Audio expert Yamaha preparing business for the future of meetings and conferencing

Business leaders know that with the best sound quality, communication flows better, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Yet many also discover that without the right technology in their meeting spaces and boardrooms they cannot deliver a clear, crisp experience for users. Yamaha is the audio expert taking care of business audio for the best speech intelligibility and audio quality in any kind of environment. This leads to meeting equity which ensures that all participants, whether in-person or remote, have an equal opportunity to contribute and be heard with a first-class audio experience.

The right audio environment is one designed to include every participant, every time. The meeting experience becomes much more enjoyable and stimulating when everyone knows they can hear and be heard. Yet “Zoom fatigue”, the phenomenon that poor audio quality tools and overuse of online communication video conferencing contributes to users feeling tired and exhausted, highlights the audio quality issues when using virtual meeting platforms to connect the hybrid workforce. Based on research by Stanford News, 31% of employees pointed out “Zoom fatigue” as the greatest challenge of virtual meetings.

Marcus-Michael Müller, Head of UC Europe from Yamaha says, “Virtual conferencing and hybrid communication have become the fast, flexible and affordable choice for business meetings with clients and colleagues alike. However, internal IT teams still find challenges with integrating and optimising digital collaboration tools, which can prevent co-workers from communicating their ideas and perspectives successfully.

“Excellent speech intelligibility and clear communication, without the distraction of unwanted noises, are the hallmark of a professional conferencing solution. Optimal recording, processing and playback are also essential. The AV system should be so easy to install that even users without acoustic and audio skills can adapt it to changing room layouts and meeting conditions.”

Yamaha’s unrivalled expertise makes all this possible by providing equipment from microphones to processing (DSP) to amplifying and output (speakers) required for a successful installation with the highest audio quality. Whether you want the microphones located on the conference desk, out of sight on the ceiling or wireless for maximum flexibility, Yamaha is the only company that offers complete professional audio solutions for every meeting room situation.

Compatibility with common platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Cisco Webex, allows for flexible integration into any IT environment. And, since Yamaha also works with companies like Barco, AVer, Yealink, Lenovo and Lumens, we can achieve unparalleled conferencing quality for even the most demanding spaces through the finest combination of solutions and integration flexibilities.

The Yamaha ADECIA family of Pro Audio conferencing solutions enable organisations from SME to the Enterprise to overcome implementation, configuration, and room acoustic challenges. What’s more, Yamaha is committed to developing special digital signal processing algorithms to make your audio even better and these are integrated into its devices.

Here’s a taste of what users think:

Sussi Murphy, CEO, Visually Connected Worldwide: “Yamaha offers the technology for a ‘next generation office’ – great quality and highly usable for external communication, and as reliable and stress-free for the customer as possible. We discovered that you can make a complex, high-quality installation for remote meeting sound more easily than with alternative solutions.”

Ricardo Prieto, CEO, OneVite, “This high-quality solution from world-class manufacturer Yamaha is capable of detecting every participant’s voice and accompanying their directionality. The Yamaha solution provides a unique experience with an incomparable sound.”

Marco Weinkauf, Data Centre Manager, VPV Versicherungen: “We do not have multimedia specialists in-house, we are IT people. And usually those who hold the meetings are not from IT, so it has to be easy to use. Yamaha ticks all those boxes.”

When the long-established concepts and practices for meetings are being re-evaluated and updated, it is imperative that systems deliver professional audio. Yamaha’s Professional Conferencing audio solutions are ready to prepare your business for a future of more enjoyable, efficient and productive virtual meetings.


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