ISE 2024. Day Three

Day three at ISE and a lot to talk about. Today we visited Link Italy, SGM, Epson, GLP, Claypaky, LD Systems, WyreStorm, Nexo and UNIRIG.

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In a well-organised and cosy stand, LINK presents the latest innovations in terms of cabling, with some real twists designed for a multitude of advantages such as timing during set-up, a focus on sustainability, simplicity of intervention and much more.

Let’s start with Eurocable Aluminium Cables, an absolute novelty in which aluminium effectively replaces copper in power cables. A cable that guarantees the same conductivity with 30% less weight and low environmental impact. In practical terms, this all translates into more agile installation and lower transport consumption.

Another novelty concerns the set of cables, connectors and assembled accessories dedicated to L-Acoustics L2. A range of products designed to cover all the system’s connection needs, with pluses that can be traced back to Link’s thirty years of experience, such as a cable clamp made entirely of aluminium with a special screw locking system to withstand the continuous stress to which the material is subjected during use.

We continue with the new Gigabit contact designed to simplify and make cabling even more secure. It is a solution that allows direct connection of the contact via a common Rj45 plug. This improves performance and requires no special training for assembly, increasing integration possibilities.

We continue with the new Hybrid Optical LKO MTP connector: a connector slightly smaller than an RJ45, routed in the classic LKconnectors structure and carrying up to 24 fibres. Link’s capability is to be able to cable 12 single mode fibres and 12 multi mode fibres in the same connector, with the addition of a 20A single mode line. Ultimately, in a cable with a cross-section of just over one cm, it is possible to send a current line and a large amount of AVL signals from stage to FoH.

Link also showcased a typical example of a redundant stage-region transport system using only two Hybrid Optical LKO MTPs, providing up to 24 independent fibre-optic connections.

We close with Facility Panels: a large number of customisations are available for panels and boxes dedicated to the distribution of signals in large installations. They can be customised by high-definition laser engraving, UV print, camouflage and standard NCS, RAL and Pantone colours.



SGM presents at ISE a preliminary beta of the brand new SGM i-3 Wash POI, a fixture that best expresses the Danish company’s Architainment concept and is capable of delivering a quality long-range light beam with 11000 lumens output.

i-3 Wash takes advantage of the innovative i-Series design with consistent output mixing and operation with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, CRMX and AirGlow protocols. It will also be available with different apertures of 8.5°, 11°, 29°, 60°, 10° x 60° and 12° x 39° asymmetric and with RGB 3000k – RGB 4000k, white 2200k, 2700k, 3000k and 4000k sources.

Also present on the stand was the recently launched P-3 Vision, consisting of a 42 mm pitch LED matrix and a >12,700 lumen source on the same surface. The P-3 Vision’s VP pixels are identical to those of the SGM Light VPL series and can operate on the same data network. In this way, the P-3 Vision and VPL can be combined to offer multiple options and incredible design flexibility.



Epson welcomed its visitors with a truly challenging immersive projection given the complex geometries: a huge umbrella flooded with colours inspired by the well-known Portuguese AgitÁgueda Art festival (festival of umbrellas).

Together with Carla Conca, VP Business Manager at Epson, we were able to appreciate the qualities of the new Visual Display EB-810 (white) and 815 (black).
This is a video projector that can be perfectly integrated into various environments and has a low visual impact, with ultra-short 80-160″ optics and a bright, energy-efficient laser source that uses 3LCD technology for brighter colours.

4K Enhancement technology shifts each pixel diagonally to double the Full HD resolution, projecting sharp images. Thanks to the super ultra-short optics, it can be positioned just 2.3 cm from the wall to achieve 80-inch images – extraordinarily high quality -, a figure that increases to 160 inches at a distance of 32 cm. A product that also impresses with its very small footprint and loss of only 12.5 kg.

Another new addition to the EB Series is a new 20,000-lumen 4K projector that is extremely compact and lightweight.
The EB-PQ2220B features Epson’s patented cutting-edge technologies, has a very high native dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1, and uses the same range of interchangeable 4K-quality lenses as the existing EB-PU Series. Its reduced size and weight means less packaging waste and lower transport, storage and installation costs.

The new range offers customised 4K graphics processing, with the latest chipset offering significant improvements in operating frequency, memory bandwidth and data transmission for a seamless 4K experience.Thus, ease of installation and set-up, simplified maintenance while maintaining outstanding image quality.

Of particular interest, finally, is an area dedicated to the history of the Epson lens park, for which we were fascinated by the fact that they are still handcrafted without the aid of state-of-the-art production tools and technologies. A quality index to be absolutely reckoned with.



The German company was present in Barcelona with an incredible evolution of the JDC1 motorised strobe/wash, which has now become a standard.

The GLP JDC2 IP is the new hybrid strobe that is even brighter, more powerful and with some features that are sure to stimulate LDs’ creativity. The fixture is equipped with 84 high-performance LEDs of 10 W each, producing a more powerful flash than ever before. Optimised and extremely steep flash ramps ensure an even more realistic and intense strobe impression. With 12 individually controllable segments, the beamline offers high intensity flash effects and over 100 static and dynamic strobe macros.

With JDC2 IP, the solid visual angle increases, and the visibility of the surface is perceived as wider and up to 25 per cent brighter. The saturated colours and exceptional brightness of the 1,728 LEDs provide powerful diffuse illumination. In addition to 12 or 24 individually manageable segments, the new JDC2 IP offers the possibility of creating breathtaking digital effects with a real matrix of video pixels.

A powerful integrated Dual Cortex CPU with 3D graphics processing offers a variety of impressive effects – the so-called GLP DigiFX. With more than 100 DigiFX GLPs contained within the fixture, the JDC2 IP offers an extremely wide range of digital content that effectively avoids the need for a media server or other external players. The two GigaBit EtherCon ports allow up to four different external NDI streams to be captured and displayed directly on the JDC2 IP, without the need for dedicated interfaces, licence-bound protocols or expensive video processors.



Claypaky is exhibiting at ISE the brand new Rhapsodya, which was presented to the public for the first time during the recent LDI. It is a fixture belonging to the theatre series, and equipped with a 1200 W RGBAL LED source capable of up to 24000 lumens output. Features include a zoom system from 6 to 60 degrees, digital colour filters, 2 wheels with 6 rotating HD gobos each, animation wheel with X/Y insertion and rotation, 4-sided prism with rotation in both directions at variable speed, and colour wheel expansion with additional options of deep red, deep green and deep blue.

Also present is Arolla Aqua, the IP66 version of Arolla, for which a dedicated focuson will be released soon. With a 900w white LED engine at 7000k, it is capable of producing a 40,000 lumen output beam. Features include a 5.5 – 50 degree zoom, 16-bit CMY colour mixing, linear CTO, six-colour wheel (including high CRI filter), 7 interchangeable rotating gobos and 8 interchangeable fixed gobos, Go-Bright technology, no light loss or colour shift when gobos are inserted into the beam, animation wheel, four-sided rotating prism, motorised 16-blade iris, framing system on four focal planes with +/- 60° rotation and macro channel control, soft edge frost and flood frost filters, 24-bit digital dimmer with 4 user-selectable dimming curves and digital stop-strobe effect.



The well-known brand belonging to the Adam Hall Group presents in Barcelona the new TICA series, a range of flexible and cost-effective professional audio solutions that integrate seamlessly into both small and large audio configurations. TICA® is a testament to careful engineering, allowing users to customise their audio systems by mixing and matching components to meet specific needs.

The series consists of amplifiers, DANTE converters, headphone amplifiers, media players, amplifiers and preamp/mixers. The preamp/mixer can combine announcements and background music and can automatically lower the level of the music whenever an announcement is made. For greater flexibility, a remote volume control can be added.

This makes the TICA® the perfect choice for corporate and retail applications that require a background soundtrack that can convey information clearly.



US company WyreStorm presents in Barcelona the new Matrix Switcher MX-0804-EDC and MX-1007-HYB, designed specifically for the dynamic needs of educational environments by facilitating technology in classrooms, offering features such as seamless switching, comprehensive control options and quality audio capabilities, all in two capable and easy-to-use devices.

Both models are not only switchers, but also two complete all-in-one devices, designed to be used and transform spaces from plain and outdated to a fully connected AV experience centre. Whether in a small classroom or a large lecture theatre, this matrix switcher provides teachers and students with a more interactive, engaging and effective learning environment.



NEXO chose ISE to present the European market with a compact, low-power combined amplification and processing solution ideal for shopping centres, places of worship, corporate installations and more.

4-channel nanoNXAMP4 and nanoNXAMP4-D (Dante) deliver 4 x 250W using highly reliable, ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers and SMPS with PFC to provide the same sound quality and sonic signature as NEXO’s TD NXAMPMK2 controllers. Processing uses FIR filtering for precise system equalisation and linear phase compatibility, with presets available for a wide range of speakers.

Built-in mixer and matrix functions further reduce the overall cost of smaller installations, while remote configuration and control is enabled by an integrated web page accessible via Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi.

The nanoNXAMP4 is easy to integrate, thanks to 4 balanced/unbalanced analogue inputs that essentially provide ‘dual connectivity’. The balanced inputs can accommodate a dynamic microphone or professional mixer, while the unbalanced inputs are perfect for connecting a Bluetooth receiver, audio streamer or computer audio output. The nanoNXAMP4 also includes a ducking and priority function to duck background music while the microphone is in use.

Energy savings are also impressive, thanks to a sophisticated set of intelligent standby modes that contribute to a first-class Energy Star rating.



The Italian company Unirig was present at ISE with its complete range of Divo electric chain hoists, consisting of D8, D8+ and C1.

The range includes D8 models with capacities of 640/1250/2560 kg, downgraded to 320/625/1280 kg in the D8+ and C1 versions. Some C1 versions are supplied with a multi-pin connector to interface with third-party controllers for more advanced functionality. DIVO D8+ and C1 are equipped with an electromechanical device that eliminates the need for a mechanical clutch. Load and overload control devices override mechanical clutch thresholds, ensuring a constant and immediate response in every situation. The D8+ models are equipped with electromechanical control, while the C1 series has an integrated load cell. Fixed-speed and variable-speed electric hoists can be controlled by Touring PRO and EASY TOUCH control systems.

Also at the booth are Divacell’s Wireless Load Cells equipped with Wireless connectivity and made of robust, high-strength steel. They have a 5:1 safety factor and are suitable for heavy duty use thanks to the 3.25 t – 4.75 t shackle capacity. The proprietary monitoring software can manage up to 100 units.


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