Meyer Sound supports Women’s Audio Mission

Meyer Sound welcomed interns from Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) for a tour of its factory and a demonstration of the Spacemap Go spatial sound design and mixing tool. WAM is a recording studio and non-profit dedicated to advancing gender diversity in music, audio production, and creative technology. This year Meyer is enhancing its relationship with the organisation in honour of their 20th anniversary.

“It was incredibly fascinating to see the ins and outs of the factory and all the different listening spaces,” said Erin Esten, one of the interns, after experimenting with Spacemap go. “I found the demonstration of the Imagine Dragons song particularly compelling – not only being able to hear some really creative spatial mixing and automation, but also having the opportunity to play around with the tracks myself was inspiring!”

The visit also included a demonstration of Bear’s Lab, which features Meyer’s Bluehorn System full bandwidth monitoring. The stereo demo uses tracks that are selected from those originally used to test the perceptual and sonic effect of having a speaker with this level of transparency.

“My favourite part was [Bear’s Lab], and listening to the music in that space. It really transforms all of these songs,” said Sophie Govert, another attendee. “When they played those songs, even the songs I’ve heard before, that touched me.”

The room has the size and characteristics of a high-end home cinema or a small post-production/mastering suite; the listeners are invited to focus on the precise sonic imaging, the amount of detail, and the fact that the speakers seem to “disappear” and render the sound of the original instruments and arrangement.

“Hearing Billie Jean [in Bear’s Lab], that was my first time hearing it in a completely new way and understanding all the layers to it, and that’s really the Meyer Sound technology,” said attendee Paloma Morena Jimenez. “That’s an experience not a lot of people are going to have.”


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