TAF Releases its 25th Anniversary Video

TAF is excited to announce the official release of its new 25th Anniversary video that shows the amazing development of the TAF aluminium truss brand since its founding in 1998.

See the progress of the TAF brand that starts with two men, founder Jaroslav Rozboril and welder Martin Reznicek, and later leads to a full range of aluminium truss products, the design and delivery of massive support structures, expansion to America, development of a 3D program to configure entire structures from TAF products, a staff of nearly 50 welders, and many other impressive milestones over the years.

TAF was also the first in the industry to implement a robotic welding machine in its production process, drastically increasing production output and significantly reducing turnaround times!

Click here to watch the full-length video: eu.taf.cz/video25

Info: eu.taf.cz

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