PLASA Show 2023

A warm and sunny London welcomed this year’s Plasa Show, an event that has undoubtedly experienced years of greater fame, but which, although small in terms of exhibitors and size, is interesting in several respects.

First of all, the negative notes, which certainly do not depend on the fair and which concern the cost of living and the stellar prices in the English capital. Without going too much into detail, just think that a tube ride costs a whopping £2.70 (rising to £2.90 at peak times) and that half a pint of beer costs four or five pounds, not to mention hotels and restaurants…

Despite this, the audience, especially on the second day, was substantial, consisting mainly of professionals, mostly from Europe, and we found them to be knowledgeable and of high quality. Although, as mentioned earlier, the number of booths was not as extensive as in the past, the representation of brands and products was very good, and many companies, as is tradition, chose London for the unveiling of intriguing innovations. In parallel, as always, the side events were commendable, especially in terms of training sessions and themed speeches, all of which were current and of high caliber.

To make our trip even more productive and satisfying (the first of a long series of European and international fairs), there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm and confidence in the market that undoubtedly reinforces the trend already observed in the past season.

For us, the glass is not only half full at this point but leaning more towards the top, with the hope that the remaining issues related to deliveries and production delays can also be definitively resolved in the coming months.

Below is a summary of all the most interesting innovations seen at Plasa 2023.


Presenting for the first time at PLASA was the brand new iFORTE LTX WB, equipped with a  TE IP65 iSE-TE™ 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) white source with a typical L70/B50 brightness performance of 50,000 hours which offers significant advantages in optimising operating costs and longevity. iFORTE LTX WB is able to create an impressive visual effect thanks to its beam and 245 mm front lens. The product also features three zoom modes: Standard Optical Mode for maximum coverage from 3.5° to 55°; Follow Spot Mode from 2° to 55°; and Long Throw Follow Spot Mode that produces an ultra-intense beam from 0.8 to 2° that provides extremely sharp thin blades of light without any loss of intensity even over long distances.

FORTE® Fresnel and FORTE® PC, also equipped with ROBE‘s revolutionary Transferable Engine technology, deliver considerable light output for wash projections with the classic Fresnel lens or stronger beams of light from the PC lens. The wide zoom range of 6° to 61° (Fresnel) and 5.5° to 62° (PC) offers complete and uniform coverage, making the FORTE® Fresnel comparable to a conventional 2.5 KW Fresnel fixture.

The new Robe TE™ 1000W XP 6,700K Transferable Engine white light source generates an impressive 90,200 lumens, providing high light output. Both models emit more than 41,000 lumens through the front lens, offering outstanding power and beam quality.

TE™ sources have their own ‘intelligence’ that stores information about their usage status, are easily replaced in five minutes and are designed, manufactured and patented by ROBE. The CMY colour mixing system offers smooth colour transitions from the softest pastels to the most intense saturates, confirming Robe’s reputation for exceptional colour mixing in its products. Two colour wheels, CRI 80 and 90 filters and a variable CTO from 3,000 to 6,700 K guarantee a rich range of colour palettes.



SGM presents the new P3 in Wash and Vision versions at PLASA.

The P-3 Wash is part of SGM Light’s revolutionary Series 3 family of luminaires, introducing numerous features and performance enhancements. With a 12,700 lumen LED engine, this compact fixture can be used as a colour strobe or for lighting, LED screen frame, LED extension or as a stage surround.

P-3 Vision incorporates a grid of direct vision LED pixels and a top-quality LED lighting engine. P-3 Vision® represents a breakthrough in entertainment lighting with its two LED engines in a single plane of vision, allowing designers to reproduce pixel content and provide illumination simultaneously. P-3 Vision is a new type of lighting solution and a key element in creating original lighting effects and video content in a single solution.

The LED matrix has a pitch of 42 mm with pixels that are identical to those of the VPL series and can operate on the same data network. In this way, P-3 Vision and VPLs can co-exist on the same scene and combined to offer multiple options and incredible design flexibility. Hybrid control of multiple data streams offers incredible flexibility to integrate video and lighting with cross-fading and content management.

The new form factor is the result of SGM Light’s latest developments in creating extremely resistant luminaires. With classifications IK09 for impact, 3G for vibration and IP66, the P-3 Vision is a real tank. UV and corrosion resistance of the highest quality adds up to long-term durability, a hallmark of the Danish company’s luminaires and an increasingly rare combination in entertainment lighting.



At PLASA, the Bergamo-based company is focusing on the IP66 AQUA series, which was created with the aim of creating a new standard of weatherproof, high-performance, ultra-durable luminaires. Claypaky’s IP66 products have features for harsh environments, which means they have been rigorously tested to respond to vibration and shocks from transportation, very low ambient temperatures, impacts from falling hailstones, electrical stress, aggressive atmospheres, UV rays and much more.

The Midi-B FX was born from the innovative idea of adding some imaginative lighting effects to a moving head washlight to achieve a fixture that can do both RGBW wash lighting and be used as part of the set design. To this end, Claypaky placed a long top hat on the body of a Claypaky Midi-B and mounted five parallel rings of LEDs around it, each of which can be controlled separately to achieve a wide range of colours.

With a clear intention of relaunching the ADB brand, the new Actoris Profile FC, a 6-colour ellipsoid with advanced features, equipped with cutting-edge software that gives it first-rate performance, especially in terms of colour control, is present at Plasa. The light source is based on an RGBAL + ROYAL BLUE system, allowing any desired colour tone, including an incredible range of pastel shades, with a CRI of up to 97. It has a variable colour temperature correction from 2500 K to 8000 K and a perfect Planck CCT curve. The colour control algorithm is perfectly comparable to that of the Sinfonya Profile, with advanced, standard, white and single-channel modes. Actoris Profile FC is a practical, intelligent and modular instrument: you can select the optical unit you prefer to combine with the luminaire: you can choose between a 15°-30° zoom, a 25°-50° zoom and seven fixed lenses (5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°). The system is also compatible with other lens groups.

There is also a lot of curiosity about the SKYLOS (Shield Family – IP66) the ultra-versatile, weatherproof luminaire with incredible light output and outstanding construction features. The customised 300W white light laser source provides an extremely parallel and uniform beam. Considering the light output and the size of the front lens, the body of this outstanding lamp is light and compact. This allows the unit to be moved with relative ease in any environment and mounted on trusses for touring use. Its body is IP66 and marine grade. It is therefore able to operate in all weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and a high risk of corrosion. A sophisticated internal heating system, specially designed for this product, allows it to work even at very low temperatures (down to -40°).

The AQUA series includes the recently launched AROLLA AQUA with a 900 W (7000 K) white LED light source capable of delivering 40. 000 lumens and a zoom that can be adjusted over a linear range of 5.5°-50° (9:1); MINI-B AQUA light, compact and agile and IP66 rated; XTYLOS AQUA comparable in features and performance to the original Xtylos and featuring a revolutionary design to withstand the harshest conditions, offering C5-M marine grade protection from the elements and equipped with a fan that removes condensation from the front lens to ensure a constant light output and beam.



ETC is present at the PLASA Show with its products, a unique and interactive play area. The Halcyon series from High End Systems, the ColorSource V and Source 4WRD Color II and the powerful Eos Apex control system will be present.

The Halcyon range consists of Gold, Titanium and Platinum, offering similar features and performance for all luminaires. Halcyon Gold delivers 31,000 lumens and is ideal for short to medium range applications. Titanium, designed for medium to long throws, produces 40,000 lumens. And for the most extreme light at the furthest distances, Platinum delivers an unprecedented 55,000 lumens, with an incredible 75,000 lumens in boost mode. The Halcyon features two LED engines for maximum versatility. e Halcyon’s colour mixing system uses new-generation, narrower gradient dichroics and a linear mixing curve supported by ETC’s renowned colour science to achieve smooth, uniform colours, both in and out of focus.

There was also a number of important seminars on Hog 4 OS v4.0 by Sarah Clausen, Senior Product Manager at ETC, where participants were able to appreciate the brand new colour system inspired by the well-known Eos colour engine. Another initiative was an overview of workflows, tools and tips for programmers by Graham Parker, ETC’s events and training specialist.



The new DM7 series – of which we had the opportunity to attend the world premiere in London a few months ago – with the two models DM7 and DM7 Compact as well as the new optional DM7 Control unit, was on display on the stand. These are extremely flexible and expandable all-in-one digital mixers with a wide range of inputs and outputs. The DM7 has 32 inputs, 16 outputs and can process 120 input channels in a footprint of 793 mm x 564 mm, while the DM7 Compact has 16 inputs, 16 outputs and can process 72 input channels in a footprint of 468 mm x 564 mm.

Both have a Dante network of up to 144 in/out at 96kHz, plus 48 mixes, 12 matrixes and two stereo buses. They can be used with optional Yamaha R Series I/O racks and a variety of Dante devices to achieve extremely scalable and flexible audio systems.
DM7 Control is useful for creating the DM7-EX (or DM7-EX Compact) system, with more physical controls and supplied with the Broadcast and Theatre software packages.


Cameo Lighting

Adam Hall’s brand dedicated to professional lighting presents in London the new PIXBAR G2 IP65 LED bar series, the new OTOS SP6 IP65 Spot Profile and OPUS SP5+ Profile moving heads with optimised LED motor, the compact EVOS W7 IP and AZOR S2 Spot and the new S2 IP65 softlight.

PIXBAR GENERATION 2 contains an innovative connection system for creative and easy-to-install lighting designs, either hanging vertically or horizontally from the truss, or positioned on the base plate. The series consists of RGBW, RGBWUAV, TW and SMD versions.
Thanks to the robust magnetic plates on both sides, all PIXBAR® G2 models can be effortlessly connected to each other using the STACK-KIT mechanism. The VERTI-MOUNT adapter and OMEGA bracket allow the LED bars to be easily hung vertically from a truss. In addition, the innovative feet allow precise adjustment when placed horizontally on trusses. VERTI-MOUNT and the M20 adapter allow PIXBAR® G2 to be positioned vertically on a base plate. Standing on the base, two units can be stacked on top of each other. Finally, all filters can be inserted quickly thanks to the sliding mechanism of the filter guide. The locking mechanism ensures that the filter is securely locked inside.

The EVOS W7 IP is an IP65-rated Wash Beam equipped with warm white LEDs that allow attractive warm pastel shades to be mixed, as well as providing a beautiful warm white light for illuminating people and objects. It offers 19 x 40 W RGBW LEDs capable of reproducing rich RGB colours. Thanks to the individual control of all LEDs via Single Pixel Control, the Cameo EVOS® W7 IP Wash Beam moving head produces interesting pixel effects. Its versatility is further enhanced by the zoom range of 4.5° to 55°, which enables powerful beam and wash effects on large surfaces.

The OPUS® SP5+ is a profile moving head equipped with a 500 W cold white enhanced LED motor, CMY colour mixing and linear CTO correction, while a colour wheel with 7 dichroic filters enables lightning-fast colour changes and split colour. Equipped with a high-quality 130 mm front lens, the OPUS® SP5+ achieves a flat, uniform projection without hot spots. It allows a wide beam control and features a wide zoom range from 6° to 42°, a continuous diaphragm and a continuously variable frost filter that provides a smooth and even spread. The profile system consists of 4 independent blades with the possibility of rotating the entire system +/- 45°. Two gobo wheels with 7 rotating gobos and 8 static glass gobos generate morphing effects when used simultaneously. For incredibly vivid projections, they can be used in combination with an animation wheel, which is available as an accessory to replace the shutter. In addition to a rotatable and indexable 3-facet circular prism and a 6-facet linear prism to multiply gobo projection, the fixture includes 16-bit dimming with a choice of 4 curves.



Ayrton has chosen London for the official launch of the IP65-rated Argo 6 FX. This is the first effects luminaire with a minimalist design and weather protection. The special composite alloy, reduced part thickness, optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance and integration of low-density optical components are some of the innovations that enable a 20% reduction in overall weight.

Chris Agius Ferrante with the new Argo 6 FX

Argo 6 FX is equipped with 19 40W LEDs with additive RGB+W colour synthesis providing a light output of 13,000 lumens. The 280 mm anti-reflective treated glass front lens is designed to ensure optimal vision and offer enhanced performance. The Argo 6 is capable of a very intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°.

The Argo 6 FX is a fully equipped, versatile IP65 luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It incorporates the main features of the Wash version and offers continuous pan and tilt I.R.S. movement. Also present is the well-known high-definition liquid-fx system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb capable of generating complex graphic effects.



Epson is exhibiting in London with the extremely compact 20,000-lumen EB-PU2220B laser projector, ideal for installation, events and shows.

The EB-PU2220B offers a range of benefits including reduced weight and compact size, easy installation and set-up, simplified maintenance and high image quality. This ultra-light and compact laser projector is designed for large auditoriums, live events, concerts, conference rooms and other venues where involvement is key.

The EB-PU2220B is approximately 60% smaller and 50% lighter than its predecessor, the EB-L20000U. With its lighter weight and smaller size, the projector is easier to store, transport and install, saving storage space and labour and delivery costs. This high-brightness 3LCD projector offers WUXGA resolution with 4K Enhancement and HDR technology for rich textures and sharper images. The EB-PU2220B simplifies installation and stacking, as well as providing control and flexibility when using lenses. With built-in processing for PC-free stacking, two projectors can be stacked to double the brightness without using external hardware. It offers outstanding dust resistance, as the hermetically sealed optical engine and laser light source unit guarantee stable brightness over long periods, even in very dusty environments.



In addition to a number of new fixtures exhibited for the first time at Plasa, Elation is highlighting the new IP series of its Netron data distribution systems.
In particular, the Netron EN6 IP is a powerful Ethernet – DMX gateway with six RDM compatible ports in a robust IP65-rated chassis. It is designed for live productions, film sets, temporary outdoor installations or for indoor use with long-term protection from moisture, dust and debris.

The new Proteus Radius is a compact, high-intensity IP65-rated Beam FX with a 100 W phosphor-converted solid-state source, capable of emitting narrow, intense beams with incredible power at long distances. The 360-degree movement in both axes enables high-impact beam animations, while the mix of CMY colours, gobos, prisms and frost allow the designer to compose an endless array of extraordinary aerial effects.

Proteus Odeon features the industry’s first completely variable CRI LED engine. The variable CRI system allows for custom selection of the best blend of light output and color accuracy, and is seamlessly adjustable from CRI 70 to CRI 93. As CRI adapts, the color temperature remains stable, ensuring accurate color representation and visual quality. With CRI adjustable from a single fixture, not only can Odeon cater to a wide range of applications but designers do not require multiple variants of lights to achieve accurate color representation. An industry-first innovation in color and performance control, this IP65-rated framing profile fixture is also packed with design features.

Fuze Teatro is designed for any application where a silent fully-automated framing fixture with outstanding and compelling color range and quality is required. The fixture is fanless for completely silent operation in noise sensitive environments. It houses a 480W RGBMA LED array with CRI of 91 and output of over 15000 lumens. Two rotating gobo wheels, animation wheel, dual frost, prism and iris round out its comprehensive feature set.

Important update also for the ONYX software, featuring NDI video input, real-time audio analysis and Beat Sync. This updated version improves the workflow between Obsidian‘s various console and PC solutions, such as the popular NX1 in combination with the NXP Expansion Wing and the NXK portable keyboard add-on.

The NX1™ is Obsidian’s scalable, full-featured lighting console that has taken the popularity of the ONYX platform to new levels. New additions include a new compact, motorised fader wing, the NXP™, and a small USB-powered control surface for ONYX, the NXK™, both ideal companions to the NX1 console.



The German company presents the new X5 series at the PLASA Show.

Specifically, the new GLP Impression X5 Bar consists of 18 powerful 40 W RGBL LEDs, wide zoom and a new GLP iQ.Gamut colour calibration algorithm that creates perfect white spectra with excellent colour rendering. The new square lens design ensures maximum efficiency and offers an unprecedented light curtain with an angle of 5° to 70°. As part of the new AQA X5 family, it offers an extensive package of functions, including selectable calibrated white points, a tungsten simulation channel, magenta/green correction, virtual colour wheel and variable CTC, as well as dual-layer effects with numerous dynamic pattern macros.
The X5 impression bar offers patented rapid tilt movement in combination with seamless pixel pitch between projectors, and features wired and wireless controls.

impression x5 is the new generation of professional IP65 high-performance LED washlight consisting of 19 powerful 40 Watt LEDs that provide enormous power and enable use in even the harshest environments. The light source behind Impression X5 has been specially developed to offer a wider and more complete colour range. Thanks to a brand new iQ.Gamut algorithm, Impression X5 is able to offer precision, quality and consistency on every occasion. White dots are perfectly calibrated to the black body line and the extended gamut can be accessed through three different colour control modes, depending on user preference. In addition to standard mixing, a virtual colour wheel with 64 reference LEE colour filters is included. Each LED source of Impression X5 can be individually controlled for full pixel mapping effects, and a comprehensive effects section with two levels and many dynamic pattern macros is included. Thanks to the new super-fast zoom mechanism, the Impression X5 offers an incredible 1:16 range from 3.5° to 60° with even light distribution across the entire range and no visible hot spots.

The FUSION X-PAR 12Z is a state-of-the-art IP65 LED luminaire, powered by a 120-watt single-source COB LED with RGB and Lime as base colours. Equipped with Fresnel optics, the luminaire generates an output of 2,520 lm with a CRI 80+. The 190 mm front lens and 8.5° to 55° zoom provides an eye-catching light output that can be used to create striking looks.



Two important new additions to NEXO‘s P+ Series are the new P18 and L20 subs presented for the first time at the PLASA Show.

The new P18, which joins a range that already includes the P8, P10, P12 and P15 models, employs an 18-inch long excursion neodymium coaxial driver for the low frequencies and 4-inch for the high frequencies in a curved birch and poplar plywood cabinet. The cabinet footprint is relatively compact, with dimensions of 680 mm x 579 mm x 446 mm. Frequency response is 50Hz-20kHz and SPL is an impressive 140dB peak (passive mode) / 142dB peak (active mode).

Like the other P+ Series loudspeakers, the P18‘s versatility is enhanced by an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns. The horn flanges can be swapped to offer a choice of directivity, from the standard 60°x 60° to 90°x 40° or the asymmetric 50°- 90°x 40°. Switching from one directivity to the other can be done in seconds by easily removing the steel grille with a coin and replacing the diffuser, which uses a magnetic fixing. The new P18 is available in Touring, Installation (passive only) and hybrid TIS versions.

The L20, which joins the L15 and L18 subwoofers in the P+ series, instead utilises a 20-inch long-throw driver, achieving an SPL of 141 dB peak and extending bass response down to 28 Hz.

NEXO NXAMPMK2 or DTD/DTDAMP offer customised power and processing solutions, combining multi-channel, high-power, networkable amplification with sophisticated loudspeaker control and protection. Linear phase presets included for P+ cabinets in both vertical and horizontal configurations and for the entire NEXO cabinet range make it quick and easy to set up a ‘Plug & Play’ solution for any system.



The US company known for its famous BIM, presents a preview of the new version 2024 at PLASA, featuring a completely redesigned interface and some major improvements to the rendering engine for an even more realistic and high-performance previz workflow.

In addition, an important tool called Spotlight Inventory has been introduced, which allows you to extract all components and equipment from your design and give rise to a series of extremely detailed reports that are essential when setting up the show.

Many improvements have also been made to the ConnectCAD module, which allows entire racks to be drawn not only in 2D but also in 3D in a simple, functional and detailed manner.


KV2 Audio

KV2 Audio was present at PLASA both within the exhibition area and with an exclusive demo room. Highlights included the recently launched ESR106 together with a VHD2.0 system complete with the innovative VHD4.21 subwoofer system.

The ESR106 is a 3-way active system utilising a unique column array with multiple 6″ woofers for high-quality vocal and music reproduction in acoustic spaces and challenging environments. Utilising eight 6″ woofers, two 6″ mid-bass woofers, and a single 1″ high frequency driver mounted on a wide dispersion horn, the ESR106 is constructed to represent one large point source, with each part of the system positioned to be proportional to the wavelength it produces, so that the radiated power of each band remains consistent and balanced throughout the system’s frequency range. The ESR106 has controlled coverage at low and medium frequencies to reduce internal reflections. The ESR106 is controlled and driven by a dedicated ESR2600D amplifier, which utilises KV2 Audio’s proprietary SLA technology.

VHD2.0 is a powerful long-throw system for audiences of up to 20,000, with no need for additional delay systems. A three-way design with a 3″ compression driver with NVPD-treated dome, two 8″ horn-loaded drivers with AIC technology and two 12″ horn-loaded mid-bass drivers. All drivers use neodymium magnets to increase strength, improve control and reduce weight. The VHD2.0 has a horizontal dispersion of 80° and vertical dispersion of 40°, and left and right-hand versions of the loudspeaker are available to create large-format vertical arrays of the mid-bass system.

VHD4.21 incorporates a revolutionary new subwoofer amplifier concept featuring ultra-high current delivery, immense power, exceptional control, and a class-leading ‘Green Efficiency’ low power supply. Accommodating two newly designed 21″ large format woofers, the VHD4.21 Active can power an additional passive VHD4.21 and deliver up to 14,000 Watts of peak power while being plugged into a standard 16A wall outlet. The VHD4.21 is a truly amazing product and demonstrates the pioneering technologies of the KV2 subwoofers. A hang version is also available – the VHD4.21R Active Passive Bass Module (KVV 987 480 / KVV 987 481) with additional fixings and requirements for the VHD4.21 Flybar (KVV 987 398).



Link is exhibiting its LKS Data connectors in London that effectively incorporate full data transport while maintaining compatibility with conventional ‘Socapex’ style power connectors. Link’s innovative coaxial pin design, coupled with its mounting method, allows the connection of conventional 19-pin/6-circuit power cables with the female panel or flying lead version of the LKS Data connector. When mated together, the LKS Data connectors carry not only the 6 power circuits, but also DMX, Gigabit Ethernet or digital audio. There is also a printed circuit board for easy termination of the earth and data contacts.

Another new feature is the wiring set for the new L-Acoustics L2 with cable, dedicated stronger connectors, reinforced backshell, dedicated breakout for adapting old amps to the system and much more.


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