Adamson updates Blueprint AV software

Adamson has released the latest version of its loudspeaker design and deploy software – ArrayIntelligence V1.1. The update reflects the Adamson development team’s focus on encouraging user-generated feedback and quickly including it in the available software.

Brian Fraser, Head of Product and Technology says, “We sincerely appreciate the feedback generously shared by the dedicated our user community. It plays a pivotal role in refining our software.”

ArrayIntelligence V1.1 revolves around an overarching goal: enhancing the user experience and optimizing software performance.

Streamlined Interface
The new Header Bar graphical layout brings clarity to the user interface, indicating which pages are available online, simplifying navigation and enhancing workflow.

Revamped Global Assign Feature
Our Global Assign feature, a cornerstone of system management, has undergone a comprehensive update. This redesign offers users a more robust and efficient tool for managing their entire systems of networked Adamson Speakers, Bridges and Gateways. ArrayIntelligence V1.1 ensures detected items are ordered accurately by switch port, streamlining system setup, and minimizing complexity.

Addition of IS5c, IS7c, IS213 and IS219
Introducing the newest family members of the IS-Series to ArrayIntelligence V1.1 allows users to include and predict these in their projects.

Enhanced 3D dB SPL Scale
Improved accuracy with better labelling, users will benefit from an upgraded 3D dB SPL scale that displays the absolute maximum SPL value, offering critical insights for audio system optimization.

In addition to these improvements, ArrayIntelligence V1.1 includes a comprehensive set of bug fixes aimed at enhancing software stability and reliability. For a detailed list of bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

To access the ArrayIntelligence V1.1 software update, please visit



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