ISE 2024. Day One

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year by welcoming its visitors with innovative welcome screen positioned in the south entrance of the Fira de Barcelona, the Gran Via. An impressive 193 m2 transparent LED display allows visitors to see the building’s interior through its contents, creating a perfect amalgamation of technology and architecture.

The transparent LED display, consisting of 950 MUXWAVE M3 LED modules with a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm, offers the flexibility to adapt to various geometries of the surface on which it is placed. SONO is the company in charge of designing and installing the system.

The usual Press Briefing in company with Mike Blackman

A fantastic welcome as we explore the 2024 edition of ISE, which had a record turnout on the first day!

One of the halls at 11 a.m., an hour after the opening


We begin the report of the first day of ISE with a “must see” that caught our attention. We are talking about myStage, a Spanish company that has come up with an easy-to-use virtual studio platform that allows artists and DJs, even without any experience in the field of virtual production, to create amazing looks by designing locations from their own imagination, with amazing lighting effects. All you need is a camera and a green screen to bring your own virtual stage and shows to life.

Another special feature is the ability to broadcast one’s sets live on popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, controlling the virtual cameras in real time, moving them as if they were a remotely piloted drone.



In a well-structured and welcoming booth, the Spanish company Equipson is showcasing at ISE some innovative products and many novelties present for the first time in Barcelona.

Let’s start with Fantek LoadSense, a mechanical system dedicated to safety that is simple but ingenious. LoadSense makes it possible to control the load on a lifter in real time, avoiding cases of overloading, a common problem in the industry.

Very interesting are the Aulum Series internal speaker light posts. The series consists of two versions AL 503 M and AL 1003, for wall or floor mounting respectively, both equipped with 2.5″ woofers and all-aluminum cases.

We also got a close look at Arena’s series of weather-resistant outdoor speakers. These are compact coaxial full-range speakers available in four sizes (6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″), ranging in power from 300W to 600W. In addition, the series features a dual 8″ – 800W weatherproof subwoofer.

LightShark lands at ISE Barcelona co new software and hardware updates already introduced during the recent LDI.
Version 1.5.25 introduces Record Merge, which allows you to quickly insert information into the selected Cue or all Cues in a playback without having to use the EDIT+UPDATE function. With Record Remove you can quickly remove information from a Cue or all Cues without having to edit them one by one. Finally, with the introduction of ArtNet v4, the number of available ArtNet universes increases from four to eight, while the Digital Patch function allows any universe on the console to be assigned to any universe on the network, even if with different protocols.

On the installation side, of particular interest is the Integra series, a new digital signal processing matrix that offers users full control of audio output in multiple zones. The 8-channel Integra comes with Integra 8S, a powerful management software that offers function control over inputs and outputs and a configurable DSP architecture for each channel. The software includes controls for input and output gains, expander, compressor, parametric EQ, limiter, and anti-feedback on each channel. The visual matrix and automix module ensure its adaptability to different types of installations.



The Italian company chose ISE to launch its new Brand Identity, with a new graphic design, a new logo, and most importantly, a new website.
Today Outline presents itself on the web with a more institutional site and the new kapeesh portal, which collects documentations, tips and more for service and support, useful and interesting technical articles and a blog called hottracks, a guide composed of a series of reviews of music albums with opinions on their content and sound, as well as interesting information related to their realization. A true inspirational process shared by Outline.

Moving on to products, Barcelona features P8, the first born of the P Series, a series of 8″ coaxial speakers designed for touring and equipped with an innovative 3-point rigging system with a proprietary system for connecting any type of Outline accessories. P Series features high-quality IP65 connectors that can withstand the pace on the road.

Another new feature is the upgrade of the A Series to aluminum monoblock instead of wood, a new proprietary tweeter and magnetic grille. The column-mounted loudspeaker series is even more weatherproof and figures well in outdoor installations where a quality, non-invasive amplification system is required.



There are many new products introduced by Elation at ISE 2024, starting with Proteus Hybrid Max. This is a compact, IP66-rated Beam/Spot/Wash hybrid moving head that inherits the functionality of Hybrid while increasing power (22,000 lumens) and introducing some important features such as Fast Advanced (FAF), three-level animation, and SpinSync tracking. A faster, brighter and more durable product than its predecessor with a 550w Philips discharge source.

Proteus Radius is a 100W beam equipped with a special Solid State phosphor-converted source. It is a compact IP66 projector capable of projecting narrow, intense beams with incredible power at great distances. The incredible 360-degree speed of movement in both axes allows for impressive beam animations, while the mix of CMY colors, gobos, prisms and various frosts allow for an endless array of extraordinary aerial effects.

SŌL I is the first in a revolutionary new series of creative blinder and effect solutions offered by Elation, combining technology and artistic ingenuity. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, its modular design offers endless configuration possibilities in terms of shapes and matrix compositions.
SŌL I can be used as a single-cell, 2-cell or 4-cell blinder, or by connecting multiple fixtures together, original effects, custom shapes and more can be achieved. Inside is a 250-watt RGBLAW LED source capable of expressing up to 8000 lumens.

Fuze Teatro is a fanless moving head ideal for all applications where a quiet fixture capable of expressing a quality light beam is needed. Features include an RGBMA mixing system, CRI 91 and an output of 15,000 lumens.

Larry Beck (Marketing Manager), Frederik Afif (Product Specialist Elation) and Michele Allegramente (Product Specialist Prase)



Inside the Yamaha booth were the innovative DM7 and DM3 digital mixers, launched during 2023 and designed for different audio applications ranging from large-scale live events to installation projects and recording studios. As for the DM7, new features such as de-esser, program ducker, ping-pong delay, and a new scheduler function were introduced.

Also present at ISE is the VXL-WR series, the first range of weather-resistant speakers with IP55 rating and ideal for theme parks and sports facilities. The series consists of three models: VXL1-24-WR (24 drivers), VXL1-16-WR (16 drivers) and VXL1-8-WR (eight drivers), all available in white or black finish. The VXL-WR series retains the same slim 54-mm width for installation in places where audio intelligibility is essential and space is limited, while the driver is an IP55 version of the 3.75-cm (1.5″) full-range unit of the VXL series. In addition, the structure is painted to prevent rust, while a protective washer has been added to the screws, used to secure the unit in place.



RIEDEL‘s approach to ISE is not only related to products. Of particular interest this year is an example of a setup that represents a typical way of working in the events arena, leveraging its product portfolio.

With the use of products such as the Bolero intercom system, Smart Panels, and the Fusion multiviewer IP converter, it is possible to manage audio, video, and more signals securely, flexibly, and efficiently.

Equipped with multiple color multi-touch displays, innovative hybrid lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multi-functionality, and the ability to easily adapt to the various workflows in use, Smart Panels allow different apps to be installed to enable different functionalities.

The FusioN standalone and multiviewer IP converter enables multiple connectivity scenarios between SDI/HDMI and fiber optic formats to IP ST2110. In addition, the products can also handle compressed formats such as JPEG-XS. FusioN can also be transformed into a 16-image IP ST2110 multiviewer. The FusioN series is perfect for interconnecting IP signals to SDI or HDMI displays or for connecting SDI signals from remote cameras.



However, in a stand of limited size Ayrton managed to set up a “wall of light” worthy of the demo shows the French company has accustomed us to for the past few years.

On display are some of the innovations launched during 2023 such as the WildSun K9 Wash, designed for TV installations, sporting events, fashion shows, car shows and more. The fixture is Equipped with 217 new-generation high-power LEDs, capable of expressing more than 60,000 lumens of total power with low power consumption and a perfectly calibrated 5700K color temperature, with a color rendering index of more than 92. Features include a 6:1 optical zoom with an aperture range of 10° to 60° and the ability to control the individual light ring that makes up the array.

Argo 6 FX is an extremely versatile IP65 fixture, ideal for a multitude of applications. Compared to the Wash version, it offers continuous pan and tilt rotation and is equipped with the high-definition liquid-fx system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb capable of generating complex graphic effects. Argo 6 FX is equipped with 19 40W LEDs with additive RGB+W color synthesis capable of providing a light output of 13,000 lumens. The 280mm anti-reflective treated glass front lens is designed to ensure optimal viewing and offer enhanced performance. A wide zoom range from 4° to 56° completes the features.

Also present was one of the French company’s most successful projectors, Rivale Profile. Weighing only 28 kg, it is capable of outstanding performance, thanks to its 450W, 6500K high-efficiency LED module, capable of expressing a light output of 30,000 lumens. The optical system consists of 13 lenses, for a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and an aperture range of 4 to 52°. The progressive CTO enables precise color temperature adjustment from 2700K to 6500K, while the 15-blade iris with aperture range from 15 to 100 percent enables beam optimization in Beam mode. The effects section is completed by a 15-slot gobo wheel, animation wheel, two combinable rotating prisms, and two frost filters.



Robe also managed to make the most of the space in ISE Hall 1, with a functional setup where the features of its products can be best appreciated.

Featured inside the booth was a preview of iBOLT the search-light with laser source and 500w phosphor conversion, which is innovative and extremely bright, a worthy replacement for traditional 7K xenon projectors. iBOLT can be used as beam, spot, wash and effects and is equipped with a 300mm front lens capable of expressing a solid beam at significant distances. In addition to the CMY mixing system, gobo wheel and many other features, the fixture is equipped with 6 stackable prisms that actually enable highly original mid-air effects.

The iSeries to which iFORTE belongs is IP65-rated and capable of combining a solid, coherent beam with multiple effects in a format ideal for outdoor use. iFORTE weighs only 1.5 kg more than the standard FORTE and offers all the quality, features and performance of the original fixture, allowing for seamless integration of the two types of moving heads if desired.
But the real novelty is the new iFORTE LTX WB, an extremely bright LED spot/wash equipped with a 3.5 to 52-degree zoom and designed for long throws and thus shows inside stadiums and large arenas, concerts and all events and shows where strong intensity over long distances is needed.

ISE was also an opportunity to take a closer look at the world of Avolites, belonging to ROBE, and specifically the completely redesigned Diamond 9 flagship console, equipped with a built-in keyboard, fully customizable fader section and at first glance really comfortable to use thanks to the truly functional user interface.



A must-attend event on the first day of ISE is Panasonic‘s media event. This year the company focused on sustainable systems, presenting a series of “Energy Saving” products designed for long life, using eco-friendly materials.

We point out some highlights such as the 4K SQ2H series of screens, with brightness of 700 cd/m² that actually offers high visibility even in bright lighting conditions. The panels are designed to mitigate glare from light sources and ambient light, reducing reflections.

The PT-MZ882 projector series adopts WUXGA resolution with brightness from 6500 to 8200 lumens. The main unit of the projector contains about 10 percent recycled plastic, which actually reduces environmental impact, while the optical engine allows an increase in brightness compared to the MZ880 Series without affecting power consumption.

Another major innovation is Panasonic’s first media processor ET-FMP50 Series designed exclusively for multi-projection applications, immersive installations, museums, live performances and more. The series consists of three models that differ in capabilities and I/O options and features camera-based manual or automatic warping and blending adjustment and media playback functions.

I prodotti della serie ottimizzano i flussi di lavoro di multiproiezione con funzioni di facile utilizzo, migliorando al contempo l’affidabilità all’interno dell’ecosistema Panasonic.


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