in-1 SMD LEDs, the W300 SMD is ideal for use both as a wall washer and for stage effects. The W300 SMD also allows separate control of 6 segments on multiple projectors. Also present is the new ZENIT® W300 TW tuneable white.

The Cameo F2 FC+ is a Fresnel projector perfect for professional use in TV or theatre applications. The Plus version introduces an RGBAL LED that impresses with its brilliant colour mixing. White tones can be precisely adjusted in CCT mode from 1,800 K to 8,000 K with a constant CRI of over 94. Additional green-magenta correction is also present. The quality 200 mm lens produces a soft-edged beam that can be manually and continuously adjusted with a beam angle of 18° to 55°.

Cameo is also exhibiting two soon-to-be-available previews. We are talking about the brand new Oron H2, an IP65 spotlight with a 260W phosphor laser source, zoom from 2 to 32 degrees, 19 rotating and 12 fixed gobos and CMY mixing system.

Opus X4 Profile is a 1400W LED spot capable of delivering 50000 lumens in a compact chassis compared to its power. Features include a wide lens, zoom from 0.8 to 35 degrees, CMY mixing system and CTO control, two gobo wheels, two colour wheels, and of course the 60° rotation shaping system.


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