RCF presents DMA 504 – Four Channels Matrix Amplifier

DMA 504 is a four-channel Class-D matrix amplifier that provides four power outputs of 500 Watts each. Equipped with a powerful DSP platform, inputs and outputs can be managed in terms of routing and equalization: a complete set of processing functions is available, including PEQ, FIR filters, bass enhancement, limiters, compressors, and environmental equalization. Presets for RCF speakers are available on each channel for optimal acoustic performance and reliability.

DMA 504 features a 2 rack units size and accurate design that, together with its environmental robustness, make it ideal for a wide range of applications, from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and more in general to any background and foreground music application.

The unit is suitable for both desktop or rack installation (dedicated accessory included). Each DMA 504 offers 2 stereo LINE inputs on RCA connectors and 1 MIC+LINE balanced input on removable screw terminals. A mono analog LINE output is also available, with a low pass filter facility for the connection to an active subwoofer. A dedicated paging input on RJ 45 connector allows the connection of up to 4 paging consoles BM 404, interlocked on a single chain, and a wall mount remote control RC 401 can be connected to each output channel to adjust the volume level and select the desired input.

DMA 504 can distribute 4 audio channels to other units through an analog audio BUS, combining a flexible and scalable multi-room architecture with an easy connection and installation. User-friendly configuration is available through the front panel controls (with OLED display), or via RDNet management software.

Equipped with a powerful DSP platform, DMA units integrate RCF proprietary technologies such as FiRPHASE, a FiR filtering technology, and BASS ENHANCER, a sophisticated algorithm that increases low frequencies perception without affecting the output power.

Each DMA unit can distribute up to 4 audio channels to satellite units. This allows the installer to increase the system power and to easily upgrade a multi-room architecture.

RCF Business Music products are ready to use in a few steps, even faster when connected to the RDNet networked management.

Pre-loaded presets, to optimize the performance and equalization of any RCF speaker and to have the right RCF signature sound.

Info: www.rcf.it

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