Prolight+Sound 2024: Day Two

Second day at Prolight+Sound with a clear increase in visitors after the soft start on the first day. Today we found many new products and above all world premieres by VERTITRUSS, ELATION, DTS, AYRTON, ROBE and AVOLITES.


Let’s start with an original and, let me pass the term, fun tool, presented by the German company Vertitruss. It is a 2-in-1 multi-tool for assembling trusses and can be used both as a hammer and as a pin extraction tool.

PinClaw is thename of the multi-tool that relies on leverage instead of brute force and can therefore loosen particularly stubborn bolts on all standard crossbars with 48-51 mm tubes and cone systems. Simply place the tool on the pin you wish to loosen and press firmly to perform the extraction.



Many new products were launched by the American company in Frankfurt, with some important world premieres.

We start with Proteus Atlas, the new IP66 search light with a 500W Solid State Phosphor source, capable of delivering a solid beam at long distances. Atlas has a zoom range of 0.6 to 8.5 degrees, a 320mm lens and a rich selection of gobos (13 rotating and 26 fixed) and prisms (2×3 stackable), as well as a CMY mixing system. The fixture produces 14000 lumens output for 1000000 lux at a distance of 20 metres.

First public release for the Paragon series, an evolution of the Artiste series. Paragon Profile S is an IP65 fixture with a 560W 6500K LED source, variable CRI, CMY colour mixing with CTO management, colour wheel with UV filter, double prism, animation wheel, two frosts and 6°-50° zoom. The shaping system consists of four blades on four focal planes and operates with four different DMX modes.

PULSE BAR is the first product in an innovative series of strobe lights. It is a high-impact fx and strobe bar that lends dynamism to any show. Available in two lengths, the PULSE BAR incorporates 1.5W RGB LEDs around the perimeter, 5W cool white LEDs in the centre, and 1.5W RGB LEDs on the remaining surface. PULSE PANEL FX is the result of combining the power of the strobe with the visual creativity and dynamic movement of the PULSE PANEL FX. The unit incorporates 1152 1.5W RGB LEDs around its perimeter, 432 5W cool white LEDs in the centre, and 96 1.5W RGB LEDs on the rest of the surface, all of which can be controlled by zones. With a total output of over 100,000 lumens, Pulse Panel FX works as a powerful strobe, blinder, high-power wash light or creative effect all in one. Fast and continuous 360° rotation and 180° tilt add an extra level of dynamism.

FUZE TEATRO is a discreet and refined moving head that is extremely quiet. Designed for all applications where absence of noise is required, the fixture is capable of reproducing an exceptional and convincing colour gamut (RGBMA) and quality (91 CRI), TEATRO is fanless for completely silent operation in noise-sensitive environments. The output is 15,000 lumens.

SŌL I BLINDER isthe first in a new series of creative LED blinder and effect solutions that perfectly combines cutting-edge technology and artistic ingenuity. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, its modular design offers endless configuration possibilities, exponentially expanding the creative options for unique shapes and arrays. SŌL I can be used as a single-cell, 2-cell or 4-cell blinder, or link even more fixtures together to create a versatile effects panel.



DTS chose ProLight+Sound for the launch of the new SYNERGY 6 PROFILE, a product that offers greater versatility and efficiency while maintaining a high-profile lighting quality, providing a marked improvement over the other products in the range.

SYNERGY 6 PROFILE is equipped with a 570 W white LED source, capable of emitting up to 109,000 Lux @ 5 m, all in the exact size of the smaller version. Finally, there is the traditional 4-blade shaping system, a long excursion 4.6°- 43° motorised linear zoom with autofocus and a rich selection of pre-set effects combining gobos, focus and prisms.

The demo show also featured the timeless Katana motorised LED bars, which a few years later still impress with their ultra-narrow beam and colour quality.



In an impressive stand with an elegant and engaging demo show, Ayrton showcases some interesting and innovative world premieres.

Let’s start with Kyalami, a new laser source luminaire, IP65 rated, inspired by the well-known MagicDot launched in 2015. This is the first IP65 laser source luminaire in the Creative Solution series, and is designed for architectural graphic effects.
A sphere of only 265 mm houses the 100 W laser module, cooling system and optics, while the 126 mm front lens positioned in the continuity of the sphere gives Kyalami a unique visual signature.

The proprietary three-lens optical system produces an intense 1° beam and an extreme focusing range that allows the beam shape to be adjusted according to the operating distance. Kyalami delivers a luminous flux of 400,000 lux at 10 m from its next-generation speckle-free laser source, designed to render a D65 white point for perfect colour reproduction. The highly innovative colour section includes a high-definition CMY progressive mixing system and a multi-position instant access colour wheel equipped with five corrective filters and 17 complementary colour filters.
Features are completed by a choice of 29 fixed metal gobos designed to sculpt light in beam mode, two individually combinable rotating prisms, and one light and one heavy frost filter.

Nando 502 Wash is an evolution of the NandoBeam range in an extremely compact IP65 housing, specially designed for mixed-use stage lighting, both indoors and outdoors, and even in saline environments.

The new LED source offers the advantage of better integration in the colour space and facilitates colour reproduction, thanks to 12 high-performance 40W LED sources with additive RGB-L colour synthesis and a proprietary optical system consisting of a unique 210 mm PMMA cluster.
The Nando 502 Wash can achieve a luminous flux of 10,000 lumens and offer a perfectly homogeneous mix of pastel or saturated colours. A comprehensive library of pre-programmed colours allows for subtle, dense and contrasting colour bands.

Ayrton also presents its own Search Light with Mamba. It is a fixture with a 500W source at 6500K capable of 2728000 lux at 10 metres, zoom range from 0.6 to 15 degrees and 250mm lens. Naturally IP65, Mamba weighs only 42 kg.

Veloce Profile is the big brother of the Rivale Profile, with an 850w LED source capable of delivering up to 42000 lumens.

We finish with Rivale Wash, a moving head equipped with a 430w LED and fresnel lens that inherits the characteristics of the Rivale but is suitable for applications where a fixture capable of covering large areas with homogenous intensity is required.

Mamba, Veloce Profile and Rivale Wash will be available by the end of the year.



In Frankfurt, Robe celebrates its 30th anniversary with lots of innovations on an impressive stand and a show worthy of the best productions.

iBOLT is the innovative and extremely bright Search Light that retains the same features as Robe’s MegaPointe, with a 300mm front lens and an LSW-5™ white laser phosphor light source capable of producing extremely powerful light beams for optimum performance and range, combined with the latest Searchlight and Skyflower technology and compact size, weight and power consumption. The iBOLT’s 300 mm front lens features precision optics to create high-definition light beams, adjustable through a zoom from 0.4° to 8.5°. SpektraBeam™ is a patented effects engine capable of creating innovative effects, while a CMY + Colour wheel with DataSwatch™ library unlocks an almost unlimited range of colours.

iFORTE® LTX WB is a state-of-the-art long throw LED wash head powered by the iSE-TE™ 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) white LED motor, designed, developed, patented and manufactured in-house by Robe and capable of producing 335,000 Lux at 5 metres.
The innovative optics allow for absolute WashBeam functionality and the FORTE® LTX WB can operate in different modes. The standard optics mode allows the widest coverage from 3.5° to 52°. Using the iris, the beam can be narrowed for coverage of 2° to 52°.
The XR7™ eXtreme Reach Follow Spot is a new and highly innovative technology that offers stadium performance with an ultra narrow beam of 0.7 to 2° for sharp, incisive beams without any loss of intensity due to the iris being engaged over long distances.
There is also an LTX FS version with an integrated camera for use with the RoboSpot™ system.

We continue with the iT12 Fresnel, equipped with a newly developed F2LTM Fresnel lens specifically designed for IP65 / IP66 outdoor requirements. The fixture features a zoom range of 6° – 60° and is distinguished by its exceptional colour rendition and robust protection. The iSE-MSL-TE™ 500W Multi-Spectral TRANSFERABLE ENGINE LED source offers CMY, RGB or single-colour emitter control, factory-calibrated whites and variable CCT from 2,700 to 8,000K, a CRI of 95+ and an output of 11,000 lumens.

The iESPRITE® Fresnel belongs to the new generation of outdoor Fresnel lens luminaires, powered by TETM technology with iSE-TE™ 650W HP (High Power) and HCF (High Colour Fidelity) white LED motors, which are easy to install, replace and exchange as required.
The luminaire is equipped with a newly developed F2LTM Fresnel lens and offers a zoom range of 6°-62°, CMY / CTO + 2 colour wheels and the patented ChromaTint function – +/- green correction. Other key features are the 4Door™ internal barndoor module and RotaScrim™.

Footsie1TM and Footsie2TM Slim are two new variants of Robe’s new generation of low-profile floodlights, which reduce the footprint even further with a single cable channel. This IP65-rated LED light system can be used anywhere: in theatres, on concert stages, along walkways and stage sets of all kinds. They are available with warm white (CRI 90+), variable white or RGBW light sources and connect quickly and easily thanks to standard lengths of 60 cm and 120 cm and a selection of available angles. The BluMark™ safety system offers subtle stage edge indication with a blue LED at low dimmer levels, while PIP™ – Performer Indication Points – RGB LEDs controlled separately and spaced 10 cm apart can provide performers with digital signs for moments during the show.

The iSpiiderX is a 13,100 lumen IP65 RGBW LED WashBeam with a minimalist design and an extremely low weight of 18 kg.
Dynamic visual effects can be achieved using its individual pixel mapping capabilities, while the famous built-in ‘flower effect’ is useful for creating stunning additional effects, especially when combined with the variable zoom from 4° to 50°. The DataSwatch™ filters offer a range of pre-programmed colours and tones, including the most commonly used whites: 2,700K, 3,200K, 4,200K, 5,600K and 8,000K, all with an excellent tungsten emulation effect.
EasyClean™ is a newly developed and patented lens system that enables easy cleaning and time-saving lens maintenance, while the non-reflective front lens is ideal for broadcast applications.



Avolites chose ProLight+Sound for the launch of version 17 of Titan, its popular lighting control software. On the Avo stand are all the brand’s best-known and best-loved consoles, D9 and T3, as well as Arena and Tiger Touch II, plus Avo’s Q-series media servers with a beta version of the new Prism One multimedia software, due for release in the spring.


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