LightShark announce significant software upgrade

The LightShark range of DMX-based hardware lighting consoles from Spanish manufacturer Equipson has undergone an exciting software upgrade that introduces many new and useful features.

Already renowned for giving users a cost-effective hardware console with an easily accessible web-based interface, LightShark continues to change the world of traditional lighting control systems by delivering a more streamlined workflow that significantly improves the customer experience.

The latest software upgrade (version 1.5.25) applies to all products within the LightShark range, including the LS-1 hardware console with assignable faders and rotary controls, the more affordable LS-Core, the LS-Wing Open Sound Control (OSC) hardware controller and three multiprotocol DMX streaming devices – each supporting a different numbers of DMX universes – that are collectively referred to as LS-NODE. These products are aimed at all types of venues, from small theatres to large stadia, and give lighting engineers the ability to control up to eight DMX universes and 4000+ DMX channels, all completely integrated via smartphones and tablets. In addition, the range is fully compatible with other manufacturer’s equipment because the products work with industry-standard DMX and ArtNet lighting protocols, as well as any Operating System (Android Linux, Windows and macOS).

The latest version of the software introduces Record Merge, an exciting development that makes it possible for programmers to quickly include their information in the selected Cue – or in all the Cues of a playback – without having to use the EDIT+UPDATE function. This feature is matched with another new innovation, Record Remove, that allows programmers to quickly remove information from a Cue or from all the Cues of a playback without having to edit them one by one. In addition, it is now possible to use the EDIT function several times so that programmers can access information about different Cues in order to update the first one selected for record a new Cue.

“We are very excited about the new features this latest software iteration delivers because they allow our customers to significantly improve their workflows,” says Alejo Cevera, Product Development Manager at LightShark. “By saving time and making LightShark products even more intuitive, we are able to give lighting engineers additional control over their events so that they can create even more spectacular light shows.”

The new software upgrade also implements ArtNet v4 and increases the number of ArtNet Universes available from four to eight. The inclusion of Digital Patch makes it possible to assign any universe from the console to any network universe, even when they have different protocols. In addition, users can now activate or deactivate universes individually.

Another new feature is Unicast, which defines the specific IP of the node or device to which universe information needs to be sent. Also, it is now possible to automatically detect LSW-1 remotes on the network and define which network interface the remote has been connected to.

The final benefit delivered by the new software upgrade is the inclusion of a WEB user manual within LightShark. This manual is completely web based and gives users access to many different, step by step video tutorials and screen recordings that allow LigtShark users to delve deep into the product’s capabilities and learn new and exciting ways to control and enhance their light shows.

LightShark will be demonstrating the new software features at LDI, 3-5 December, Las Vegas. Booth number 1642.

The new software can be downloaded at this link –


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