ISE 2024. Day Two

Day two at ISE 2024 with many new products and another record-breaking turnout. Today we talk about Chauvet, K-SCAPE, COSMOLIGHT, Follow-ME, Minuit Une, RCF, Cameo Lighting, DAS Audio, Starway, Blaze and TAF.


In a dedicated room in the demo area of the trade fair, the French company Minuit Une, already known for IVL Photon, offered visitors the chance to see the brand new IVL Dice in action, a 200 W, 38 cm-sided, 10 kg laser fixture, which with its 49 DMX channels is able to unleash infinite combinations of light beams and thus infinite excitement in a compact housing.

It is a product capable of offering a large coverage of space with a very small footprint, and opens up unlimited prospects for eye-catching lighting installations in small to medium-sized venues. With four independent light planes created by four closely spaced motorised mirrors, the IVL Dice offers exceptional coverage of space with a small footprint, making the hall or stage appear larger. With an aperture of 90 degrees, the IVL Dice units easily combine to further increase the range of perspectives.

On the rear side of the tilt, there is a movable frosted outlet, capable of illuminating a small room. When the tilt is flat, it reveals static frosted edges, offering even more possibilities. Nine beam patterns (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and up to 256 beams) can be accessed via DMX with control of beam size, indexing and rotation for each pattern.

IVL Dice sets a new standard for volumetric lighting.



Many new products were presented at ISE by the well-known US brand, in a well-designed stand with a backdrop featuring all the recently launched fixtures and a series of display areas dedicated to theatrical, architectural and installation applications.

We begin with the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash an IP65 fixture featuring two independent zones for zoom control ranging from 4.6° to 53.6°, allowing beam and wash combinations from a single fixture. A 16-lens outer zone and a 12-lens inner zone combine to offer a power output of 19,062 lumens from the 28 RGBW 45W LEDs. The special lens design ensures excellent colour mixing and narrow mid-air beams. Dual-mode operation enables pixel mapping with ArtNet/sACN and separate assignment of motorised functions to DMX.

Also new is the Colorado PXL Curve 12, also IP65 rated and featuring 12 fully mappable independent heads with single pixel control, individual zoom, tilt and colour control. Basic and advanced operating modes and an extensive macro effects library including virtual gobos, motion macros and foreground/background colour control make it easy to create complex, volumetric looks. Seamless edge-to-edge editing maintains pixel pitch between projectors, helping to make effects consistent.

STRIKE Array 2C and 4C are two new IP65-rated blinder concepts, equipped with two or four pods that can be aimed independently. The intense output provided by the RGBA-WW LED source offers a full range of colours and a wide choice of white temperatures with exceptional colour rendering. Features include a precise dimming system and a Red Shift function that heats the colour temperature of the light as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten effect. Finally, the proprietary Tool-Free interconnection system allows the STRIKE Arrays 2C and 4C to be easily interconnected to achieve scalable configurations. Omega-Bracket latches are installed on both the yoke and the back of the unit, simplifying the truss assembly process.

Extremely interesting is the new STRIKE Bolt 1C, an IP65-rated strobe with built-in Smart Frost that enables an electrically polarised filter to be activated and instantly switch from powerful strobe to colourful homogeneous effects generator. The proprietary Tool-Free Stacking system simplifies the interconnection of the STRIKE Bolt 1C with STRIKE Arrays, resulting in blinder/strobe arrays. Multiple suspension points, end-to-end connections and rubber feet offer maximum rigging versatility. Finally, the supplied stealth filter can be applied in the presence of cameras.

On the theatre side, we find the Ovation shaper engine in two new fixtures: OVATION Reve P-3 IP, an IP65 par with four interchangeable lenses and LED source. This is an outdoor fixture with high power and light quality, incorporating all the advances of the Ovation Rêve RGBAM LED source and offering the versatility of Narrow, Medium, Wide and Very Wide lenses. The same concept has been applied to the OVATION Reve F-3 IP fresnel.

ISE will feature examples of LynTec systems, a manufacturer specialising in innovative power supply control solutions for professional audio, video and lighting (AVL) systems that recently became part of the Chauvet brands.



Follow-Me presents at ISE the recent update containing the Proximity functionality that allows Follow-Me to take control of conventional lights based on the position of the performer. The flexibility of using conventional luminaires combined with position information allows for broad creativity in design.

In addition, the tracking system can also be extended to sound systems for immersive installations, museum applications and more.
Proximity works in both auto tracking and manual modes.

Follow-Me allows multiple performers, unlimited equipment per performer, a large performance area (from a small theatre to a large stadium) and the requirements of both manual and auto-tracking systems in one scalable system.



Many new products were introduced at ISE by RCF, just a few days after a successful NAMM edition for the Emilia-based brand.

Let’s start with the XPS 16k, a high-power 4-channel amplifier with DSP capable of handling up to 16000 W total continuous power and equipped with complete integrated processing, with Delay, EQ, Comp/Limiter. XPS 16K contains a library of loudspeaker presets and allows remote management via RDNet, with a concept-level switch from serial to over ethernet protocol. Passive speakers connected to the amplifier are seen by RDNet as active speakers, simplifying the user experience. The XPS 16kD amplifier with Dante on board is also present.

Also featured are the new 19″ S 8019 and S 8029 passive subs, designed with high-excursion transducers that offer excellent reproduction quality and extreme sound pressure for permanent installations, especially when used with RCF’s XPS 16K amplifiers.

Q15 is an extremely versatile 2-way point source, equipped with all the necessary mechanics for both horizontal and vertical learning. Ideal for stadiums and arenas, it expresses a maximum SPL of 138 dB with a power output of 1500 W AES, frequency range 45 – 20000 Hz and constant directivity 60° x 22.5°.

The S subwoofer series is completed by the new 500W S 15 with a high-power 15″ woofer for an SPL MAX of 126 dB and a frequency range of 35 Hz – 200 Hz.

We close the passive loudspeaker series with PMR 60T W, a truly original ceiling speaker with an elegant design that can be easily integrated into any structure. Inside is a 6.5″ driver capable of expressing up to 80 watts of power.

On the active speaker side, there are two new 15-AX 15″ and 18-AX 18″ SUBs with Bluetooth connectivity for both streaming and control. The DSP of the SUB series products is fully manageable via app. The series is available in black and white.

The new NXL 14-A loudspeaker is the most compact solution in the NXL active column loudspeaker series. It features two 6″ woofers, a 1.75″ PKX driver on a TRW waveguide and a 2100W amplifier. Available in black or white, this versatile loudspeaker is perfect for portable column systems with a SUB series subwoofer, in immersive applications or as a discreet fill speaker.

We close the roundup with the world-famous ART 7 series, which introduces seven new MK5 models with 8- to 15-inch woofers using FiRPHASE and XBOOST algorithms to ensure optimal sound quality at any volume. The series includes new compression drivers with 1.75″ Kapton diaphragms for improved definition and thermal resistance.



At ISE 2024, KSCAPE celebrates the five-year anniversary of RAIL, the innovative professional lighting and audio product, with the launch of RAIL S, a family of solutions that expand the RAIL product offering.

RAIL S Track seamlessly combines professional lighting and sound integrated into a traditional track system. With a 1.2 metre design, this linear architectural lighting system combines projectors, changeable optics and other lighting options with professional sound powered by K-array.



Premiere at ISE for the Cameo brand, belonging to the Adam Hall Group, which introduced many novelties and a special preview.

Let’s start with the OTOS series, which now boasts three new models, all IP65: the OTOS W12, OTOS W6 and OTOS W3. Equipped with RGBL LEDs and an individually controllable LED FX ring, the IP65 OTOS WASH moving heads are ideal for creative use. A special feature of the new OTOS WASH series is the multi-zoom function and the possibility, depending on the model, to individually control up to three zoom levels. The versatility of the OTOS WASH series is enhanced by the integrated W-DMX™ and CRMX transceiver for wireless transmission of DMX and RDM data.

Another novelty comes from the AZOR series, characterised by their compactness and versatility and optical systems of very high efficiency and quality. Cameo extends the AZOR family with the AZOR® SP2 spot profile and the AZOR® W2 wash, ideal for medium-sized applications.

The AZOR SP2 features a 300 W LED light source, a luminous flux of 13,000 lumens and a wide zoom range (5° to 50°). To the advantages of a classic spotlight are added motorised framing blades (rotatable ±60°) on four levels.
With its seven individually controllable 40 W RGBL LEDs and a zoom range from 4° to 50°, the AZOR W2 enables classic wash effects. A special feature of this moving head is the ‘eclipse burst’ effect: four segmented SMD LEDs behind a dark filter create fascinating strobe and pixel effects and greatly increase the washlight’s usability.

We continue with PIXBAR® G2, the IP65 LED bars with an innovative connection system for creative and easy lighting projects. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, on a crossbar or on a floor base. The series consists of PIXBAR 400, (RGBW) PIXBAR 600 (RGBWAUV) and the brand new TW and SMD.

We close with a really interesting and innovative preview, the new ORON H2, an IP65 moving head with a 260w phosphor laser source (260000 lx at 20 m / 0.8°) and a wide zoom range from 0.6 to 32 degrees, CMY colour mixing, two prisms on different levels, 19 fixed and 12 rotating gobos.



DAS exhibits in Barcelona the new ARA-P12.74, a compact active point source system with a 12-inch woofer, a 3-inch VCD compression driver, 96 kHz FIR filtering and 1200 watt class D amplification. ARA-P28.74, on the other hand, is a point source system with a dual 8-inch woofer, 3-inch VCD compression driver, 96 kHz FIR processing and 1200 watts of power.

Both products feature new accessories for different mounting options and a rotatable horn to optimise coverage. Completing the ARA series is the ARA-M210, a dual 10-inch stage monitor, also with 1200 watts of power and 96 kHz FIR processing.

It offers a horizontal dispersion of 50 degrees and an asymmetrical vertical dispersion of 40 degrees down and 30 degrees up to accommodate a variety of situations. All these products work with ALMA, DAS Audio’s control and monitoring software.

Also present is the next generation of EVENT Series line arrays with the EVENT-28A, a compact and lightweight line array with two 8-inch neodymium LF transducers and a single M-60 compression driver, both powered by class D amplification with SMPS. Features include dual mains voltage for global compatibility, 24-bit DSP and FIR processing, all enclosed in a lightweight polypropylene cabinet.

The symmetrical ‘V’ configuration of the cone drivers is designed to provide constant horizontal coverage of 100 degrees, while the M-60 driver remains coupled to an advanced waveguide design, which controls vertical dispersion and helps ensure more precise coupling between units in vertical arrays.

The EVENT-118A is the companion subwoofer with a single 18-inch front-loaded woofer and Class D amplification. Both EVENT speakers are equipped with compatible hardware for rigging and system configuration via DAScontrol.



The Italian company, specialising in lighting solutions for television studios and cinemas, is presenting three interesting new products at ISE, the result of its know-how gained over the years.

We begin with QUARTZCOLOR STUDIO LED X1 PLUS BI- COLOR, an extremely compact 35 W LED fresnel that offers the possibility of adjusting the colour temperature from a minimum of 2800°K to a maximum of 6500°K. Dimming and CCT are controlled by two different potentiometers, and the high lumen density COB LED array enables faithful colour reproduction and a pure, bright, uniform white light. The fixture houses a battery, power supply and DMX/RDM inside. A compact yet complete solution.

PFor the Cosmolight brand, there are the INFINITY series panels in the two models 100 and 200, respectively 90 W and 180 W with tunable white LED source.

INFINITY is an extremely bright, fanless LED panel designed to meet the high standards of TV studios and Pro-Av lighting requirements. In both models, the related colour temperature can be adjusted from a minimum of 2800K to a maximum of 6500K. The 16-bit electronic driver ensures accurate and precise dimming (0 to 100%).

Finally, there are the lifting systems capable of carrying power and IFF signals. A series of luminaires ideal for theatres and TV studios, both manual and automatic with position memory and much more.

The products of the COSMOLIGHT, QUARTZCOLOR and IFF brands are entirely designed and assembled in Italy.



We got to know this interesting French manufacturer intrigued by the names of the fixtures on display, which directly recall the obvious passion for the world of Ferrari.

Starway exhibits at ISE some new outdoor fixtures compatible with the indoor series but with some important improvements. Particular attention was paid to compatibility between new and old series thanks to some DMX modes that do not change the number of channels and make it possible not to have to redo the light programming in the event of a fixture upgrade.

The Enzo spot is equipped with a 550W LED source developing a maximum flux of 25000 lumens and a zoom from 6.5° to 41°. The fixture offers a CMY colour mixing system, progressive CTO filter, 7-slot colour wheel, 7 rotating gobos, 8 fixed gobos, animation wheel, 3-facet circular prism, 5-facet linear prism, iris, progressive frost and full closure framing system.

Daytona, the IP65 wash/beam LED successor to the Modena model, is equipped with 19 RGBW 40W LEDs capable of expressing a luminous flux of 11650 lumens, with a zoom from 5° to 52° and 3 cooling modes. Its 19 LEDs can be managed independently or via internal macros, and it has a halogen mode that simulates the effect of a filament lamp. Interesting is the BC Color system, an innovative colour management system that allows real-time adjustment of white macros and the shade of the virtual colour wheel.

Lastly, the ALCOR LED illuminator, the latest in the range of battery-operated projectors and equipped with three 20W RGB+Lime LEDs, is particularly interesting. Compact, light, with a long battery life and an elegant aluminium housing, Alcor is equipped with a Wireless Solution-compatible DMX system and a remote control, as well as a wide choice of accessories for each application, such as a gold, silver or white cylinder, lampshade, cylinder or spherical opal cover and a rigging system.



Blaze Audio, a company specialising in the manufacture of install products, presents the new PowerZone Connect 8-channel power amplifiers at ISE. The four models – PowerZone Connect 508, 1008, 4008 and 6008 – are powered by Pascal UMAC™ Class D technology, which guarantees unrivalled reliability and efficiency, as well as outstanding system configuration.

Available in 1RU (PowerZone Connect 508 / 1008) and 2RU (PowerZone Connect 4008 / 6008) formats, these new 8-channel amplifiers are capable of driving both conventional low-impedance loudspeakers (508 & 1008: 4Ω to 16Ω / 4008 & 6008: 2Ω to 16Ω) and constant-voltage transformer-coupled loudspeakers (70V/100V). In addition, they feature automatic power sharing technology for proportional distribution in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes. All models also incorporate Blaze Audio’s versatile DSP web app controller, PowerZone Control, for intuitive system configuration.

Also new is the CBL (Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker) series. With a compact form factor designed to minimise effort during setup, the CBL series consists of two models: CBL528 and CBL523.

Tra le caratteristiche, un ampio controllo del pattern orizzontale simmetrico a 180 gradi e un’ottima gestione delle frequenze medio-alte, grazie agli otto driver da 2 pollici disposti verticalmente, che forniscono un pattern verticale regolare e controllato a 45 gradi da 420 Hz a 18 kHz. Il diffusore incorpora inoltre quattro driver a bassa frequenza proprietari da 5 pollici con una risposta in frequenza fino a 54 Hz.



The Spanish company Fonestar presents at ISE the new SKY series loudspeakers characterised by extreme ease of installation great versatility and excellent sound quality. The Sky ceiling speaker series consists of four 6″ models in impedance or 100volt versions.

We were also able to appreciate the performance and elegant design of Powerbass, the discreet and powerful 100v installation sub available in 8TN and 8TB versions. The Powerbass is a fully protected loudspeaker that can be installed on the floor or wall. In addition, it has several options for transformer power selection and low impedance connection, allowing it to adapt to any installation. It also incorporates a low-pass filter, which allows the frequency response to be adjusted according to the type of music and enclosure characteristics. It provides bass-reflex reinforcement, utilising the rear radiation of the speakers to boost bass.



We close this second day with TAF. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the well-known company from the Czech Republic presents itself at ISE Barcelona with a new logo, a new company image and an original claim ‘Order today and we deliver tomorrow!’.
It will also present a completely redesigned and innovative new tower system by the end of February.


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