TSL Production invests in DAS Audio’s ARA Series

Pulheim-based TSL Production has made a significant investment in DAS Audio’s new ARA series. Consequently, just weeks after the new SARA model release, TSL is the first to have an arena-sized ARA system in Germany.

The company’s audio equipment inventory now includes 32 x SARA 2×8″/3″, 16 x SARA-SUB 1 x 18″/1×15″, and 16 x LARA-SUB 2×18″/1×18″, with a complete infrastructure. By mid-May, the setup will be enhanced by 32 x LARA, the flagship of the series, equipped with 2×12″/2×8″/2×3″ in the front and two additional 8″ woofers in the rear, providing a directional radiation pattern across the entire frequency range. A key part of the system is the RACK-ARA system rack, which ensures a clean infrastructure with a 32A power distribution, a network switch, and a 6-channel audio matrix, all unified by a single cable. For smaller applications, TSL also holds DAS Audio’s EVENT and VANTEC series models.

Frank Schmitz, owner of TSL Production, is optimistic about the new investment. «The ARA series from DAS Audio brings a unique package: a self-powered concept with powerful amplification, cardioid dispersion behavior, excellent quality, and a state-of-the-art DSP platform with software tools for control and array processing. This high-quality solution comes at a significantly lower investment cost compared to other manufacturers.»

Schmitz also reflected on market dynamics and TSL’s positioning: «Considering the widespread presence of certain systems in the Cologne area and those available for dry hire, I’ve been contemplating ways to stand out. Price increases over the last 24 months have placed us at a disadvantage compared to those who acquired the systems earlier. With the ARA systems, we offer our clients not only an alternative but superior quality at a reduced cost.»

Expressing his belief that non-directional systems will soon lose favor in the live event market, Schmitz closed with anticipation: «We are excited about the upcoming shows, and from June, the full set will already embark on a tour of Germany’s biggest arenas.»

Info: www.dasaudio.com

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