Prolight + Sound 2023: Day Two

Second day at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt with new products from Meyer Sound, L’Acoustics, Adam Hall, Avolites, Ayrton, GLP, PixelHue, ELATION, ZZIPP Group.


For the second year in a row Meyer Sound has chosen to be present in Frankfurt in a separate room where it is possible to listen to some of the systems or attend one of the crowded presentations led by Merljin Van Veen (Senior Education Specialist) and Ianina Canalis (Spatial Audio Specialist).

In the center of the room is the new Panther line array system, currently touring with Ed Sheeran and Metallica. This is a speaker for large spaces that provides high power in a compact and extremely light box (only 68 kg) thanks to the new class D amplifiers and the use of new generation materials for the magnets of the two 12″ cones that reproduce the low-mid frequencies; two 3″ compression drivers are used for the high frequencies. The horn that controls horizontal dispersion can be 110, 95 or 80 degrees.
Alongside a prototype of the new 2100-LFC subwoofer, which, following the same philosophy, promises significant power in a really small format, thanks to the single 21″ cone, and simple to install. Like Panther, this new unit also features both analog and AVB Milan inputs.

Meyer Sound, which has been among the promoters of this protocol since its inception, also exhibits other speakers equipped with digital inputs and running on AVB Milan networks, such as the ULTRA-X20 and the USW-112P subwoofer.
It is precisely the California-based company’s small point sources that are featured in the demonstration of the proposed solution for immersive audio. Thanks to a free downloadable iOS application, the Galaxy processor becomes the engine for placing sound in three dimensions, even dynamically. Unlike other applications, it is characterized by simplicity being aimed at a more creative than technical type of use.

The adoption of AVB Milan seems to be Meyer’s chosen path for networked audio, and new software that allows the full potential of the network could not be missed. So an area of the demo room is dedicated to Nebra, which sits at the center of this ecosystem, offering control over the various network components, interconnections, and also giving access to precise telemetry that lets you know the status of each speaker and key operating parameters.



L-Acoustics launches the new L-Series with its patented Progressive Ultra-Dense Line Source (PULS) technology. The series comprises two elements designed to work together or alone: L2 and L2D. One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a 46% smaller and 40% lighter format.

Each element contains eight three-inch drivers for high frequencies and eight ten-inch drivers for low frequencies, supplemented by four 12-inch side-loaded drivers with front and rear outputs to provide efficient, high-precision broadband coverage, with a choice of cardioid or super-cardioid patterns. The L-Series also features L-Acoustics Panflex™ technology, giving sound designers quick access to a choice of four horizontal directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical, or 90° asymmetrical on either side. Each L2 element comprises four Panflex modules, while L2D contains two Panflex modules on the upper elements and two fixed L-Fins that switch between 110° and 140° on the lower elements. The operational efficiency of the L Series derives from its shape. Thanks to the absence of inter-element angles, a pinless auto-lock rigging system and a single connector, load-in/load-out actions are drastically reduced. This creates a rigging environment that reduces errors and leads to a reduction in loading time by three times compared to a similar K2 configuration or up to five times faster than Kara II. Finally, it has as much impact on the environment as it does on employment. Starting with material savings: 56% less paint, 30% less wood and 60% less steel. With 30% less volume and 25% less weight than an equivalent line source array, the L-Series is also thrifty in terms of truck space and, consequently, fuel consumption.

To increase system efficiency, the L-Series is driven by the new LA7.16 high-resolution amplified controller, which supports L2 and L2D with 16 channels of amplification and high-power processing. Taking advantage of LA7.16’s high-resolution amplification and advanced Autosolver tools, the output of the L Series can be perfectly modulated to achieve results impossible with conventional line array technology.

L-Acoustics also presents the new Clamp1000, which can carry up to four L2/L2Ds. It can also be used with Kara II, K3 or K2, supporting up to 16 K2s. Using Clamp1000, users can rotate a line array from the floor, drastically saving installation time and the number of motors needed.



Adam Hall is involved in many areas of the fair, such as the Experience Zone in the Performance + Production Hub with LD Systems and Gravity products, and with a direct connection to its own Experience Centre in Neu-Anspach.

In the exhibition area, Cameo is showing some new additions to its OTOS series, with the OTOS SP6 (Profile Spot) and OTOS B5 (Beam) models. These two IP65 moving heads, designed for lighting designers and rental companies looking for ideal tools for outdoor use, are the spearhead of Cameo‘s technological development.

The OTOS SP6 is an IP65 spot profile moving head with a 600 W LED light source and a luminance of 75,800 lx at a beam angle of 7°. The optical system, including a 130 mm front lens, offers a respectable zoom range (7° to 50°) and guarantees precise illumination without visible hotspots. The IP65-rated housing contributes to the excellent versatility of the OTOS SP6. Designed for outdoor use, it is ideal for turning any lighting idea into reality, even in adverse conditions: on live stages, at outdoor events and in the theatre and television sectors. It features two gobo wheels, a 5-sided prism and an integrated 4-blade iris slider system with individual angle and +/- 45° rotation. Two frost filters (light and heavy) and a continuously variable iris diaphragm. The OTOS SP6 uses CMY colour mixing; it has an additional colour wheel with six dichroic and open filters to generate particularly saturated and powerful colours. The linear CTO correction allows the colour temperature to be infinitely modulated in the range from 2,600 K to 7,000 K. In terms of handling, the OTOS SP6 is distinguished by its intelligently positioned handles and, like all moving heads of the OTOS series, its extremely low weight of only 34 kg.

The OTOS B5 is an IP65 beam moving head based on a 480 W discharge lamp. It provides a luminance of 511,000 lx at 15 metres. Using a high quality optical system with a 205 mm front lens, the OTOS B5 emits 1° beams of extraordinary precision that stand out even under dense illumination and remain visible even at great distances.
Thanks to its IP65-rated housing, the OTOS B5 is particularly impressive in adverse conditions. In turn, the customised 480 W discharge lamp of the moving beam head ensures maximum reliability and long-term profitability. The lamp life, tested under continuous use, is 3,000 hours.
The OTOS B5’s effects include a static gobo wheel with 19 fixed and one open gobo, three rotating prisms that can be indexed on two levels. As far as colours are concerned, it is possible to draw on the entire spectrum of shades produced by the integrated CMY colour mixing and the additional colour wheel with its 14 dichroic filters to create particularly saturated colours. The OTOS B5 has the same structure as the OTOS H5, except for the front lens. Having an identical footprint, the two models can be stored and transported in the same flightcase. Weighing only 33 kg, the OTOS B5 is also one of the lightest representatives in its performance class.



Avolites presents in Frankfurt the new T3 and T3-Wing consoles, belonging to the T series and based on a smaller footprint, less weight, convenience and a new design. The T3 is designed for fast programming and high performance in a super-portable format, and offers high build quality and functional ergonomics.

Taking its cue from the flagship Diamond 9 console, its ergonomic design is functional, as well as having a lower height profile and being 20 per cent lighter, yet still as robust as its iconic predecessor. There are four robust DMX ports and one LTC port. The system is capable of handling up to 16 DMX universes from the host PC via Art-Net and sACN, with the ability to upgrade to 32 or 64 universes if required. Key features of the T3 include 3 optical encoder wheels, 9 New Titan keys that correspond to the D9 layout, 10 faders, 12 Macro/Executor keys, 20 C&K flash keys with custom cap, 92 Cherry MX Low Profile keys with blue backlighting and integrated AVOKey security.

T3 combines a user-centred design approach with high-quality materials and components, reliability, comfort and ease of use. T3 and T3-Wing and their customised cases can easily fit into a standard PC backpack together with a 15-inch PC and weigh well under the 15 kg carry-on limit.



Many innovations were introduced by the well-known French company at ProLight+Sound 2023.

Let’s start with Rivale Profile, lightweight and extremely versatile. It is a fixture equipped with a 160 mm front lens and a brand new 450W high-efficiency LED module, calibrated at 6500K with a luminous flux of 27,000 lumens. Rivale Profile is capable of producing an ultra-intensive 4° beam – close to that of Ayrton’s famous ‘LT’ versions – with a zoom ratio of 13:1 and a zoom range of 4° to 52°. The brand new high definition progressive CMY colour mixing system enables perfect pastel colour reproduction, and the variable Deep RED channel optimises the colour rendition index at low levels and offers progressive red with a high level of saturation for specific needs. The progressive CTO and seven-position colour wheel complete the range of tools dedicated to colour creation.

Features are completed by a wheel of seven rotating gobos, a wheel of eight fixed gobos, framing system allowing the precise positioning of each shutter blade on 100 per cent of the surface with a rotation of +/- 90°, an iris diaphragm, a monochrome effects wheel, two combinable rotating prisms and two frost filters.

Also new is the ARGO 6, an effects luminaire that offers the same creative potential both indoors and outdoors. Argo 6 combines a minimalist design that incorporates full weather protection features with easier internal access. The window, made of highly resistant and exceptionally transparent polycarbonate with a V-0 protection rating, is designed to ensure optimal vision. Thanks to a new composite alloy, reduced part thickness, an optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance and the integration of low-density optical components, Ayrton was able to reduce overall weight by 20 per cent. Available in Wash or FX versions, Argo 6 is equipped with 19 40W LEDs with additive RGB+W colour synthesis capable of delivering a light output of 13,000 lumens. The Argo 6 is capable of achieving a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°.

Argo 6 Wash allows individual control of LEDs with a virtually infinite library of effects. Argo 6 Wash is a precise machine capable of achieving perfect colour reproduction. A comprehensive library of pre-programmed colours allows for the rapid creation of thin, dense and contrasting bands of light. Its black honeycomb and the perfect separation of the light sources contribute to a significant increase in the level of contrast. Argo 6 FX, on the other hand, is a versatile and fully equipped luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It incorporates the main features of the Wash version and offers continuous pan and tilt I.R.S. Argo 6 FX is equipped with the high-definition liquid system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb capable of generating complex graphic effects.


Last but not least, it concerns Ayrton Huayra, a product not intended for sale but representing a new additive RGBL LED concept with the diodes placed on four faces of a parallelepiped that converge on the central prism. To date an expensive source but one that marks the direction Ayrton is taking on light source management and color management.



YESTECH exhibits MG series in Frankfurt with MG7S Pro, MG Cube and MG Creative Extension

MG7S Pro is a highly flexible system useful for 80 percent of rental applications that can be used as both indoor and outdoor displays, dance floor (in regular and interactive versions), stadium screen, sky curtain and more. It consists of 1516 custom full black and high IC LEDs. The brightness can be adjusted between 800 and 4500 nits. The floor verion can bear a weight of 3 tons and can be made interactive by a small upgrade.

MG7S Cube is a 500 x 500 mm display ideal for rental, available in indoor and outdoor versions, with variable brightness from 1000 to 4500 nits. The unique structural design of the totally modular cabinet allows for cubic – hence the name Cube – or 90° to 180° angled LED walls. Each panel is composed of 1516 full black LEDs with custom matched copper wire architecture that perfectly meet the needs of mixed-use products. The pixel density of MG7S P3.9 Cube makes it optimal for both indoor and outdoor use; in this regard, this LED display has passed rigorous protection processes and is IP65 certified, completely preventing access to dust and water. The use of a grey IC with a high refresh rate, combined with the performance of the control system and HDR technology, enables high color expressiveness, and thanks to the special scanning mode, when the LED wall is facing a video camera, the captured image is smoother. Quick and easy maintenance.



German manufacturer GLP – German Light Products presents several new additions to its X5 series. Although different, the devices all share the unique features of the X5 and can be perfectly combined to help users achieve even greater consistency in terms of colour and white light.

The X5 IP Maxx is the real novelty from AQA, present at the show as an advanced prototype. It is a new wash light with 37 LEDs in an X5 version with an extra gear.

The X5 Compact is the first addition to the series. Equipped with seven powerful 40W RGBL LEDs, GLP’s new iQ.Gamut colour algorithm, and an ultra-fast 16:1 zoom mechanism – allowing for a 3.5° penetrating parallel beam and a homogeneous wash of up to 60° – the X5 Compact achieves the same high standards as the X5 in a significantly smaller format, weighing only 7.5 kg.

GLP’s X5 IP Bar 1000 is an IP65 LED linear tilting bar with 18 RGBL 40W LEDs. It offers a wide zoom range and the iQ.Gamut colour calibration algorithm, which produces perfect white spectra with excellent colour reproduction. The new square lens design allows innovative light barriers to be created in the narrowest zoom range of just 5°, and an even and uniform colour distribution in the wash of up to 70°. Also present is the X5 Bar 1000 model, for indoor use o

FUSION X-PAR 18 Z is IP65 certified and based on the X-PAR 12 Z model launched in 2022, contains the X5 colour mixing system with iQ.Gamut colour algorithm. The fixture is equipped with a 180W LED motor (compared to the 120W of the X-PAR 12 Z) to offer more power in an almost identical form factor.



In a year where the trend among various players is to move toward the IP6x concept, Elation confirms its know-how on weather protection, the development of which began in the not too distant past with the Proteus series. This year the company is putting its focus on the cinema and broadcast sector with KL Fresnel 6 FC PO, KL Fresnel 8 FC and KL Spot IP.

KL Fresnel 6 FC PO is a full-spectrum LED fixture that offers high power, precise color temperature control, full-spectrum color rendering, and uniform beam coverage. Optimized for tunable white light in film and television applications, it is an ideal key light and fill light for many situations that require exceptional performance and color quality, while offering a wide range of saturated colors and muted pastels.
Inside is a highly efficient 5-in-1 (RGBMA) LED source that produces up to 8,000 field lumens with a manual Zoom range of 10° to 32°. Exceptional color rendering quality, precise CCT presets and remotely adjustable LED refresh rate make this unit the perfect choice for today’s fast-paced production environments. Rugged and portable, the projector can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the supplied Junior adapter.

In contrast, the KL FRESNEL 8 FC is a full-spectrum LED projector that offers high output, precise color temperature control, full-spectrum color rendering, and uniform wash coverage. The KL FRESNEL 8 FC incorporates a highly efficient 5-in-1 (RGBMA) LED engine that produces up to 18,000 lumens of field with a motorized zoom range of 10° to 50°. The KL FRESNEL 8 FC can be managed through industry-standard DMX protocols and has full RDM support. It also offers manual access via the included encoders and display for instant control of Zoom, Intensity, Color Temperature, Green shift and other important settings. The display and encoders are conveniently located on the underside of the unit to provide unobstructed access when mounted on a stand.

KL Spot IP is a static LED spot designed for a wide range of precision lighting applications thanks to the CRI 92 source given by a 5-color LED array (RGBMinthAmber) with a total power output of 305W. The LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction while offering a powerful output of more than 10,000 lumens. Virtual adjustment of color temperature, magenta and green allows the designer to immediately access the LEDs’ impressive range of colors. Exceptionally quiet, the fixture offers advanced fan controls up to Elation’s Mute mode, which turns off the internal cooling fan.
For ease of use, the fixture features a 16-bit rotating/indexing gobo slot and comes with the KL Profile Designer Gobo Set, containing 10 high-resolution glass gobos. The gobo slot is easily accessible from the top of the fixture.
The optical design and lens coatings ensure precise and sharp projections, eliminating all color shifts and unwanted aberrations at all zoom, focus or framing positions.



Pixelhue is presenting five new products dedicated to professional broadcasting at Prolight+Sound. We begin with U5 Pro, an event controller that integrates editing and timeline management functions and offers integrated control of sound, light, video and signals.

It aims to provide a multifunctional control solution for real-time video production, such as sports events, conferences, and large-scale events. Its display module with diverse control buttons supports unlimited customization. Both the 43.8-inch main screen and the 8-inch auxiliary screen support touch control, which not only enables seamless operation, but also reduces programming and execution time with a comprehensive and intuitive graphical interface that ensures reliable control of the entire process.

Another new feature is the Q8 switcher, which can simultaneously support up to 48 4K input signals and 16 always 4K outputs. In switcher mode it handles up to 32 4K mixing layers, and in splicer mode up to 64 4K layers. In addition, there are 8 10G fiber optic interfaces and it supports DANTE audio switching matrix processing with a scale up to 64×64 and 18 input sources. Finally, as if that were not enough, it handles NDI signals.

The two presentation switchers P10 and P20 can handle incoming 4K signals with two 4K outputs or 8 2K outputs (P10) and all 4K outputs (P20), support conversion of SDR, HDR10, and HLG formats, and work both in switcher mode and as a splicer.

Closing the roundup is the U5 mixer, which is more compact than the PRO model and features a touch screen and the same system of customizing the various buttons.



A new feature that was already present during the last edition of ISE concerns the new Pixera 2.0, with a major feature-rich upgrade such as Multi-User management, 1:N Backup function and integration with major tracking systems.

New multi-user workflow features in Pixera 2.0 will enable media server operators to be much more flexible and efficient when working on complex installations or show environments. Multiple PIXERA director licenses can now be synchronized and complete projects can be shared in real time. Users can choose whether to share only certain parts of the project, such as warpings or timelines, or every single editing action. Pixera 2.0 will be available by the end of June 2023.

Another new feature is Flex Black PRO, a projection surface that employs a revolutionary new material. Such a solution offers phenomenal contrast and enables impressive projection content displays.



Second consecutive presence for ZZIPP Group at Frankfurt with a compact booth but full of products and novelties.

Let’s start with the new ZZMXPRO12 compact analog professional mixer, featuring built-in 32-bit DSP and full duplex sound card, 99 effects, Bluetooth connectivity and media player. The mixer can handle 4 independently selectable auxiliary output groups with a matrix selector switch, while the 9-band equalizer on the master enables accurate and precise mixing. The 12-channel mixer also handles +48V phantom power.

This is an ideal solution for having everything under control, also recommended for fixed installations and, thanks to its versatility, also for mobile applications. The 2 AUX outputs provide excellent range for live but also for connecting outboards in the studio. Internal effects, bluetooth connection, built-in sound card and mp3 player complete the roster of features of this powerful and versatile mixer.

Another addition is ZZIPP’s new ZZEPHYRUS412 columnar audio system, which features an innovative and functional design, advanced electronics, and premium listening quality. It is an ideal system for those seeking an immersive experience and high fidelity. ZZEPHYRUS412 delivers enveloping, crystal-clear sound that fits perfectly in any environment.
It uses an active bass reflex system with a frequency response of 45 – 20,000Hz and max SPL of 125 dB. It expresses power of 400 + 200 W RMS, 950 + 500 peak and uses a Class D amplifier. The column system can be adjusted via a number of presets (EQ: MONITOR – DJ – LIVE) and supports MIC, LINE and Bluetooth connections. The total weight of only 24 kg allows for easy transport and setup.


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