Software Update: Hippotizer™ V4.8.3

What’s new in v4.8.3
New Features

  • In Timeline, added ability to insert previous and following keyframes from a right click.
  • Timelines can be set to auto play on start up of the engine.
  • Property panel of TImeline supported by supporting multi search and pin path search support.
  • The Timeline editor now supports track searching and an option to show only tracks with keyframe on them.
  • Media handling is improved in Timeline: media clip will snap, media information is now included in the property panel and inside the tooltip.
  • HTTP messages can now be sent from Macromanager allowing for better intergration with other systems.

Key Improvements

  • Improved workflow for MR workflows such as support for Aspect Ratio control from Camera Tracking systems and Focal Plane support into Notch.
  • Bug Fixes to improve working with values and navigating the SHAPE project.
  • Rotation controllers in SHAPE now have an option to use model or world space rotation.
  • Fixed double click to reset shortcut on some elements in the Mixes page.
  • Various Bug fixes, see release notes for full list.

Functionality Changes

  • Removed MPEG Conversion tools from HippoLauncher and MediaManager. If this functionality is required, please contact support.

DOWNLOAD Hippotizer™ V4.8.3:



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