Shure Webinar: Celebrating Women in Tech – Live Sound

Join “Celebrating Women in Tech – Live Sound,” an event led by Shure’s President and CEO Chris Schyvinck, as she hosts a panel of talented female sound engineers and technicians from around the world to discuss challenges, opportunities, and the future of live sound and touring.

THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH @ 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CST

Meet the featured panelists

Beckie Campbell
Beckie Campbell is a FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, and owner of B4Media Production. As a 24-year veteran of the music business, Beckie has had the honor to help mentor and train teams for several theaters, live events, and houses of worship, all while touring as a PM/FOH Engineer for major acts like the Indigo Girls and running large corporate events for her clients. She’s had experiences as a Technical Director and FOH Engineer for mega churches, as well, and has co-hosted the SoundGirls podcast.

Sabrina Sudhoff
Sabrina Sudhoff has been working in the event industry in the field of sound engineering for around 25 years. With her various skills as a microphone operator, splitter, PA technician, RF technician, crew chief and monitor engineer, she has worked on numerous tours and productions. She also works at TDA Clair in Bottrop as head of the audio department and project manager. In this position, she is also responsible for the trainees in her department.

Jannet Mejia Garcia
Jannet is a FOH and Monitoring Engineer from Mexico. She began her career as a production assistant at the Hard Rock Cafè. She studied audio engineering in school and has extensive experience as a sound technician in theater and live sound with national and international artists and bands. She is currently a monitor mixer for artists including Kenya, Paty Cantù and Belinda. She also founded the “Showmasters Collective,” a collective that helps and supports women in the workplace through courses and job boards.

Samantha Boone
Samantha Boone is a touring audio systems engineer and audio tech with experience designing and deploying sound systems for various applications ranging from clubs to festivals and arenas. Working with artists such as Volbeat, Miguel, and Lee Brice, among others, has given her experience with various systems throughout her career. Most recently, her work has involved designing and deploying large-format, low-variance systems for touring productions. Sam recently won the 2024 Parnelli NextGen Award for up-and-coming live production professionals.

Sofie Hunter
Sofie started out in the live sound industry at 14 working for a small local PA company in her home county Somerset. She then moved on to venue work in different genres doing audio jobs learning the craft. She worked at Britannia Row Productions where she attended their three-month training course, learning about all aspects of the live sound industry and getting hands on with a wide range of high-end audio equipment. Currently, she’s a freelance audio engineer working a massively varied range of events.

THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH @ 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CST




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