Elation to empower the creative integrator @ ISE 2024

Elation will continue to push the creative boundaries in entertainment lighting at the upcoming ISE tradeshow in Barcelona (January 30 – February 2, Stand 5C150) with a lineup of trend-setting integration lighting solutions that blend art and innovation.

Highlights in the market-leading Proteus series of multi-environmental luminaires include the IP66-rated PROTEUS HYBRID MAX, a next generation hybrid fixture with pioneering technology that launches as the torchbearing successor of the groundbreaking PROTEUS HYBRID.

New in Elation’s popular FUZE series is the FUZE TEATRO, a fully-automated yet fanless framing fixture for completely silent operation and the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive color engine.

New luminaires in the sought-after KL “Key Light” series will also highlight, including the KL CYC cyclorama/set/wall wash along with the all-in-one KL SPOT IP, a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom.

Not only will Elation be highlighting new innovative solutions in its popular PROTEUS, FUZE and KL series, visitors to ISE will be the first in Europe to preview five new series of products designed to kindle the creative spirit in any venue – SIX+ PAR, SIX+ BAR, SŌL I BLINDER, PULSE BAR and LIMELIGHT PAR!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the latest in professional-grade, installation-quality lighting at Elation Stand 5C150! Our team of experts will be on hand to provide demonstrations and insights into the advanced features and versatile capabilities of these groundbreaking fixtures.

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PROTEUS HYBRID MAX: This IP66-rated compact hybrid Beam/Spot/Wash fixture takes everything you loved about the pioneering PROTEUS HYBRID and cranks it up to MAXIMUM power. This isn’t just an update however. With pioneering technology like Fast Advanced Features (FAF), Tri-Tier Animation and SpinSync tracking, it is a breakthrough evolution in lighting excellence. Faster, brighter, and tougher than its groundbreaking predecessor, it boasts a category-best 22,000 lumens of brilliance, is capable of true linear zoom adjustments in any configuration, and houses a massive toolbox of visual FX.

FUZE TEATRO: Illuminating the performing arts with automated luminaires has traditionally been a challenge due to unwanted noise. Elation is pleased to offer the meticulous lighting designer the FUZE TEATRO, a discreet and refined moving head luminaire that does not draw attention to itself. Designed for any application where a silent, fully-automated framing fixture with outstanding and compelling color range (RGBMA) and quality (91 CRI) is required, the TEATRO is fanless for completely silent operation in noise sensitive environments. Output is impressive (15,000 lumens) and the feature set as well.

KL CYC: KL CYC is an ideal LED lighting solution for smooth and even cyclorama, set and wall washing applications. Housing an RGBMA color system, it utilizes a carefully crafted asymmetrical reflector design to achieve perfect blends while covering significant heights with ease. Available in one-meter or half-meter models, it is also an ideal choice for footlight positions, providing excellent versatility for stage, film, television and event lighting use. Seamless magnetic alignment, a simple mounting bracket attachment, and elegant power and data management make the KL CYC a breeze to integrate.

KL SPOT IP: The IP65-rated KL SPOT IP is a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom and is the ideal complement to Elation’s KL PROFILE FC. With a 7 to 50-degree zoom, it requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any venue. High color quality and color manipulation are central to the KL SPOT IP and a comprehensive feature set ensures plenty of design options.

SIX+ PAR: This update to Elation’s industry-standard SIXPAR series of versatile Par color changers features more output, a wider color spectrum and an overall higher quality of light. Available with either 7x or 14x 20W RGBLA+UV LEDs, the SIX+ PAR offers a beautifully homogenized wash of light with outstanding color rendering capabilities. Expanded control capabilities make for a more versatile luminaire and it’s robust IP65 housing can handle any environment.

SIX+ BAR: The SIX+ BAR represents an innovative line of creative LED batten solutions that harmonizes the latest in LED color technology with versatile IP65 design for greater artistic expression. An upgrade of Elation’s beloved SIXBAR, the SIX+ BAR, equipped with 20W RGBLA+UV LEDs and boasting an impressive CRI of 93, raises the bar with more output, a broader color spectrum and an overall superior quality of light.

SŌL I BLINDER: Inspired by the radiant sun, the SŌL I is the first in a new groundbreaking series of creative LED blinder and effects solutions that seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with artistic ingenuity. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, its ingenious modular design offers endless possibilities for configuration and arrangement, exponentially expanding creative options for unique shapes and arrays. Use SŌL I as a single-cell, 2- or 4-cell blinder or connect even more fixtures together for a versatile effects panel that is perfect for eye-candy looks. Create linear blinder arrays, single or multi-unit pendants, custom shapes, and more. The possibilities are endless!

PULSE BAR: Ignite excitement and get the crowd pumping with the new PULSE BAR! The first in an innovative PULSE line of strobe lights, the PULSE BAR is a highly impactful strobe and visual effect bar that injects dynamism and spark into any performance! Available in two lengths, the PULSE BAR incorporates 1.5W RGB LEDs along its perimeter, 5W cool-white LEDs at its center and 1.5W RGB LEDs at its core. Create attention-grabbing blitzes of white or colored light or craft special effects for a more visually stimulating experience. Ideal for direct view applications, zone control opens up for a myriad of design possibilities.

LIMELIGHT PAR: The LIMELIGHT PAR is a versatile, IP65-rated, full-color mixing wash luminaire with 40W RGBL engine and efficient zoom lens optic. It offers a highly homogenized output up to 4200 lumens and provides the wide color spectrum and high CRI needed for the quality of light that key and fill light applications require. It provides a well-defined narrow beam for mid-air effects and long throw distances, as well as a wide and even wash coverage at shorter distances. The LEDs can be controlled in two separate zones for additional eye candy effects.

Info: www.elationlighting.com


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