SGM P-3 Vision: strobe, wash and video in one unit

The P-3 Vision is the first fixture released in the new P series platform of SGM Light fixtures. Incorporating a 42mm pitch LED matrix and a >12,700 lumen illumination LED engine on the same surface, this compact powerhouse can be arrayed in grids, used in LED screen borders, arranged in LED extensions, or used as stage outlines. All the while providing an extended canvas for video, and a punchy color strobe in one.

The VP pixels in the P-3 Vision are identical to the pixels in the SGM Light VPL series and can run on the same data network. This allows P-3 Vision and VPL to be mixed and matched to provide multiple options and incredible design flexibility. Hybrid control of multiple data streams gives the production team incredible flexibility to integrate video and lighting with cross-fade and inhibit style content management.

The new form factor is the result of SGM Light’s latest developments in creating durable fixtures. With IK09 impact, 3G Vibration, and IP66 ratings, the P-3 Vision is an absolute tank of a fixture. Top quality UV and Corrosion resistance add to long term durability, a hallmark of SGM fixtures and an increasingly rare combination in entertainment lighting.


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