Cameo presents PIXBAR® G2 series – IP65 LED bars with versatile application and mounting options

Cameo presents the PIXBAR G2 series. The second generation of LED bars is IP65 certified and therefore also suitable for outdoor use. With its combination of sophisticated design features, robust aluminium housing and diverse mounting options, the PIXBAR G2 series is aimed at customers from the rental, theatre and broadcast sectors who want to expand their lighting technology portfolio with particularly flexible lighting solutions. The PIXBAR G2 Series will be launched with the PIXBAR 600 IP G2 (RGBWAUV) and PIXBAR 400 IP G2 (RGBW). Versions with TW (Tunable White) and SMD LEDs have already been announced for October.


The new PIXBAR G2 series offers a variety of connection and mounting options that allow users to think creatively in all directions to create seamless lighting effects for unique set designs. For example, the identical PIXBAR G2 LED bars can be quickly and easily connected to each other via the side-mounted magnetic plates. Thanks to the pixel pitch feature, even after connecting different models, the spacing between the LEDs remains consistent to create a symmetrical overall look. An optional STACK KIT is available for vertical stacking of up to three units with mechanical locking.

The combination of VERTI-MOUNT and M20 adapter also allows the PIXBAR G2 to be set up vertically on a base plate. At the same time, the VERTI-MOUNT adapter can be used in conjunction with the OMEGA BRACKET bracket to hang up to three LED bars vertically on a truss. Horizontal truss mounting is also made easier with the innovative adjustable feet of the PIXBAR G2 models. The patented Cameo SPIN16 adapter for the integrated 16mm TV spigots is also included.


Both PIXBAR G2 models feature 16 individually controllable LEDs. While the PIXBAR 400 IP G2 is equipped with 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, the PIXBAR 600 IP G2 with its 6-in-1 RGBAUV LEDs expands the colour space to include amber and UV light. The beam angle of 24° (PIXBAR 600 IP G2) or 25° (PIXBAR 400 IP G2) can be extended up to 70° using optional filters. The filters are mounted quickly, easily, securely and without tools via the insertion mechanism of the filter rail. For noise-sensitive use in theatres or TV studios, the PIXBAR G2 series has a fanless cooling design for low-noise operation.

The new PIXBAR G2 models are available now.


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