New dimensions: Cameo illuminates the Tante Mia Tanzt Festival 2023

On May 18 2023, the sixth edition of the Tante Mia Tanzt Electro Festival took place in Vechta, Lower Saxony, Germany. Top DJs such as Netsky, Steve Aoki and W&W played on the 68-metre-wide and 14-metre-high stage in front of around 20,000 spectators. As in the previous year, Eventures GmbH was responsible for the technical event equipment of the open-air festival in 2023. Tante Mia also relies on continuity behind the lighting console: lighting designer Milan Spira already used a lot of moving lights from Cameo for the 2022 edition, and this time opted for the OTOS, OPUS and ZENIT Series.

For Milan Spira and his video partner Paris Yilmaz – who form the creative collective Clubkind Design – the challenge was to deal with the organiser’s reduced budget: “We used fewer lights overall this year than in 2022 and also reduced the LED walls on stage. So the challenge was to make the lighting setup as efficient as possible so that it doesn’t look like ‘less’ to the audience on the huge stage.”

For this purpose, Spira and Yilmaz divided the stage into several levels, on which a total of 56 Cameo OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads were distributed in groups of five and primarily used for beams and fan looks. “This way, the overall image looks bigger and has more depth,” Spira explains. As the budget and stage setup did not allow for hundreds of fixtures, Spira needed a multifunctional fixture that could produce both the cutting beams typical of EDM festivals and gobo projections. “The OTOS H5 forms the centre in my lighting design and offers everything I need: bright beams, cool gobo looks and IP65 outdoor capability.”

In addition to the open-air main stage, Tante Mia Tanzt also offers a tent stage in the “Diele”, where house, future house and live acts find their home. Here, the OPUS H5 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads and ZENIT W600 SMD LED Wash Lights dominated the lighting setup. “We took our cue from a diamond in terms of stage and truss shape, framing the artists in the ceiling with the OPUS H5s as if they were in a cage,” Spira explains. In addition to the vertical “cage beams”, the OPUS H5s – like their IP65 brothers on the outdoor stage – were also used for gobo projections. The ZENIT W600 SMDs sat in the truss to illuminate the marquee in colour and on the stage floor for massive strobe and blinder effects.

The following Cameo products were used at the “Tante Mia Tanzt” Festival 2023:
51 x Cameo OTOS H5 – IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head
24 x Cameo OPUS H5 – Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head
18 x Cameo ZENIT W600 SMD – Outdoor SMD LED Wash Light


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