RCF provides quality audio for the Roller Skating Center of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games

The Qiantang Roller Skating Center is a newly constructed venue for roller skating and skateboarding competitions and training sessions during the Hangzhou Asian Games. The sound system, consisting of 56 high-power speakers, has been provided by RCF and installed by the official RCF distributor for China, Zhejiang Chuangda Stage Facilities Co.
The Qiantang Roller Skating Center covers a total area of about 130,000 square meters and consists of two parts: the Asian Games Roller Skating Hall and the Asian Games Skateboarding Park. The two venues are located to the north and south of each other, with the roller skating hall on the south and the skateboarding park on the north. The façade of the roller skating center is shaped like a special-shaped oval. The roof steel truss is 148.7 meters long from north to south and 87.6 meters long from east to west. All roller skating and skateboarding events of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held here.

The roller skating hall project has a total investment of 480 million yuan (60M dollars) and was built by Jiantou Group. The project has a total construction area of 36,395 square meters and an audience capacity of 1,616 seats. It adopts a long-span steel roof and is equipped with the latest technical standards of the World Roller Skating Federation, including a 7 x 200-meter racing track and a 50× 25 meters figure skating track.
Hyperbolic arc design is adopted at the corners at both ends of the racing track, which is convenient for athletes to accelerate corners and apply skills and tactics. In freestyle and figure skating venues, the material of the sports wooden floor makes athletes’ performances more flexible. This stadium is the first competition venue with a hyperboloid roller skating track in China and the most professional indoor roller skating venue in Asia at present.

In July 2022, the Qiantang Roller Skating Center won the highest quality award for construction projects in Zhejiang Province, the “Qianjiang Cup“.

The audio system of the roller skating hall is fully based on RCF speakers. Due to the special structure of the stadium, it was decided to adopt a hanging mode at the top of the center. A hanging steel frame was customized for fixed installation. The cluster is composed by twenty-four HDL 30-A speakers hung in four arrays and one central array looking downward, and six RCF double 18-inch SUB 9006-AS speakers placed at the top of the steel frame for the low-end reinforcement. The overall installation is simple and ensures the best intelligibility for both the audience and the athletes in the venue.

Asian Games Skateboard Park
The Asian Games Skateboarding Park at the Qiantang Roller Skating Center covers an area of about 5,661 square meters, with a total construction area of about 878 square meters. It has 862 seats in the grandstand area, divided into two sections: bowl pool and street style.

The bowl pool section includes a circular crater, herringbone ridge, and other props, providing a variety of sliding routes. The deepest part of the venue is 3 meters, surrounded by circular bowl walls with different heights and slopes, and there are a series of complex curves. The rich sliding routes provide more challenges and creativity for the players, which brings greater challenges to the skaters and improves the enjoyment of the event.

The street-style section has diverse terrain, stairs, handrail irons, benches, and other obstacles and props to meet the needs of players to a greater extent. The venue can also serve for large-scale international competitions and will be available for skateboarding training and education for young people.

Since the skateboarding venue is outdoors, waterproof performance must be considered in the selection of the sound system. After comparison, the RCF HL all-weather series was selected as the main system, with 8 HL 2290 and 2 HS 2200 speakers forming two line arrays, all with IP55 waterproof grade. Sixteen P series P 5228L speakers with the same IP55 waterproof grade are equipped in the grandstand audience area, which provides clear and reliable sound for the grandstand audience.

Info: www.rcf.it

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