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We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on Ayrton‘s brand new Rivale Profile, a fixture belonging to the “Ultimate” series, a family consisting of products that are complementary to each other and designed to share common features with a focus on weight/performance ratio.

Last year, during a visit to Ayrton’s headquarters in Paris, we had the opportunity to test a prototype of the Rivale, immediately appreciating its power and its many features, in an all in all compact housing for the category.

A product of course IP65, as the market has been demanding in recent years, extremely versatile and full of special features that in fact have a positive impact on the maintenance of performance and the longevity of the device.

We spent a few hours inside the demo room of the Italian distributor Molpass, in the company of product specialist Giacomo Gibertoni, to dig deep into the features of Rivale Profile.


Rivale Profile comes in a sturdy housing with two convenient pull-out handles located at the upper ends of the forks that actually simplify handling and installation. The base features a clean connector panel with all the necessary I/O in terms of power, DMX signal, and RJ-45.
On the opposite side is the large color display that provides a clear and comprehensive information display and the set of navigation buttons, as well as the NFC sensor that allows the various parameters of the moving head to be read and set even when turned off.

Weighing only 30.8 kilograms, Rivale Profile is capable of remarkable performance thanks to its high-efficiency 450-watt sealed monoblock LED source, calibrated at 6500 K, which offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body to achieve perfect light neutrality. The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, offering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 4 to 52°. The 160 mm front lens enables the production of a 4° ultra-intense beam, similar to that of the “LT” versions of AYRTON.

Il sistema di miscelazione CMY

The CMY mixing system

The high-definition CMY progressive mixing system optimizes color reproduction as soon as the filter is inserted, regardless of the selected combination. In addition, the progressive CTO allows precise color temperature adjustment from 2700 to 6500 K, while the seven-slot wheel completes the palette of dedicated color tools. Finally, for greater flexibility in use, Rivale Profile allows precise adjustment of the color rendering index from 70 to 86.

Gobo wheel and animation wheel

Also present are the framing system on four focal planes to allow full shutter closure and ± 90° rotation and the 15-slat iris for further beam optimization in Beam mode.
The fixture also offers 15 high-definition gobos on two wheels: one with seven rotating slots and one with eight slots. The effects section is completed by a monochrome animaton whel, two combinable rotating prisms, and two frost filters.



  • 13-element 13:1 zoom high-resolution optic system
  • Beam aperture: 4° to 52°
  • Fast motorised linear zoom
  • Tempered anti-reflective coated lenses
  • 160 mm frontal lens


  • 35,000 lumens white light engine
  • Total luminaire output: up to 30,000 lumens (integrating sphere measurement, Stage Fan mode)
  • Colour temperature output: 6500 K
  • CRI: greater than 70
  • Rated life (L70): up to 40,000 hours
  • Flicker-free source management suitable for TV applications and all video-recorded events


  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • Moving-head operated via either 8- or 16-bit resolution
  • High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors to ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movement
  • Pan and tilt automatic repositioning
  • Moving-head range: infinite pan and tilt rotation


  • Sophisticated colour mixing system providing CMY color mixing
  • Variable CTO colour temperature correction
  • Variable CRI channel up to 86
  • Fixed colour wheel with seven complimentary colours


  • Indexable rotating gobo wheel with seven high precision glass gobos, plus open position
  • Adjustable-speed rotating gobo in both directions
  • Fixed gobo wheel with 9 high-precision glass gobos, plus open position
  • Gobo diameter: 25.5 mm
  • Image diameter: 18 mm
  • Gobo thickness: 1.1 mm


  • 4 individually positionable shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions
  • Rotation of the shutter blades module: +/- 90°


  • Fast iris diaphragm with adjustable dynamic effects
  • Iris range: 15% to 100% open


  • 2 frost filters one light, one heavy


  • Focusable graphic animation effect-wheel with continuous rotation in both directions
  • 2 combinable rotating and indexable prisms: one 5-facet circular, one 4-facet linear


  • Electronic dimmer, allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
  • Strobe effect, with speed adjustment from 1 to 25 flashes per second


  • Local DMX addressing of luminaire and optional parameters through its built-in LCD control panel
  • Remote DMX addressing of luminaire and optional parameters through a standard RDM DMX controller
  • Information menu including hour counter, temperature, software version


  • Graphic LCD display for addressing and special functions settings, with flip function
  • 5 menu buttons to set the functions
  • Excess temperature protection
  • Integrated wireless CRMX TiMo™ RDM receiver from LumenRadio™
  • IP65 XLR 5 pin male and female connectors for DMX connection
  • IP65 RJ45 IN / OUT connectors for ArtNet connection
  • IP65 PowerCON TRUE1 male and female connectors for power connection


  • DMX 512 protocol, through IP65 DMX cable or a wireless system
  • DMX-RDM compatible
  • Stand-alone mode and Master/Slave modes
  • ArtNet™ & sACN protocol through Ethernet cable
  • Local control panel, with IP65 LCD display
  • 65 DMX channels footprint


  • Electronic supply with active PFC
  • 100 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
  • Power: 700 W maximum


  • Advanced liquid cooling system
  • IP68 self-adjusting variable speed fans for quiet operation (Auto mode)
  • Selectable ventilation user modes with a new Super Silent Mode
  • Safety protection against temperatures excesses


  • Moving-head skeleton made of aluminium and steel metal plates
  • Heatsinks in aluminium and copper
  • Moulded covers in self-extinguishing fire retardant ABS PC (V0 class)
  • Four-side handles for transportation
  • Four heavy-duty feet for better stability
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Exterior finish: black (Carbon)


  • Fastening bracket system: two Omega ¼ turn brackets designed for use with standard clamps
  • Mounting points: four ¼ turn locking fittings allowing installation of Omega brackets on luminaire
  • Safety cable attachment point


  • Operating positions: all (device on floor or fixed to a support)
  • Maximum permitted ambient temperature (Ta max): 45 ° C (113° F)
  • Minimum permitted ambient temperature (Ta min): -20 ° C (-4° F)
  • Minimum usage distance: 2 m (6.56 ft)


  • Product: 360 x 675.5 x 315 mm (l x h x d)
  • Flight-case foam: 485 x 560 x 565 mm (l x h x d)


  • Product: 30.8 kg


Rivale Profile is fast despite its weight and impresses with its extreme quietness even under high stress conditions. It offers the possibility of a very narrow beam and greater output on both white and color thanks in part to the traditional but improved CMY mixing system with wheels instead of drawers, which not only provides greater light output but also allows instant switching between compound colors such as red and blue. Compared with Domino and Diablo products, a white point very close to the black body line was chosen, but with a slightly warmer color temperature.

Among the features that actually raise the overall quality of the fixture is a system that automatically adjusts the stop of a movement or spin-out, making the effect continue until it reaches a given point by calculating the shortest possible path.

Also notable is the Gobo Correction feature, which consists of inserting, along with the gobo, a filter that keeps the color temperature constant (something other manufacturers do with coating on the gobo). By disabling this feature, the filter is not inserted, the light temperature becomes warmer, but there is a noticeable increase in output, which is very useful in situations where power is preferred over precision.

Staying on the topic of color temperature and beam quality, Rivale Profile contains within it a linear CTO from 2900k to 6500k and a CRI filter that allows you to go from 70 to 86. Two extremely functional and precise systems useful for use of the fixture in broadcast applications and beyond.

As mentioned earlier, Ayrton has paid special attention to the transport and maintenance stages. The handles built into the forks are convenient and simplify the steps of removing from the flight case, handling, and installation. In addition, there is a terminal block inside the fork so that initial checks can be performed without having to open the fixture case completely.

Finally, when there is no signal, Rivale uses the power supply to maintain the internal temperature, avoiding condensation and effectively extending the life of the machine.


With Rivale Profile, Ayrton offers a new IP65 product that is really well thought out. A solution with very few compromises that fully meets market requirements in terms of power, light quality and color. There are many “hidden features” that improve many standard functionalities, a sign of passion and attention to detail by the French company.

Much attention finally, more than to “simple” beam quality, to real management of performance variation in the presence of effects or when color mixing comes into play. Aspects that are often underestimated but make all the difference in some applications.


Walter Lutzu – main tester
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