Prolight+Sound 2024: Day One

Here we are at the new edition of ProLight+Sound 2024, with many new products presented by the various companies, in a trade fair that is increasingly restricted to the lighting world. A slightly subdued start, but one that saw a significant increase in visitors during the day. Certainly not the numbers of a few years ago, but there was no lack of novelties, some world premieres, many educational events and high quality.



Presented for the first time at ISE, the German company is once again offering the innovative JDC2 IP significantly improved in terms of power and flexibility, with 84 high-performance 10W LEDs producing an even more aggressive strobe effect with 12 individually controllable segments. The 1,728 LEDs that make up the main source offer wide coverage with remarkable intensity.

Black LED masking eliminates unwanted light reflections and light reflected from other light sources. The new JDC2 IP offers the possibility of creating different digital effects thanks to the individually controllable pixel matrix. The powerful integrated Dual Cortex CPU with 3D graphics processing offers the possibility of creating digital video-like effects – GLP DigiFX. The two fail-safe GigaBit EtherCon connections allow up to four external NDI streams to be managed.

Also new is the new impression X5 IP Maxx, with a luminous flux of up to 24,000 lumens and 37 powerful 40 watt RGBL LEDs. Equipped with the new iQ.Gamut colour algorithm, impression X5 IP Maxx generates a clean white point with a CRI 90 / TLCI 90 at 6,500 Kelvin. It also offers the possibility to quickly switch to other colour temperatures, all precisely calibrated to the colour temperature curve, while still offering a CRI 85 / TLCI 75 quality even with a warm white light of 3,200 Kelvin.

With its new 16:1 zoom mechanism, the Impression X5 IP Maxx offers a light intensity of up to 3.3 Mcd, a 3.5° parallel beam and a homogeneous wash light of up to 60°. Also impressive is the extensive package of functions and effects, including a virtual colour wheel with access to 64 colours from the LEE filter palette, a new colour quality control, magenta/green correction, a simulation channel and tungsten effects and a 2-layer effect option.

We close with the ParLEd Fusion series, FUSION X-PAR 8Z, FUSION X-PAR 18Z and FUSION X-PAR 18Z equipped with high-efficiency 80 watt RGBL LEDs capable of delivering from 1,800 lm of the 8Z up to 4800 lumens of the 18Z. The fixtures produce a light quality enhanced by GLP’s patented iQ.Gamut colour calibration system.



The Italian company ZZIPP is present in Frankfurt with its own stand for the launch of the ZZODIAC series consisting of the Aries 295, Aries 380, Gemini and Taurus models. Another four models will be presented at MIR in Rimini.

The ARIES380 is a compact 311W discharge Beam, motorised zoom and 4 stackable prisms. Features include a colour wheel with 13 slots + open, gobo wheel with 13 fixed gobos, motorised focus, rainbow filter, double circular + linear prism on wheel 1 and double circular prism with 20 and 24 faces on wheel 2.
ARIES295 is a beam with 295W discharge lamp and double overlapping prism. Compact and fast in its movements, ARIES295 has a standard equipment suitable for all uses: colour wheel with 13 colours + open, gobo wheel with 11 fixed gobos, motorised focusing, rainbow filter, double stackable circular prism.

GEMINI è un Beam con lampada a scarica da 250W e doppia corona di LED RGB che corre lungo la lente. Compatta e veloce, è dotata di ruota colori con 13 colori + open, ruota gobo con 11 gobo fissi, messa a fuoco motorizzata, filtro rainbow, doppio prisma circolare sovrapponibile, doppio anello LED 24 + 32 LED RGB da 0.2W per creare suggestivi effetti backlight.
TAURUS è un wash con sorgente composta da 12 LED RGBW OSRAM da 40W e dotato di funzione zoom e pixel control. Si tratta di una fixture flessibile con uno zoom fino a 60°, gestione del singolo pixel con DMX mode esteso, e una serie di macro per la modalità standard.

Another interesting novelty is the new ZZEN STROBO an LED strobe equipped with 672 0.3W RGB LEDs and 96 5W CREE high-brightness white LEDs. The powerful strobe effect also contains a series of RGB and dynamic macros on the high-brightness white LEDs. The IP65 protection rating makes it ideal for outdoor applications, while the supplied brackets allow installation on the ground or hanging on trusses with a 360° tilt.



Browsing through the stands, we came across Wolfmix, a brand belonging to Nicolaudie and specialising in light controllers. Wolfmix W1 is a DMX lighting controller designed to create light shows quickly and without a computer.

The device offers a range of FX modules, music synchronisation and up to 4 DMX universes, encased in robust hardware with a powerful processor. The 37 colourful silicone buttons and 4.3″ touchscreen provide direct access to the most important effects and functions quickly and functionally.



The French company Starway is present in Frankfurt with an impressive stand displaying all its recently launched products.

Of particular interest is Quasar, a combination of a motorised RGB wash projector and an ultra-powerful 28-segment white LED strobe. The 14-segment wash panel opens up an infinite range of effect possibilities with saturated and pastel colours. The tilt of up to 180° allows exceptional flexibility to direct the light exactly where it is needed. Quasar can be controlled via DMX512, Art-Net or sACN.

The IP65 protection rating of Quasar guarantees use in any environment, ensuring optimal performance even in the presence of inclement weather.



Many innovations were presented at ProLight+Sound by German brand Steinigke.

We start with the PRO range with the FUTURELIGHT DMH-380 Hybrid CMY, a Beam/Spot moving head with a 380W COB LED source, wide zoom range, frost, CMY and animation wheel, and the FUTURELIGHT DMH-640 Profile CMY, with a 640W COB LED source, motorised beam shaping system, wide zoom, CMY mixing system with CTO management and animation wheel.

For small DJ sets, Futurelight offers the new TMH Bar S120, an LED lighting system with 4 individually controllable 30 W moving heads with static gobos, manual focus, colour wheel with 7 dichroic filters plus selectable half colours.
Ideal for clubs, events, small parties; mobile DJs, it can be placed on a tripod, hung on a truss or placed standing up.

Finally, DMX Commander 512 is a lighting console designed for small theatre applications and equipped with 28 faders for manual execution or cue storage.


SGM Light

SGM Light presents in Frankfurt the new P-3 Vision fixture, the all-in-one consisting of an LED matrix with 42 mm pitch and a >12,700 lumen source on the same surface. A product that can be arranged in grids, used to highlight the edges of LED screens or used as a stage surround. All providing in one fixture a surface for video content and an extremely powerful colour strobe.

The P-3 Vision‘s VP pixels are the same as the SGM Light VPL series and can operate on the same data network. In this way, P-3 Vision and VPLs can be combined to offer multiple options and incredible design flexibility. Hybrid control of multiple data streams gives production teams incredible flexibility to integrate video and lighting with cross-fading and content management in original ways.

A truly innovative product that allows video streams and wash effects to be mixed simultaneously.



The Italian company Spotlight is exhibiting some new additions to its 100W series, with tuneable white, RGBW and RGBACL versions, which in fact complete the range of power and colour mixing, offering an even wider range of solutions for theatrical, broadcast and live applications.

The 100W Fresnel, PC and LED Shapers offer constant colour temperature during dimming, ultra-soft intensity adjustment via preset dimmer curves and 8/16-bit control mode on all channels.

Adjustable ventilation and a high-performance heat pipe cooling system allow for extreme product reliability with little maintenance, while the adjustable fork allows for proper balancing of the headlamp.

Further information is available on the download page or in the handy Spotlight User Manual .



DAS AUDIO is presenting some new additions to the ARA series at Prolight+Sound, with the ARA-P12.74, a compact active point source system with a 12-inch woofer, 3-inch VCD compression driver, 96 kHz FIR filtering and 1200 watt class D amplification, and the ARA-P28.74, a point source system with dual 8-inch woofers, 3-inch VCD compression driver, 96 kHz FIR processing and 1200 watt power.

Also featured are the Event 28a and Event 118a systems.
The Event 28a is an ultra-compact, lightweight amplified line array featuring a high-efficiency Class D amplifier with SMPS.
Easy system set-up thanks to DAScontrol, it offers a high-end 24-bit DSP with LCD screen and FIR processing for constant phase response
The FSS (Fast Set Splay) system enables fast and secure installation.

Event 118a is a front-loaded active subwoofer system consisting of an 18″ DAS 18FW4N loudspeaker. Features include a high-efficiency Class D amplifier with SMPS, dual-voltage mains for worldwide use, and the DAScontrol system that actually simplifies system configuration.



Claypaky chose Frankfurt for four truly innovative World Premiers.

VOLERO CUBE is a compact IP66 fixture that fuses beam, wash and strobe effects in a 4-in-1 multi-function and multi-effect moving head, equipped with four powerful 60W RGBW LEDs and cool white LED strips with single-pixel control.

A further innovation is the possibility of seamlessly joining several individual units to suit any creative geometric solution.

ORKIS CYC is an extremely compact cyclorama projector from ADB. An innovative wall-washer that combines the best of both worlds: the perfection of theatrical colour with cutting-edge FLOW active liquid cooling technology. Based on 6-colour multispectral HCR LED technology, the Orkis Cyc offers a wide selection of colours and precise dimming capabilities.

By adding amber, cyan and lime to the standard RGB colours, it provides accurate colour reproduction and flexibility in lighting configurations, including adjustable white light from 2500K to 8000K. Orkis Cyc not only illuminates the stage, it does so quietly and efficiently. Compact and lightweight (<6 kg), it is easily installed and adaptable for floor or truss mounting. FLOW technology, Orkis Cyc’s in-house developed active liquid cooling system, effectively reduces noise levels by up to 24.2 dB in standard mode, perfect for quiet operations without sacrificing performance in theatre productions, concerts and film studios.

The MINI-B AQUA PX is the latest addition to the Mini-B family – flexible, light and fast. It is a mini-washlight that is not only compact and agile, but also weatherproof, inheriting the strengths of its predecessors, adding pixel-by-pixel control of each LED.

Last bot not least, Panify 2, an extremely versatile motorised platform with infinite PAN and capable of handling luminaires weighing up to 30 kg. Its IP66 rating allows it to be used in any position and location, both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, Panify 2’s ability to accept most static lights, not only from Claypaky’s portfolio but also from other brands, makes it a flexible and complete solution for lighting designers.


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