ProLight + Sound 2023: Day Four

Fourth and final date with the best from ProLight+Sound 2023 with Visual Productions, Luminex, Lumen Radio, Martin and Hollyland.


The well-known company specialising in solutions for the over IP control of DMX and DALI signals presents its new products CueCore3, Purple Cloud and RdmRelay in Frankfurt.

CueCore3 is a completely solid-state and therefore more reliable device with four DMX ports, each bi-directional and optically isolated, improved CPU and an increased number of playbacks to 16. The DMX recording memory is now 6 GB, some 200 times larger than that of the CueCore2, as are the maximum number of sources, actions and activities, which have in fact been significantly increased. The CueCore3 is also a full RDM controller, capable of detecting, changing addresses and reading status information from the various fixtures connected to it. The CueCore3 handles numerous protocols such as DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN and KiNet, as well as signals that allow interaction with all kinds of non-lighting equipment such as GPI, MIDI, UDP, TCP and OSC. It also supports timecode signals such as SMPTE and MTC.
The scalable design of CueCore3 allows implementation in small and large projects. The stand-alone operation of a single CueCore3 is often sufficient for a small installation. Whereas a grid of several CueCores, all networked together, meets the capacity required by large lighting installations. The CueCore3 features a fluent master-slave protocol for synchronising multiple units.

Also new is RdmRelay, a DIN-rail mounted device with four relays and controllable via DMX and RDM. The device can be set up via RDM and is equipped with four heavy-duty relays with the ability to switch 110 V/230 V equipment at up to 16 amps per relay. They are ideal for controlling non-DMX equipment or for switching off a lighting system.

Finally, Purple Cloud allows remote monitoring and control of your setup through a simple and intuitive web interface.



Luminex presents three new GigaCore 20t, 18t and 16t models in Frankfurt. These devices are specifically designed for professional touring applications for audio, video and lighting, or any other application where robust connectivity is required. These new switches come with all the features for which the GigaCore family is well known in the professional AV market, and join the GigaCore 30i, which has been welcomed by users worldwide since its launch last year.

The GigaCore 20t, 18t and 16t are an ideal choice for professionals working in the event production and entertainment industry, who need reliable network equipment with port speeds of up to 10 Gigabits.

Luminex‘s new 10Gb Ethernet switches are dedicated to converged networking. With 10Gb connectivity options, the GigaCore range enables full network convergence of audio, lighting, intercom, (compressed) video and more. Pre-configured Quality of Service (QoS), IGMP multicast and PTPv2 settings ensure a responsive and extremely stable network environment for the most demanding protocols such as Dante™, AES67, Q-SYS and many others.



LumenRadio presents the latest Wireless DMX to meet the needs of fixed installation projects. In response to the growing demand for dynamic lighting control in fixed installations, LumenRadio is showcasing the new Galileo TX and RX, two products specifically designed to make fixed installation projects simpler and more cost-effective.

Powered by LumenRadio’s trusted and reliable CRMX technology, Galileo is built on the same technology that LumenRadio has been providing to the entertainment lighting industry for over a decade. Working closely with industry professionals, Galileo has been developed to make every installation project easier than ever, providing reliable wireless DMX in an easy-to-install form factor. Using DIN rail or IP-rated housings, Galileo is suitable for all indoor and outdoor installation projects.

Like all LumenRadio products, Galileo offers advanced features such as cognitive coexistence, Wireless RDM, fixed 5 ms latency, 128-bit encryption, error correction, and more. Multiple Galileo units can be used to transmit different DMX universes, allowing for easy system expansion and in-app repeater upgrades to extend signal coverage. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, commissioning and configuration have never been easier and, with support for CRMX and W-DMX, it is compatible with almost all wireless DMX devices on the market.



Martin also focuses on the weather protection concept with the new MAC Aura XIP, a high quality moving head washlight with an aura effect and full pixel control with video mapping functionality on the beam, the aura or both. It is the latest addition to the MAC Aura family of washlights, offering excellent optical quality with a uniform wash field with soft edges, minimal scattered light and high intensity mid-air beams with improved light engine control.

While the MAC Aura XIP offers lighting designers a host of possibilities with its filament aura effect, narrower beam and improved wash quality with improved light engine control, rental companies will appreciate a lighter and more versatile product due to its optical enhancements and sealed design, which allows the product to be used virtually anywhere with very little maintenance.

In addition, we were able to take a closer look at the MAC Ultra Performance‘s, with its coherent beam across the entire zoom range, a new generation framing system, higher definition optics and surprisingly low noise levels. Inside is the proprietary 1150 W, 5800 K LED source capable of delivering up to 46,500 lumens and with high-resolution dimming, strobe and Martin’s unique Animotion effect.

The refined optical system offers a 1:7 zoom and precise focus control. The extensive feature package includes smooth colour mixing, variable CTO, additional colour and spectrum correction filters, Martin’s innovative Extended Framing system, two rotating gobo wheels, a full function animation wheel, iris, frost and prismatic effects and a truly responsive and precise pan and tilt. All these features are packed into a compact and robust design.



Among the new products presented by Hollyland at ProLight+Sound is the Solidcom C1 Pro full-duplex wireless intercom system, the company’s first product with dual-microphone ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology. It is an incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use product, ideal for production teams working in noisy environments where extreme clarity of communication is essential. This next-generation headset system features advanced DECT 6.0 technology, a wideband audio range from 150Hz to 7kHz and a reliable LOS communication range of up to 350m.

Dual microphone ENC technology delivers clear sound in noisy and difficult environments. The main directional microphone focuses precisely on the speaker’s vocal range, while the secondary omnidirectional microphone picks up ambient noise from different directions as noise samples. The audio signal is processed with the advanced ENC algorithm, which effectively cancels out ambient noise and offers crystal-clear sound quality.

In addition, the Solidcom C1 Pro offers a versatile solution that prevents airflow from directly hitting the microphone. Thanks to the special wind filter used for the main microphone, you can enjoy total peace of mind in production environments where wind noise is a major challenge.


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