Equipson at ISE 2024

Spanish manufacturer and distributor EQUIPSON is set to make waves at ISE 2024 as it returns to the prestigious event, scheduled to take place in Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, 2024. Visitors to Equipson’s Stand no. 7A500, will have the opportunity to witness the latest updates to the company’s broad range of solutions for a myriad of applications across multiple industries including live events, installations, performance spaces, corporate AV, museums, places of worship, theme parks and more.

The products Equipson is going to highlight are ARENA Series, SYNTHEA Series, INTEGRA Series and the updated LightShark software.

Equipson has expanded its WORK PRO range with the launch of a new range of loudspeakers that deliver a reliable, outdoor sound solution, whatever the weather. Designed for all-weather conditions, the ARENA Series transforms any outdoor space into a sonic experience.

Available in a range of sizes to suit different applications, the ARENA Series is so durable and robust that it can defy the elements and transform any outdoor space into a high quality sonic experience. Every aspect of the Series’ engineering has been carefully designed to ensure that these loudspeakers can withstand the most testing weather conditions. From the hottest, driest day to the coldest, wettest night, these Arena can handle everything that nature throws at it, without missing a beat.

A key feature of the ARENA Series is its ability to deliver high power in a small format. These compact coaxial full-range speakers are available in four sizes (6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″) and deliver between 300W and 600W or pure power depending on the model size selected. In all cases clear highs, efficient low-frequency performance and minimized distortion ensure a balanced audio experience. In addition, the ARENA Series features a Dual 8″ 800W band-pass waterproof subwoofer that provides powerful low-frequency punch and audio enhancement for any ARENA Series installation.

“We see many uses for the ARENA Series, from general outdoor applications such as fairs, theme parks and restaurant and club terraces, through to outdoor shopping malls, sports arenas and swimming pools where a high quality sound system doesn’t just enhance the overall visitor experience but also provides a vital conduit for important safety announcements,” says Juan Jose Vila, CEO of Equipson. “The versatility of this series is unparalleled as it is suited to any venue – indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential – that requires plenty of power from a small and totally weatherproof enclosure.”

Environmentally adaptive and with hydrophobically-treated grills, the ARENA Series has moisture-sealed crossovers to protect sound integrity. Polyvinyl enclosures that mimic wood finishes provide additional protection against the elements and ensure that these loudspeakers will continue to deliver great sound for many years to come.

Also on show at ISE 2024 will be all the exciting new features Equipson has introduced to its range of Synthea multi-purpose amplifiers, the latest additions to its expanded WORK PRO brand.

Specifically designed for AV installations, Synthea amplifiers allow users to explore a universe of sound possibilities thanks to their integrated DSP technology and web control. The versatility of this amplifier range makes it ideally suited to numerous applications, particularly those where an intuitive configuration process is required. From bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants to fitness centres, retail outlets, conference rooms and places of worship, Synthea allows users to tailor the sound of specific environments and create the perfect ambience for each space.

Available in a variety of configurations, all Synthea amplifiers have an in-built web server that can be accessed from any WiFi or Ethernet connected device without needing to install additional software. This allows users to adjust and control every aspect of their loudspeaker system with incredible precision, from any location and at any time.

Operating in low impedance (4-16 ohm) and high impedance (70V/100V), the Synthea range offers several different channel and power output options for maximum flexibility. Fully integrated DSP is controlled via TCP/IP, GPIOs and S/PDIF in/out, which means that signals can be mixed to any output with ease, making it very straightforward to link multiple amps in a larger installation.

Since launching Synthea, Equipson has responded to customer feedback and improved both the firmware and software so that the entire range now offers even more flexibility. Alongside existing DSP functionality, users can now combine input sources in two or four separate mixes and configure any output to High or Low impedance.

Other new features include Talk Over (Ducking) with Priority Routing and the inclusion of an Input High Pass Filter and Output Routing (SPDIF). Equipson has also updated SYNTHEA’s generator to include pink noise and sine wave, and incorporated a Band Pass Filter and 5-band parametric EQ on each analogue input.

There are four Synthea models available. They include:

Synthea 2125, which offers two channels with 125W of power each or one channel with 250W, is ideally suited to smaller sound systems where a clear and detailed sound is required.

Synthea 2500, which also provides two channels but with a higher power output of 500W per channel or one channel of 1000W.

Synthea 4125, which provides four channels of 125W each or two channels of 250W. This amplifier is ideal for sound systems that require multiple speakers.

Synthea 4500, which provides four channels of 500W each or two channels of 1000W. This is the most powerful amplifier in the range and is suitable for large venues where a high volume and powerful sound are required.

In Barcellona Equipson will also present the new digital signal processing matrix, Integra Series, that gives users full control of their audio output across multiple zones, launched by Equipson under its WORK PRO brand.

Aimed at the professional installation market, the Integra Series offers configurable per-channel DSP architecture, adjust gains, EQ, compression, limiting and much more. Offering unparalleled flexibility, the Integra Series allows users to set parameters and fine-tune every aspect of the sound, thus optimising the listening experience and providing exceptional results in any environment.

There are three different Integra Series products offering 8, 16 or 32 input/output configurations. The flexibility of the range ensures that the right product can be chosen for any application, from the smallest installation with very few areas to process to larger installations with a variety of different areas, such as department stores, supermarkets, gyms, conference rooms and hospitality.

“Our aim with the Integra Series is to give professional installation customers advanced technology that opens up a world of creative possibilities,” says Juan Jose Vila, CEO of Equipson. “These products give users the ability to individually configure and correct audio in multiple zones depending on what audio processing is required to produce the best sound.”

The 8-channel Integra is delivered with Integra 8S, a free and powerful native parameter management software offering function control on inputs and outputs and configurable DSP architecture for each channel. The software includes controls for input and output gains, expander, compressor, parametric equalisation, limiter and anti-feedback on each channel. Its visual matrix and automix module ensure that it is adaptable for many different types of installation.

The more advanced 16-channel Integra 16+ and the 32-channel Integra 32+ both feature DANTE digital inputs. These versions are supported by Integra Plus native parameter management software, which is also free and incorporates all the features of Integra 8S, along with additional functions such as noise gate, parametric equalisation up to 31 bands, Ducker and Voice Tracking for synchronising video cameras.

Both software versions are highly intuitive and easy to use thanks to a highly visual interface that allows user to see configurations in real time.

In addition to a plethora of useful control features, all of the products in the Integra Series have USB ports for play/record, API for third party management and can be controlled from mobile devices via an APP for iOs and Adroid.

The Series is also supported by a WC 3U Wall Control unit with an OLED screen and built-in rotary button/push button, which is designed for simple and complete programming through the INTEGRA 8S and INTEGRA Plus software. Housed in an elegant aluminum casing, the Wall Control unit also features TCP/IP and UDP communication capabilities, making it easy to integrate into a variety of systems. Additionally, it is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet), which simplifies installation.

In recent years, Equipson has always introduced new and important features at major trade fair events, including the LightShark lighting console. Over time, the company introduced RAY, a new 3D visualiser based on the Unreal engine, and a new LS Core IO version dedicated to installations. At ISE 2024 LightShark is presenting the latest software upgrade (version 1.5.25) with many new features.

Version 1.5.25 applies to all products within the LightShark range, including the LS-1 hardware console with assignable faders and rotary controls, the more affordable LS-Core, the LS-Wing Open Sound Control (OSC) hardware controller and three multiprotocol DMX streaming devices – each supporting a different numbers of DMX universes – that are collectively referred to as LS-NODE. These products are aimed at all types of venues, from small theatres to large stadia, and give lighting engineers the ability to control up to eight DMX universes and 4000+ DMX channels, all completely integrated via smartphones and tablets. In addition, the range is fully compatible with other manufacturer’s equipment because the products work with industry-standard DMX and ArtNet lighting protocols, as well as any Operating System (Android Linux, Windows and macOS).

The latest version of the software introduces Record Merge, an exciting development that makes it possible for programmers to quickly include their information in the selected Cue – or in all the Cues of a playback – without having to use the EDIT+UPDATE function. This feature is matched with another new innovation, Record Remove, that allows programmers to quickly remove information from a Cue or from all the Cues of a playback without having to edit them one by one. In addition, it is now possible to use the EDIT function several times so that programmers can access information about different Cues in order to update the first one selected for record a new Cue.

“We are very excited about the new features this latest software iteration delivers because they allow our customers to significantly improve their workflows,” says Alejo Cevera, Product Development Manager at LightShark. “By saving time and making LightShark products even more intuitive, we are able to give lighting engineers additional control over their events so that they can create even more spectacular light shows.”

The new software upgrade also implements ArtNet v4 and increases the number of ArtNet Universes available from four to eight. The inclusion of Digital Patch makes it possible to assign any universe from the console to any network universe, even when they have different protocols. In addition, users can now activate or deactivate universes individually.

Another new feature is Unicast, which defines the specific IP of the node or device to which universe information needs to be sent. Also, it is now possible to automatically detect LSW-1 remotes on the network and define which network interface the remote has been connected to.

The final benefit delivered by the new software upgrade is the inclusion of a WEB user manual within LightShark. This manual is completely web based and gives users access to many different, step by step video tutorials and screen recordings that allow LigtShark users to delve deep into the product’s capabilities and learn new and exciting ways to control and enhance their light shows.

Info: www.equipson.es

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