Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM-Series Delivers “Perfect Sound” for Auberge Napoleon

The Auberge Napoleon restaurant in Meise, Belgium has been a magnet for culinary enthusiasts for many years. Hosts Jan and Karlien Stallaert, and Chef Nico Struelens, pull out all the stops to wow their guests with a contemporary, immaculately presented rejuvenation of traditional French-Belgian cuisine. With an emphasis on fresh, homemade dishes, gastronomy is most certainly front and centre at Auberge Napoleon.

After a complete renovation in 2011, the venue expanded its footprint in 2018 by adding a covered extension and adjoining terrace, and last year went further in developing its trendily fashionable space to meet the needs of its wide-ranging clientele. As a space that caters for everything from a tête-a-tête to a family meal, a business lunch to a party, or even a wedding or christening, creating the perfect ambience is essential for its proprietors. With this in mind, great importance was placed on selecting a sound system that was in keeping with Auberge Napoleon’s desire to strive for perfection in every respect.

We needed to change the audio system because we wanted to achieve a ‘warmer’ sound throughout the restaurant and give guests a better experience by playing music a little louder, without it becoming too intrusive,” says owner Jan Stallaert. “I was introduced to Joeri Verholen of Pioneer PRO AUDIO and was impressed by his know-how and professionalism. He convinced us that the brand’s CM-Series loudspeakers would be perfect for the brief.”

Audio specialist FOL Sound, Light and Vision was engaged to design and install a system that would deliver high quality audio to all areas of the restaurant. The loudspeakers were exclusively selected from the Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM-Series commercial audio range. CM-Series draws on the brand’s rich heritage of making dynamic club speakers to provide systems that save space, complement interior design, and deliver outstanding audio in any venue no matter its layout. The range has quickly established itself as a go-to for a wide variety of international retail and hospitality spaces.

In the main dining room at Auberge Napoleon restaurant, FOL installed 8 x CM-S56T 6” surface mount loudspeakers, complemented by 2 x CM-510ST 10” subwoofers (all white). For the mezzanine area, a total of 4 x CM-S54T 4” surface mount loudspeakers and a single CM-510ST subwoofer (in white) were deployed. A further 2 x CM-S56T (in black) were placed in the kitchens, with the overall picture completed by 2 x CM-C54T 4” ceiling speakers in the restrooms. The system is driven by Powersoft DSP and Dante amplification, comprising 2 X MEZZO 604 AD and 1 x Quattrocanali 1204 D.

Jan Stallaert is very happy with the results: “We enjoyed working with Joeri and Pioneer PRO AUDIO and would happily do so again in the future. FOL a did a great job on the installation. Once everything was in place, we had a full demonstration of the system’s capabilities and were able to adjust the settings to obtain the ‘right’ level for each area. It sounds amazing – the subwoofers do a really fantastic job. We played ‘Giorgio by Moroder’ by Daft Punk and danced the night away with our colleagues! It’s perfect sound for our restaurant setting, and we’re proud to share it with our clients.”


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