More than 2,500 fans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Ederblick Centre with a performance by The Hooters

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Ederblick Centre (Germany), owner Uwe Konrad fulfilled a long-held dream by bringing the legendary American rock band The Hooters to perform at his venue in Bad Wildungen. The event saw over 2,500 fans enjoying the band’s well-known hits, brought to life with perfect staging by Bänfer Veranstaltungstechnik using RCF technology.

The Hooters at the concert in the Ederblickzentrum, Copyright Jörn Bänfer, Bänfer Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH

Having been a user of RCF products since 2012, Bänfer Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH both utilises the traditional Italian manufacturer’s products at events and sells them. For The Hooters concert, Jörn Bänfer and his team were responsible for the complete event technology, encompassing stage construction, lighting, and sound technology.

The team employed HDL 30-A active 2-way line arrays for the concert, a product they have had in their inventory since its market introduction in 2018. The setup on The Hooters’ stage included 8 line array modules per side as the main hang, complemented by 14 SUB 9007 subwoofer units positioned in pairs in front of the stage. Additionally, two RCF TT 22-A units were placed atop the subwoofers to serve as front fill.

Photo: Jörn Bänfer, Bänfer Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH

To manage all RCF audio components, Jörn Bänfer and Phil Scholz, Application Support Engineer at RCF Germany, used the proprietary RCF tool RDNet. This tool grants complete access to each component’s system and specific parameters, allowing for meticulous planning that took into account the unique features of the site — an asymmetrical visitor area bordered by a row of buildings on one side and completely open on the other.

Reflecting on the production, Jörn Bänfer noted, “We have been using the HDL 30 Line Array since 2018 and are thrilled with its variability. We stock the 9004 and 9007 system bases and can cover a wide spectrum. For an event of this size, especially with our own Stagemobil XXL stage, the HDL30 is the ideal system. Everyone involved was thrilled with the sound of the concert.”

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