Atlanta’s House of Music Productions increases Claypaky rental inventory

Atlanta’s House of Music Productions, an event production services company offering lighting, staging, A/V production, broadcast streaming and product rentals to a wide array of markets, has expanded its rental inventory of Claypaky fixtures and become a Claypaky partner for resale, installation and design projects in the southeastern US.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity to represent a superior brand of lighting products for rentals, purchase and design integration,” says Jeremy Ladd, Owner/CEO of House of Music Productions. “Our new partnership with Claypaky is exactly what we’ve been looking to do, and we hope to help the brand gain momentum in the southeast.

“Outside of a few companies that have Sharpys, there’s been a true lack of Claypaky products in this area,” he points out. “We approached Claypaky about developing a partnership to fill in the gaps in this market with a full-service approach to rentals, sales and design.”

House of Music was introduced to Claypaky fixtures several years ago when it acquired a complement of versatile A.leda B-EYE K20 high-performance wash/beam/effects lights for its rental inventory.

“The complexity of the K20 and its amazing functionality and color saturation were so far beyond anything we had that we decided Claypaky fixtures were the way we wanted to go. Our goal was to move to as many Claypaky products as possible as we retired older fixtures,” says Ladd.

“We are one of the few companies in our market using K20s, and they’ve been popular in festival settings with guest artists,” reports House of Music’s Lead Production Designer, Tyler Nadeau. “Designers said they’ve never seen anything like it.” Since their arrival at House of Music the K20s have been a hit at the annual Suwannee Hulaween music and camping festival held on Halloween weekend at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

House of Music recently took delivery of Claypaky HY B-EYE K15s and Arolla Spot MPs, which significantly expand its Claypaky rental inventory. The K15s are twice as powerful and brighter than the B-EYE while featuring the same size and control mode. Arolla Spot MPs are the smallest and lightest moving heads in their class with all of the output and features found in a much larger, more expensive luminaire.

“The K20s found a niche here, but they are too big for some smaller festival and concert stages,” notes Nadeau. “With the addition of the K15s we get a smaller size fixture with a big feature set, so we can use Claypaky lights for just about any venue now.”

The Arolla spots will serve as a mid-format spot fixture replacing older spots from another manufacturer that House of Music is phasing out. “They are just what we needed in terms of light output to size compared to what we previously had in our inventory,” Ladd says.

Since much of the company’s rental market is outdoor music festivals and events Ladd and Nadeau predict a busy season for the new K15s and Arolla spots once spring arrives. “We’re training our staff on them and getting ready to deploy them soon,” says Nadeau.

House of Music has also opened an inhouse design studio for 3D visualization and rendering, which will play a key role in the new Claypaky partnership. “We’ll be creating a show reel and demonstrating how to utilize Claypaky fixtures in a try-before-you-buy situation,” Nadeau explains. “Our studio can also assist touring and inhouse lighting designers in maximizing the potential of these fixtures before any lights are in the air.”

House of Music expects to host open houses and to tour venues with demo fixtures to promote the Claypaky product line as well.

“We’re here to help customers select the right products, demo them physically and virtually, and work with them on designs that get the most out of their Claypaky fixtures,” says Ladd. “And Claypaky will help us stay cutting edge with the newest upgrades and products they have to offer.”

“It’s a true pleasure to work with the House Of Music team.   Jeremy and Tyler have an obvious passion for stage lighting and our industry and are the perfect partners for Claypaky,” concludes George Masek, Claypaky Strategic Marketing Manager.


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