SGM iPQ: the best solution with the right product

SGM offers a lighting package that incorporates powerful and efficient solutions.

SGM’s goal is to provide dynamic architectural lights and best in class support from design concept, through warranty, and beyond. The SGM iPQ lighting package consists of luminaires with unique LED engines designed to suit dynamic applications. It is this combination of narrow, medium, and wide-angle engines which delivers bright impactful results no matter how challenging the project.

I-Series – Narrow Beam
SGM narrow beam fixtures bring longdistance and intensity, delivering incredible saturation with maximum precision for your installation. Designed to deliver a powerful punch for distance and narrow beam grazes, the i-Series is the most precise lighting tool in the iPQ family.
With accurate beam control the SGM i-Series can always “make the shot.” When lighting from the ground or adjacent buildings, the high output and tight focus brings impact to hard to reach locations.

P-Series – Medium beam
SGM P-Series features a beam angle from 10º to 60º utilizing multi-chip LED arrays under a single optic. With superior color mixing and high output, the P-Series is the versatile  workhorse of the iPQ wash family.
With 6 different native lenses, P-Series provides illumination for large architectural features with seamless, even color blending at many distances.

G-Series – Wide beam

Designed for coverage, the Q-Series is the choice for short-throw lighting. Smooth and with a well-distributed spread, the Q-Series produces even coverage at close range, especially when used in arrays. Offering uniform wall-washing with the highest output in the industry, the Q-Series can  provide unmatched intensity.
With its high output to size ratio, the Q-Series can be hidden within a structure at many levels to create even washes or beautiful gradients.



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