EM Acoustics presents R5 Precision passive full-range loudspeaker

The EM Acoustics Reference Series of loudspeakers was a revolutionary step forwards in terms of the standard for point source passive loudspeakers. The series quickly became a benchmark in physical and sonic excellence, for applications requiring a powerful solution in a compact and discreet physical package. The R5 is the natural progression of this series, scaling the Reference Series concept down to a format suited to a variety of compact applications, including front-fill and under-balcony work. With the addition of the R5, the ultimate no-compromise approach offered by the R8, R10 and R12 can now be adopted for even the smallest loudspeakers in a system.

Continuing the heritage of the Reference Series, the R5 is a 3-way passive system engineered to convey the elegance, performance and headroom of the Reference Series in a compact, discreet and versatile package. The RS retains the same DNA as its larger siblings, delivering truly abundant audio that defies its physical size, making it perfect for front fills and delays in theatres, sleek speech reinforcement in a corporate or audio/ visual setting, or subtle and sympathetic deployment in Houses of Worship.

The slim enclosure houses a pair of bespoke state-of­-the-art 1.25″ (32mm) voice coil 5″ (127mm) neodymium LF/MF drive units, and a 1.5″ (38mm) voice coil annular HF compression drive unit. The use of an annular diaphragm retains the ultra-low harmonic distortion levels that the Reference Series has become renowned for throughout the industry. These drive units are fed via a unique 3-way crossover topology, minimising off-axis parallax and lobing effects whilst retaining consistency of sonic character right across the operating range.

Unusually for a loudspeaker of this size, but in keeping with the other Reference Series models, the RS is supplied with two waveguide options – 80 x 50 and 110 x 50 – giving unrivalled flexibility and return on investment for rental users and installation applications alike.

In common with the rest of the series, the installed waveguide type and orientation is in are visible without removing the front grille. The use of intelligent bracing means the RS retains the longevity and sonic advantages of a genuine plywood enclosure, whilst keeping weight remarkably low. The Birch plywood enclosure is coated in an impact and weather-resistant polyurethane finish which enables the RS to stand up to harsh conditions and tough touring regimes.

The finish is available in both black and white as standard, with custom RAL colour matching options and permanent outdoor enhancements also available. The front grille is manufactured from stainless steel for an enhanced lifespan, and is backed by an acoustically transparent fabric to complete the discreet appearance of the unit.

Innovative quick-release attachments, allowing rapid tool-free connection of flying hardware, along with threaded rigging points, allow suspension and installation using a variety of different methods. The architecture and construction of the RS combined with EM Acoustics’ state-of-the-art FIR processing liberates each component to achieve levels of sonic performance never yet attained by a loudspeaker of this size and form factor.

Info: emacoustics.co.uk

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