Prolight + Sound 2023: Day One

Last international trade fair event with the season already started (or perhaps never finished) with Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, which, despite the great absence of many players in the audio sector, is expressing a large amount of content, new formats and a massive presence of companies from the lighting world that have not spared themselves at all in terms of world premiere in often crowded stands full of innovations.

Today we tell you about the new products from Steinigke, Fantek, Highlite, Chauvet, Spotlight, Smoke Factory and Innled.


Among the many new products introduced this year by Steinigke, we were intrigued by the originality of the new EUROLITE LED CAT-80, a Beam Effect LED with an 80W cold white COB source and gobo wheel.

Nine gobos, a mirror cylinder and a rotating facetted mirror mould the light into original shapes and multiply it with variable speed. In addition, the roller itself can be adjusted in its inclination to set the direction of movement. The result of all these possibilities is a large number of light beams moving dynamically in space. From static images to gentle movements to rapid changes.

Also new is the EUROLITE LED Mega Strobe 812 Panel, a 3in1 LED effect (strobe, blinder and wash light) with RGB colour mixing. The source consists of 140 LEDs 3 W SMD 3535 cold white (CW) and 672 LEDs 0.2 W SMD 5050 3in1 TCL RGB (homogeneous colour mixing). There are 37 built-in programmes and can operate in 6; 17; 20; 21; 298; 310 channels with stand-alone control; DMX; master/slave function; Light’J app; Light Captain app. The swivelling and tilting mounting bracket allows for ceiling or wall installation at the most diverse angles. Finally, dimmer curves, continuous colour mixing and electronic dimming can be adjusted via the LCD display.

On the IP65 side we find the new IP PLB-420 and IP PLH-420 moving heads. Both are equipped with an IP 65 enclosure and 420 watt discharge lamps that provide the required brightness even in large outdoor productions.
The PLH-420 hybrid offers high light output combined with a wide range of features: its zoom optics create beam angles between 1° and 14° in beam mode and between 4° and 25° in spot mode. In beam mode it creates a hotspot for the highest possible light pressure, in spot mode it creates an extremely homogeneous image for uniform projections. The moving head is equipped with 9 interchangeable rotating gobos and 14 fixed gobos and has two rotating prisms. The frost filter softens the light for a washlight effect that can be adjusted in size with the help of the zoom.
The PLB-420, on the other hand, is an extremely bright real beam. Among its features are two rotating prisms that reach the optics at a different point offering a brighter and more intense result. In addition to the ‘normal’ 8x prism, the beamlight also has an unusual honeycomb prism on board, which creates an interesting visual effect. Even with the beamlight there is the possibility of softening the light with the help of a frost filter.
We close with a very unique and original blinder, Atmo Blinder 9. It is a weatherproof cluster consisting of 3 x 3 WW/CW LEDs, each located in a reflector that can also be illuminated with RGB LEDs. In addition, on the edge of each pixel is a ring of RGB LEDs that can also be individually controlled. Thanks to this equipment, the Atmo Blinder 9 can be used in a variety of ways: it obviously meets the requirements of a classic white blinder, but it can also be used as a colored pixel effect or as a soft, atmospheric light.



FANTEK is presenting its latest safety innovation in Frankfurt: LoadSense, a fully mechanical load-sensing system. Designed to constantly monitor the amount of load, LoadSense promises to significantly reduce cases of overloading, a common problem in the industry.

In particular, the FANTEK TK6244 tower is the first to be equipped with the revolutionary LoadSense system and is also the first telescopic tower to meet all the requirements of the prEN17206-2 standard, which effectively establishes the need for an overload detection system in lifting towers. The LoadSense system was developed and patented by FANTEK’s team of engineers and is characterised by being a completely mechanical system requiring no electronic components.



New additions from Highlite include Showtec‘s new LAMPY V2 and LAMPY Re-load 4, with new upgrades including improved performance, multi-cell handling, professional colour picker with highly accurate colour control and 4 additional universes.

The LAMPY V2 software is available for all LAMPY DMX consoles completely rebuilt from scratch and introduces some even more exciting professional tools such as MultiCell functionality. This function allows multiple identical attributes to be assigned simultaneously within a fixture, which is particularly useful when dealing with pixel-to-pixel LED bars or more complex lighting shows. Another new feature is the new CIE colour picker. This professional tool helps to select precise colours, allows editing of xy colours and makes colour conversion easy for luminaires with up to 7 LED colours.
The update includes Virtual Dimmer and Virtual Strobe features that allow you to programme your show with dimmer and strobe effects, even if they are not supported at hardware level by the various luminaires, and the new AtlaBase MultiCell library. With LAMPY V2 it is now possible to use proportional intervals, while the screen, now multi-touch, allows you to operate multiple Virtual Executors at the same time or use 3 fingers to move RGB sliders together on the screen.

Also present were the new Shark series moving heads, a series of compact fixtures ideal for bars, small clubs and medium/small venues.
Shark Beam One is a 90-watt LED beam moving head that creates colourful and dynamic light displays thanks to its outstanding features that include a 13-colour wheel plus white, a 6-facet rotating prism, 11 gobos, frost and flower effects and much more. Shark Spot Two is a versatile 90 watt LED spot moving head with 7 colours plus white, a 3-sided prism, 6 gobos and dimmer and strobe functions. The Shark Wash Zoom Two is a classic wash equipped with a motorised zoom with dimmer and strobe functions.



Chauvet introduced many new products in Frankfurt. Highlights include the new COLORado PXL Curve 12, an IP65-rated, pixel-to-pixel, motorised RGBW LED bar with individual zoom, tilt and colour control over twelve independent heads. Basic and advanced operating modes and an extensive library of pre-built effects including virtual gobos, motion macros and foreground/background colour control make it easy to create complex, volumetric looks. Seamless editing maintains pixel pitch between projectors, helping to make effects consistent. COLORado PXL Curve 12 uses DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Kling-Net and RDM protocols.

Also new is the new Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash, which features two independent zoom control zones from 4.6° to 53.6°, allowing beam and wash combinations from a single fixture. A 16-lens outer zone and a 12-lens inner zone combine to deliver an output of 19,062 lumens from 28x45W RGBW LEDs. Built-in macros with foreground and background colour control generate an extraordinary variety of pixels. The unique lens design ensures excellent colour fusion, narrow beam effects and visual impact live or on camera. Dual mode operation allows for pixel mapping with ArtNet/sACN protocols. Housed in an IP65-rated alloy body, the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash is built with the durability and versatility to work anywhere, indoors or out.

Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid combines the latest IP65 technology in the Maverick series with an advanced optical system designed to optimize the output of the Osram 420W 7700K source. This Beam/Spot/Wash projector offers stadium-like rendering and CMY color mixing that produces the most consistent reds, greens and blues, matching perfectly with other Mavericks in the same rig. The linear zoom provides precise coverage in both projection modes, from narrow, focused beams to crisp, even spots, with a range of 0.9° to 23.7° in Beam mode and 1.1° to 36° in Spot mode. This hybrid houses a full feature set: static and rotating gobo wheels, independent stacking prisms, animation wheel and a heavy frost to switch to a distinctive wash. Maverick Storm 1 Hybrid speaks DMX, ArtNet, sACN, RDM and W-DMX.

Maverick Storm 1 Beam offers CMY color mixing and maximum performance in a lightweight, compact, IP65-rated beam projector that delivers sharp beam effects and accurate colors. With an optical system designed to capture the full power of the SIRIUS HRI 310W source, this beam projector features independent dual-layer prisms that create original visual effects, with the ability to precisely adjust the appearance and distribution of light. Maverick Storm 1 Beam uses DMX, ArtNet, sACN, RDM and W-DMX protocols.



Spotlight comes to Frankfurt with an increasingly established identity as a manufacturing company, along with a rich product offering for the entertainment and installation market.
During our visit we were struck by a simple but ingenious proposal from the company that actually makes it easier to consult manuals and compare various models within Spotlight’s portfolio. We are talking about a handy “” manual that can be downloaded here, which allows for quick reference thanks to a well-thought-out color system and is packed with information. Try it to believe.

Let’s start with an important new feature affecting the Hyperion series, with the addition of the 100W system in CW/NW/WW versions and Fresnel (12°-75°), PC (15°-75°) and Profile (20°-38° and 35°-50°) optics. All Hyperion series fixtures are capable of handling a constant color temperature while dimming, and equipped with ultra-soft intensity adjustment through preset dimmer curves, adjustable forced ventilation, high-performance cooling system, adjustable yoke for proper fixture balance, LED temperature control and management system for maintaining optimal operating ranges, and remote control of fixture functions (DMX-RDM).
Hyperion fixtures from 100W to 700W also enjoy the new MARK-II firmware update, which actually improves the user interface by making it more intuitive and introduces new features.

Of particular note is the new HALLED 85 W that replaces previous models thanks to its performance given by an 85W LED source and presented in CW/NW/WW versions with 29°, 46° and 72° optics and DMX or DALI cotrol. It is the ideal solution for installations where quiet operation and reduced maintenance costs are key factors. The light output is superior to classic halogen solutions while ensuring energy savings and less heat generation. The fixture is ideal for acoustic rooms, workspaces, stores, museums, art galleries, exhibition spaces but also TV studios, cinemas, theaters.

Another novelty is the Canova series, an adjustable spot with a 30W LED source available in pin, pin zoom and profile versions with fixed or zoom optics. In short, an ideal fixture for many applications where a functional yet discreet and elegant lighting system is required. Canova is available in PIN (10°/15°/26°/36° and 60°), PIN zoom (15°-45°) and Profile Zoom (20°-40°) versions.

Also in the installation world, we close the roundup with the new SCUBA, a compact fixture designed for outdoor use and in extremely humid environments such as spas or wellness centers and equipped with an 8W warm white source and 15°, 25° and 38° optics, and the original PENDANT, which mounts the HALLED system inside, in a form factor that is both beautiful to look at and extremely functional in many usage environments.



The well-known German company offers at ProLight+Sound a new, special and intriguing solution. We are talking about the Fragrance Factory, a “perfume machine” that makes use of special sponges that, as the temperature rises, release the chosen fragrance, distributed in turn by two fans. A perfect solution for gyms, places of worship, immersive installations and more.

Fog Blaster and the Falcon IP are two innovative solutions presented for the first time in Frankfurt. The Fog Blaster is a device that creates an effect similar to CO2 machines, but requires only the fog liquid. Costs per show can thus be extremely low, as CO2 is much more expensive than fog liquid.
The IP Falcon is technically an IP64 version of the Spock. Fog Blaster and IP Falcon are equipped with new GPUs and displays, which allow for much more responsive control software than early units with touch displays.



The company, which specializes in practical battery-operated fixtures, offers the K2 and K3 adjustable spotlight models at ProLight+Sound.
Designed for maximum versatility, K2 (2 spotlights) and K3 (3 spotlights) are equipped with a neodymium magnet that allows them to be positioned, attached and hung on most surfaces or structures. Their lengths of 30 and 50 cm and light weight extend their portability and range of applications. In addition, the accessory kit with Velcro closure and magnetic counterplate makes even the hardest-to-reach places accessible.

K2 and K3 are manually operated with a simple on/off switch and the two XPG2 LEDs. Thanks to the plug & play magnetic system, the battery is easy to connect and provides up to 6 hours of runtime without a fixed power supply. Ideal for events, exhibitions, catering and retail.


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