DiGiCo consoles at BRIT Awards 2023

This year’s BRIT Awards was an extraordinary night filled with glitz, glamour, and exceptional performances from renowned artists such as Stormzy, Lizzo, Lewis Capaldi, Wet Leg, Sam Smith, and Kim Petras. Hosted by the talented British stand-up comedian Mo Gilligan, the event’s big winner was undoubtedly Harry Styles, who clinched four major awards, including the coveted Album of the Year, Pop/R&B Act, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year. While the spotlight shone on the artists, a behind-the-scenes hero played an instrumental role in ensuring that the audio experience was flawless: DiGiCo consoles, a regular fixture at the BRIT Awards, supplied by Britannia Row Productions (Brit Row). The consoles delivered exceptional reliability and audio quality, ensuring every performance was heard with crystal clarity.

Brit Row, a Clair Global-owned company with a long-standing history of providing audio services at the BRIT Awards, was responsible for delivering a comprehensive audio package for the event. Under the direction of Brit Row Director, Lez Dwight, and Account Executive Tom Brown, the team supplied an array of equipment, including a DiGiCo control package, RF management, and a crew to manage the audio system.

All consoles used during the main show were DiGiCo, with three Quantum 7s, two of which were deployed for monitors and one for FOH, two SD12s dedicated to presenters and winners at FOH, and an SD11 functioning as the comms/shout link console. The show’s complex audio system also featured multiple SD Racks and a pair of Orange Boxes, further attesting to the exceptional quality and versatility of the DiGiCo consoles.

Brit Row’s Head of Engineering – Event Support, Josh Lloyd, designed the system and handled the house band mixes, with Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Seargent and Marty Harrison on monitors. Supporting him was key team member Chris Coxhead, who handled FOH for presenters.

According to Brown, “DiGiCo was the ideal choice for the job at hand. The versatility of the consoles can cater to the needs of different artists and their teams, and most engineers are comfortable and familiar with using DiGiCo, which is always a bonus. DiGiCo’s reputation for delivering exceptional sound quality and reliability further underscores the consoles’ suitability for use at high-profile events like the BRIT Awards.”

Saul Skoutarides, monitor engineer for Sam Smith, has been using DiGiCo console for the past six years and, as a monitor engineer, they are his top choice due to their exceptional layout, functionality, and sound quality.

“The SD7 has stood the test of time,” he says. “It was launched in 2007 and it’s still as good as it was then. In my opinion, it’s the most versatile console out there in terms of programmability and when it comes to monitor consoles, the SD7 is simply the best. Although I appreciate certain attributes of other consoles, the entire package offered by the SD7 is unbeatable, particularly for this gig. For me, DiGiCo consoles make the most sense.”

Skoutarides notes that for high-profile events such as the BRITs and Grammys, because DiGiCo is his console of choice and the artists are accustomed to its sound, he can simply bring in his presets and set up his vocal chain as he normally would. This approach allows everyone to feel more comfortable and familiar with the setup, resulting in a smoother-running show with fewer nerves and changes, and greater familiarity. “Ultimately, this translates to a more seamless experience for both the artists and the audience,” he adds.

Placing great emphasis on the importance of the support he receives from DiGiCo, particularly for high-profile events such as awards shows, Skoutarides emphasises that “the support DiGiCo provides for awards shows is second to none. They always have someone there who’s knowledgeable and helpful. The DiGiCo team have helped me with a few things in the past and are always readily accessible. They have a deep understanding of the challenges we face in a live scenario and the need for everything to be precise under the stress and pressures of such events.”

Returning for its 43rd annual event, the 2023 BRIT Awards was yet another resounding success. The production was the result of a great collaborative effort between all the teams involved, with the contribution of DiGiCo’s products and Brit Row’s experienced crew playing a pivotal role.

“I have always found DiGiCo consoles to be robust and roadworthy, with exceptional build quality,” concludes Skoutarides. “With five DiGiCo consoles linked together at the BRITs, it was reassuring to see familiar faces who were readily available to provide on-site support. All in all, DiGiCo played an essential role in making our time at the Awards a success.”

Info: www.digico.biz

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