Prolight + Sound 2023: Day Three

Third and penultimate round of highlights from ProLight+Sound 2023.
Today we report on news from Claypaky, Robe, ETC, Follow-Me, Riedel, Kvant, and DTS


Many world premieres launched in Frankfurt by Claypaky with a series of products focused on outdoor use and power. One above all is the new SKYLOS, an ultra-versatile, weatherproof search light with incredible light output. We had the opportunity to see it in action inside an empty pavilion at the fair, and the effect was truly amazing. Skylos contains a custom 300W white light laser source inside, which provides an extremely parallel and uniform beam. The beam comes out of a large 300 mm front lens and is perfectly uniform and parallel.

The beam angle can be adjusted from 0.5° to 5°, for exceptional light intensity that cannot be produced by an LED or traditional light source. When considering the light output and the size of the front lens, the body of this lamp is still light and compact. The housing is IP66-rated and marine grade. It is therefore capable of operating in all weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and high risk of corrosion. A sophisticated internal heating system, designed especially for this product, allows it to work even at very low temperatures (down to -40°).

On show inside the Claypaky booth is the new AROLLA AQUA with IP66 protection rating and improved and permormant technical and construction features. Arolla Aqua mounts a 900 W (7000 K) white LED light source capable of producing 40,000 lumens. This means it can compete with both high-power lights (given its power) and medium-power lights (given its small size and weight). Its uniform beam is another key feature. The beam’s high quality, density and total absence of spuriousness are appreciable to the naked eye, and the zoom can be adjusted over a linear range of 5.5°-50° (9:1). Thanks to our exclusive “Go-Bright” technology, there is no light loss or color shift when gobos are inserted into the beam. Arolla Aqua is dedicated to professionals who are looking for a high-power IP66 projector that is compact, reliable and complete in every respect, with top performance.

Skylor and Arolla Aqua

SHARPY-X-SPOT is a simplified model of Sharpy-X-Frame, with the same lighting, optical and construction features as the profile version and equipped with a powerful 550-watt arc lamp, which makes this fixture extremely bright with deep, vivid and uniform colors, including a truly remarkable deep red. If necessary, it is possible to add the “beam shaper” module, supplied as an accessory, which turns the Sharpy-X-Spot into a full-fledged Sharpy-X-Frame. The module is automatically recognized by the product’s firmware. The Sharpy-X-Spot is ideal for those who want a light with excellent performance and a cost/performance ratio unmatched in the market.

BUDDYLIGHT is Claypaky’s newest remote followspot system. It automatically follows artists and speakers, quickly and easily. The Buddylight can be used either in an Art-Net or DMX network-setting the control priority management with the console-or in standalone mode. Buddylight marks another step toward ever-increasing automation of performance lighting. It is perfect for theaters, auditoriums and conference rooms.



Lots of news regarding IP6x for the Czech company, with an impressive and always crowded booth where we were able to appreciate the shows and presentations staged by Robe.

Currently Robe’s most powerful iSeries fixture, the IP65-rated iFORTE FS combines long-range output and effects-rich features in an enclosure fully adapted to harsh weather conditions. Heavier by just 1.5 kg than the FORTE, it offers performance and appearance identical to the original fixture, along with all the benefits of innovations such as Robe’s seepage protection system and on-board RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) to manage humidity, temperature and pressure control.

RAINS is an active monitoring system that automatically removes moisture detected inside the unit, providing constant control to ensure maximum performance. One of the common features of Robe’s “i” products is the fact that no special pressure-testing machinery needs to be employed when closing the enclosure.

The IP65-rated version of one of Robe’s most popular products, the iESPRITE, offers consistent, trouble-free performance without the need for complex maintenance, regardless of weather conditions. The IP65-rated iESPRITE combines Robe’s latest protection technology with ESPRITE’s features, keeping the aesthetics, performance and features identical, allowing seamless integration between the two different models if desired.

iPAINTE is a high-quality, IP65-rated luminaire that retains all the qualities and features of the highly successful indoor version – PAINTE®. Robe’s innovative, self-managing, low-maintenance protection technology makes this luminaire ideal for outdoor use, eliminating the threat of damage from rain, dust, moisture, smoke or haze, even in the harshest conditions.

The IP65-rated iTetra2 LED bar also joins the Robe iSeries, retaining all the coolness and functionality of the indoor version, with the addition of Robe’s low-maintenance, self-managing ingress protection technology, which effectively blocks damage caused by rain, dust, moisture, smoke or haze. iTetra2 automatically performs a self-test every time it detects the removal and replacement of a cover, providing an error message if gaskets or covers have not been replaced properly or if locking screws have not been tightened, ensuring maximum protection. The lightweight aluminum alloy construction provides a dust-free environment for the optics, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and routine maintenance, while also reducing UV damage to plastic parts.

Robe’s hugely successful LEDBeam 350 is now weatherproofed with the iBeam 350™, which will be a big hit with everyone working on outdoor lighting projects. The iBeam 350™ has all the qualities and features that have made the LEDBeam 350 a great choice, including self-adjusting, low-maintenance ingress protection technology.

FOOTSIE1 and FOOTSIE2, on the other hand, represent a “different” innovation for ProLight+Sound 2023. They are a revolutionary IP65-rated fixture dedicated for use as “footlights” but capable of effectively removing the visual barrier between audience and performers. FOOTSIE offers dynamic LED lighting regardless of production, environment and weather conditions. This highly innovative new product is currently available in two standard lengths, FOOTSIE1 (600 mm) and FOOTSIE2 (1200 mm), with a choice of warm white or tunable LEDs or high-power single-chip RGBW LEDs. Classic warm white LEDs offer a CRI above 90, ideal for face lighting, while tunable white ranges from 2,700K to 6,500K.

The RGBW version allows for all colors while the BluMark function allows a low-level blue LED to indicate stage edges without affecting lighting states. LEDs are evenly spaced to provide smooth, continuous illumination on stages, sets, catwalks, etc.
FOOTSIE’s design allows a full view of the performer while keeping the stage and sight lines clear and clean, while an integrated cable compartment can be used keep wiring tidy. Fixtures can be quickly and easily joined using a quick-connect system, and corner pieces are available in various angles, making the fixture ideal for delineating sets and stages or creating other custom shapes.



In a stylish and functional booth, the U.S.-based company showcased the new generation of Halcyon moving heads, the recently released Source 4WRD Color II, the powerful Eos Apex line of consoles, and more. In addition, ETC featured a series of seminars focused on LED use and calibration, stage machinery, and some sessions dedicated to Hog consoles.

ETC has unveiled some innovations involving weather protection too. One among all is the new ColorSource Spot VXT, which is IP 65 rated and can offer impressive brightness with color mixing given by an array of five colors, red, green, blue, indigo, and lime, for saturated when needed and muted pastel colors for beautiful rendering of skin tones. The device’s configuration system via NFC via ETC’s Set Light app is very useful.



Follow-Me showcased the potential of Follow-Me Track-iT, the manual and automatic tracking system in one scalable system. Follow-Me offers accurate tracking with 3D positioning data, which can now be shared not only with PosiStageNet (PSN), but also with the newly integrated OSC protocol. This allows such information to be fully shared with third-party stage automation, audio and video systems via PSN or OSC.

Follow-Me Track-iT enables automatic tracking of performers. Performers wear compact trackers (tags) that communicate their location to tracking devices surrounding the area to be tracked. Performers can be assigned to an unlimited number of devices or other devices that require location data. Integrating a Follow-Me Track-iT server to an existing Follow-Me 3D SIX system has the advantage of always having a number of fallback options and the unique ability to monitor the tracking process live through the Follow-Me camera. Extending a Follow-Me 3D SIX system with Track-iT allows both manual and automatic tracking to be used simultaneously, independently and redundantly.

Follow-Me Track-iT can be scaled to suit your needs. More tags can be added at any time to follow other performers, and if the size of the performance area increases, simply add more anchors to expand the reach of the trackable area.



Following its success at ISE, the Austrian company, which specializes in the highest quality, highest performance intercom systems, is again exhibiting Simplylive, a multi-camera live production system for video management, replay and more in a simple setup that promotes immediate deployment, in Frankfurt.

Con Simplylive, Riedel amplia il proprio portafoglio hardware per il trasporto e l’elaborazione video con soluzioni COTS e basate su cloud, acquisendo al contempo preziose competenze e risorse per offrire nuovi servizi e modelli di implementazione ai propri clienti.



Laser system specialist Kvant held a demo-show in Frankfurt that showcased many of the creative possibilities offered by its products. Particular focus on the Spectrum/Atom model in a new format that is even smaller, lighter and more durable.

Atom 42 and Atom 58, with 42W and 58W diodes, respectively, represent the middle ground between the low-power Clubmax systems and the Spectrum company’s flagship projectors. Atom follows the development of the Spectrum series, through the use of the same aluminum foam material for the chassis, but with some differences to significantly lower costs.
It is a color laser system based on semiconductor FAC diodes that provide the user with powerful output, unified beams, sharp colors, and advanced control functions and connections.

For those looking for a compact and unobtrusive yet powerful and functional solution, Barry Lite is a compact-sized product with a 6W RGB color laser and a built-in 3W LED blinder. A system designed to function as a multi-source laser projector given the possibility of being assembled in any geometric combination, offering highly original graphic performance and simple to manage thanks to control via ArtNet protocol.

Also new is the 10-watt RGB version of LogoLas, a professional laser display system integrated into an industrial-grade housing, developed for use in outdoor environments. With its integrated control interface and rugged IP-rated design, LegoLas is a complete solution for permanent installations in harsh environments.

As for the Clubmax series, Kvant introduces the 24- and 40-watt models, which are small-format but robust and high-powered, equipped with modern features that enable impressive laser displays to be made effectively and efficiently. The Clubmax 24 and 40 models are suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor installations, such as concerts, festivals and tours.



DTS Lighting presents the Tenore and Soprano lines, two new families of static luminaires with a wide range of sources available. Tenore and Soprano are the genesis of delicate research and development work that DTS has conducted over the past year. Their release is intended to reflect the new way of doing business, prioritizing market listening and Made in Italy value.

The two new products enter the DTS portfolio with the intention of renewing and completing the reference range of conventional spot/flood projectors and shapers. The wide range that is brought to market with the release of Tenore and Soprano includes more than 30 variants that guarantee maximum choice for the realization of all-round projects.
Conceived and developed entirely in Italy, the lines come in two power versions and five source variants. As for the Tenore line, which groups spot/flood type products, all projectors can be equipped with a Fresnel lens or anti-halo PC lens, 130 mm diameter or 150/175 mm diameter, depending on the power. Soprano, a brand that groups all new-generation ellipsoidal projectors, features interchangeable optics. To ensure maximum usability, the optics assemblies can be used indiscriminately on both power categories.

Tenor and Soprano are available in fixed white (warm, neutral and cool), HDW variable white and HQS version with 6-color multi-chip source so as to offer maximum brightness or excellent color quality. Connection panels, located on the upper side of the body, allow for clean installation when hung. In addition, a convenient jog wheel is designed for manual control.


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