RCF introduces innovative audio solutions at ISE

Celebrating 75 years in professional audio, RCF unveils a wide range of new products and innovative audio solutions at ISE 2024 in Barcelona.

New products include the DMA 504, newly added to RCF’s Business Music Series, a preview of the PMR 60T 80-watt pendant speaker, the groundbreaking SUB AX Series, the compact NXL 14-A, added to the NXL Active Column Series, two new models in RCF’s NX Series and seven new MK5 models of RCF’s hallmark ART7 Series.

DMA 504

Built on the DSP technology of RCF’s Business Music Series’ DMA matrix amplifiers, the new DMA 504 is a 4×500-watt power amplifier that is ideal for a wide range of background and foreground installed applications. The single 19” S 8019 and S 8029 subwoofers are new passive subwoofers designed with high-excursion transducers that offer excellent playback quality and extreme sound pressure for permanent installations, especially when used with RCF’s XPS 16K amplifiers.


RCF’s active SUB Series breaks new ground with the single 15-inch SUB 15-AX and single 18-inch SUB 18-AX models featuring Bluetooth remote capabilities and onboard, professional DSP tools for tuning and optimization. Separately, the MK3 versions of the SUB 8003-AS and SUB 905-AS subwoofers have been updated with improved sound quality and a durable polyurea coating.

NXL 14-A

As the most compact loudspeaker of the NXL Active Column Speaker Series, the new NXL 14-A features two 6″ woofers, a 1.75″ PKX driver on a TRW waveguide and a 2100W amplifier. Available in black or white color, this versatile loudspeaker is perfect for portable column systems with a SUB Series subwoofer, in immersive applications or as a discreet fill loudspeaker.

RCF expands its NX Series with two models, the NX 932-A and NX 945-A. Available in black or white, both feature RCF’s Precision Transducers with neodymium magnets and titanium compression drivers and share the NX 9 Series cabinet, DSP and 2100W amplifier.

The ART 7 Series, an RCF hallmark, introduces seven new MK5 models with 8-inch to 15-inch woofers that utilize FiRPHASE and XBOOST algorithms to ensure optimal sound quality at any volume. The series includes new compression drivers with 1.75″ Kapton diaphragms for better definition and thermal resistance, with flagship models featuring RCF Precision Transducers.

ISE attendees can also preview RCF’s new RDNET 5.0 management platform and Shape D3Dsimulation software. Shape D3D makes it easy to create three-dimensional models of the acoustic performance of RCF systems, helping sound designers and system operators create more accurate and immersive sound.

Info: www.rcf.it

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